Horror Movie Cliches

Horror Film Cliches

 Horror movie cliches can be a tiresome thing that can become predictable within the genre of horror films and they also become noticeable when they are blindingly obvious, to some people, this annoys, but to others, it is a gem of every horror movie!

What cliches are you thinking that I am thinking of? well it's all the obvious ones like....

1. It's dark and there is a noise in the unseen shadows, don't go and investigate everyone cries, but no they don't listen to us or what normal people would do, instead they go and try to find out who closed a door or accidentally knocked the edge of a chainsaw against a door and they ultimately die or are chased and then they get killed....booo to the investigating Sherlocks!

2. He's behind you! this is a classic cliche, were our hapless heroes or in some cases the characters we don't like Yay! are walking around slowly because the boogeyman or whoever is out to get them, but as the viewers we are in on it and he's behind you, don't turn around, no wait do turn around, cos you're dead, oh well.

3.  A character is running very fast away from the monster or Michael Myers serial killer type, whilst the bad guy is walking they still seem to catch up to the victim or find some kind of secret short cut that is off camera and then the victims are deader than a door nail, Friday the 13th used this trick alot back in the 80's.

4. It's all teenagers! if there is horror to be had, then teenagers are are having a horrible time of it, from Friday the 13th, to Halloween and Scream to I know What You Did Last Summer and Final Destination too, occasionally there is some older folk in the horror films, but the majority of the cast is teenagers for some unknown reason.

5. Cliched character types, you always get one bad one in the group who are about to get sliced and diced and quite often they always put the others in danger to try and save their own skin, other cliched character types include a hard as nails dark haired goth lass who is in tune with horror or a dumb Blondie who drops her knick knacks(which is a good cliche now I think about it!) and then gets killed while her boobies wobble!

6. The hero is always allowed enough time to do the right thing and either kill the bad dudes or creatures and often it's the bad dudes that let em, crazy eh?

7. Depressing ending, this is fast becoming a predictable ending that is good sometimes, but other times it just pisses me off when a film ends like this, or when a film ends good like in Hostel, but then in Hostel Part 2 it was all for nought. Endings that are abrupt are another cliche that I despise, often it's the horror of the situation that you are left with to think about, but in the sense of a movie you feel that you want to have some form of conclusion to satisfy your viewing experience.

What other horror movie cliches can you think of?

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Horror Film Cliches 22 comments

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

I like how someone says," It's quiet,too quiet." I want to hear someone say,"It's loud,too loud."

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yeah or an old man who says we are all doomed as he swigs his bottle of whiskey!

esala 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

When someone is silently moving around a dark room and BAM! a cat appears in front of you and you always jump in surprise.

PunkReno profile image

PunkReno 6 years ago from Warren, OH

Someone or something in the mirror one second, gone the next. If I had a dime for every time that was used!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Oh yeah, that's a popular one!

Cheers now!

QueenStars profile image

QueenStars 6 years ago from England

The best cliche has to be falling over when chased. ;)

Ladies screaming is a bit of a cliche; when I'm petrified, I have turned silent.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Hahahaha yeah it's been done to death that one for sure.....

jbgunn profile image

jbgunn 6 years ago

Said character finds a hiding spot. The character hears the killer's footsteps, and then there is silence. Said character looks from behind hiding spot to see if killer is gone. The character breathes a sigh of relief. Then either...

a) Character decides to walk out of hiding spot and BOOM the killer is right there.

b) the character begins to slowly back away towards something and backs right into the killer.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers and will do Welshbard!!

welshbard 6 years ago from Western NC

I love those goofy cliches too.

Check out my hub "the 100 top mistakes made in monster hunting." for my take on the subject.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Haha yeah I forgot about them 2 classic cliches!!

How about there is always an old man who predicts that the world will end or every one will die and meet their doom...happened alot in 80's movies!!

optimus grimlock profile image

optimus grimlock 6 years ago

how abot "the black people always die 1st" and "the towns people always know the truth and cover it up"

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yeah you wanna check out the Mirrors that film was a bit freaky, although another remake of the Japanese one, but I am going to review some more horror films for my next round of hubchallenge!

Cheers now

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

Hey waynet - I agree with you on the point 7 details concerning Hostel and it's sequel. S'okay tho' 'cos in point form, I rewrote that stupid beginning of Hostel 2, anyway and Paxton's still my best "Final Guy" bro' dammit. SHAME ON Tarantino and Roth for messin' with Paxton, anyway. Not sure why I feel so strongly 'bout this - from a set of GORE flicks, but it was nice to see Hostel and sequel mentioned here. I also took a peek at your "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" hub already and your "My Bloody Valentine" review and, well...now I'm working my way through the list you've presented here. Nice reviews! I totally missed the K. Sutherland film, so that's next on my list to read.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now MrMidNight!

Those friday the 13th movies are classic, but heavily cliched!

MrMidNight 6 years ago

Yeah I really agree to your # 3 horror clichs comment, watching alot of Jason films I noticed that time and time again, this is an informative hub.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Never mind Kinberly, at least you don't have to suffer the horror of the afore mentioned cliches!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now, another classic cliche, mainly in haunted ghosty movies is when someone turns a tap on and then either blood or watered down mud comes out of the tap, evil and scary booyacka!

kimberlyslyrics 6 years ago

OK want to hear how lame I am

I;m 43 and never ever have watched a horror movie :)

I'm a scaedey cat

and there is a boogie man btw

good hub nonetheless



BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Sooooo true! - no matter how fast you run - 100 miles an hour - the monster walks and drags along - and catches up with you - that is so hilarious!!!

In these Grade D horror movies - yes, they are filled with teenagers who make all the worst decisions like going down into a strange basement, alone, that has no lights - but to investigate why a chainsaw is revving up. And how can you possibly not know something stinking and gigantic is right behind you?

I was talking to a colleague who just happened to be talking about horror movie cliches and he pointed out the cat - how a cat will suddenly drop out of nowhere, usually on to a metal garbage can (because for some dumb reason you are in an alley with a serial killer on the loose) and give a great meow!

This was so much fun - I hope you do another such hub. Of course I am already a fan/follower and will know the minute you do!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yeah I'd like to be a zombie too, cheers now Suziecat!

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

I like cliched zombies. I'd get a kick out of playing the part. Fun Hub.

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