Host a Mystery Party

Thinking of having a party, but tired of the same old themes? Try a Mystery Party. It gives all the guests a chance to be in the lime light!

Young or old, party-goers will get a kick out of dressing in costumes and acting out their parts. Plus, everyone loves a good mystery and even the suspects can try to solve the case.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can write your own script and cast of characters. If you're too busy taking the Hub pages Challenge, you can buy a Mystery online. They come in a wide variety of stories, everything from your classic millionaire murder to medieval misdeeds.

The Suspects

Casting the Characters

Once you decide on which mystery storyline to debut, it's time to cast the characters. Will it be the usual suspects or use it to break the ice with new friends? Either way you're in for a night of fun that will have people talking for weeks.

The host should cast the characters using their own judgement, taking into consideration each guest's personality and how comfortable they will be in their role.

Invitations should be sent at least two weeks in advance and should include the guest's character sheet. This will give them time to think about costumes, if needed, and how their character should act. It will also give you time to recast their part, if they are unable to attend.

Most mysteries need at least 8 to 10 players for it work well. Some allow you to add on as many as you need. However, the price goes up with the number of players.

The Invitations

Scene of the Crime

 Decorations and props that go along with the theme of the storyline will add ambiance and certainly set the mood for your guests to get into character. You may want to take this into consideration when you're deciding on a mystery.

Some mysteries have the crime happen before hand, and others take place during. The victims have no idea that they end up a statistic, and the culprit has no clue what they've done until the mystery is solved. Everyone gets to play detective and try to put the clues together.

Most mysteries will run 2 hours depending on the activities and how dramatic your guests become. As host you can decide to serve dinner if it fits into the story, or take a break between sessions.

What's your story?

What Mystery story would you choose to host?

  • Millionaire Murder
  • Old West Mystery
  • Medieval Misdeeds
  • Movie Land Murder
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The Finale

Once the culprit has confessed, it's time for the prizes. There are three main prizes to be awarded but each can be broke down into more specific categories if you want to give out more prizes or awards.

  • Best Performance (Most Dramatic, Stayed in Character, Joker, etc.)
  • Best Costume (Over All, Most Original, Funniest, etc.)
  • Best Detective


Not Your Typical Bored Game

Mystery night might become a tradition in some circles. Host the first one and maybe one of your guests will host the next one.  Get the gang together for something more dramatic than game night and see how many closet hams come out of the closet!

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ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

This sounds mysterious and cool too. Now I have another idea for our theme party with the teachers..thanks for this! :)

wittywriter profile image

wittywriter 7 years ago from Concord New Hampshire

Oh, I have heard about them both adult and child. I have wanted to go to one. They have public ones in Keene NH and the surrounding areas. Good hub.

Laughing Mom profile image

Laughing Mom 7 years ago

My daughter had one of these for her birthday this year. It was lots of fun, but it was based on 80s pop characters and 80s trivia. Alot of the kids didn't have a clue. I think that particular mystery is better suited for my generation. But then dressing like Debbie Gibson was a one time deal that ended upon graduation in 1990.

It was one of the cheaper parties we've done, though, since buying the kit was less than $30 and I only had to throw up a few 80s decorations.

mamacoots profile image

mamacoots 7 years ago from Louisiana Author

Thanks for the comments ladies! The pictures are from my daughter's 13th Birthday party. They had a blast! I'm currently planning one for adults, just trying to decide on a theme. I've got quite a few people really interested in participating, so it should be an interesting evening.

Debbie Gibson? lol I haven't heard that name in a looooong time. My kids wouldn't have gotten it either.

Lynda Whiting 2 years ago

LARGE groups are best handled by professionals! You get what you pay for! :)

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