Homicide Investigators Reopen Mysterious Case of the Late Natalie Wood

Thirty years ago, on Thanksgiving weekend 1981, Natalie Wood disappeared from a boat while at sea off the coast of Santa Catalina Island with her husband Robert Wagner and their fellow actor Christopher Walken. She was found the following day, wearing a nightgown and down jacket, having drowned sometime the previous evening. At the time, despite many questions but due primarily to a lack of any evidence to the contrary, the disappearance was ruled an accident. It was believed that the boat's dinghy had come loose and Natalie had come up to secure it at which time she fell overboard and drowned.

Now detectives with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department have decided to reopen the case based on statements made by the boat's captain while recounting the night for the upcoming 30th anniversary. Investigators have not said what specifically piqued their interests, but it is apparently something fairly significant to justify reopening the case. Apparently the department was tipped off by a letter from someone indicating the captain had remembered previously unknown details about the night.

It is sad to think that even after all these years there are still unanswered questions and possibly unknown facts in this case. When a loved one is lost, or even a favorite celebrity, it is distressing when mystery surrounds their death. We hunger for the facts to be known so that the departed may rest in peace.

It will be interesting to see what develops with this story over the next few days, weeks and months. If there was foul play involved in Natalie's death, then hopefully it will finally be brought to light. If it was simply a tragic accident, then hopefully that can finally be established strongly enough to put to rest any questions that linger in the minds of her loved ones and fans. Either way, let us hope that there will finally be closure.

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mkott profile image

mkott 5 years ago from Reno, Nevada

I usually don't tell this story but I remember her death well. The night she died I had a dream of her falling overboard and desperately trying to get back on the boat. I was spending the night at a friends and in the morning I told her and her Mom. Not to long after that we heard the news of her drowning.

DoctorAbby 4 years ago

I found your hub via awordlover. I'm surprised that you don't have many comments on a hub of this topic. She was well loved by many, including me. Great hub. voted up.

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