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Bhavana is a hot, beautiful and sexy south indian actress who is in the bandwagon of actresses from malayalam who have become popular in other languages after turning glamorous. Although she is not as glamorous as other actresses like Nayanthara, she can be what any role demands including ultra modern ones and at the same time she can do the village girl characters with ease.

Bhavana's real name is Karthika Menon.Bhavana's first movie is Kamal directed Nammal in malayalam, in which she played the character of a slum girl. That character was liked very much by the masses . But who would have thought that a girl who played such a character can play roles at the other extremes, like the modern day girl characters from the movies Twenty 20 and Robinhood.Another example is her superhit song from the movie Asal with Ajith, where she appeared in a schoolgirl uniform.

Bhavanas transformation has been slow , but steady. In the initial stages, she got good character roles from malayalam movies. At some point of time ,she decided to switch over to tamil films and when Bhavana came back to malayalam after a gap, it was a whole new her. She had become bolder , more beautiful and is now willing to do daring roles even in malayalam.

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irshad calicut 7 years ago

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kathurshanan 7 years ago

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aaa 7 years ago

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faisu 7 years ago

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Arun 7 years ago

Good Photoes

saidu 7 years ago

very good photo

praveen 6 years ago

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sumi 6 years ago

very cute girl baavana so i like you

minthu2020 6 years ago

i love ......bhavana

PraviN 6 years ago

I like u very much... u r soooooooooooooo beauitful

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fayis pn pallippuram 6 years ago

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arun kumar 6 years ago

bhavana ilike you and Ilove you

kumar 6 years ago

u r so cute.... i love u de....

lilly 6 years ago

i am looking like u only...

salwar,saree with free hair..

Thaya 6 years ago

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beeran tholantekath 6 years ago

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arun 6 years ago

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$rèèkàñth 6 years ago

You are very cute and sexy

sekar 6 years ago

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gob 6 years ago

lovely looking. sexy actress

Ali 6 years ago

U r very hot

ramesh 6 years ago


m an mahamood poyillor 6 years ago

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anees 6 years ago

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kurup 6 years ago

so very cute iloveyou bhav

YOU ARE 6 years ago


sarathi 6 years ago

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ashok 6 years ago

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aji 6 years ago

she stole ma heart

anu 6 years ago

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Munas 6 years ago

I too love youuu.

tinku 6 years ago

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ana 6 years ago

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ana 6 years ago

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prasad 6 years ago

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bav 6 years ago

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sasi 6 years ago

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jishnu 6 years ago

bhavan is more beautiful than kavya

vallal raj gingee fort 6 years ago

u r very cute... i like it...

bava 6 years ago

So cute dear,.,.i like to kiss you in your nose

THULASIDOSS 6 years ago

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john 6 years ago

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sakthi 6 years ago

wow.........very beautiful your face..

siva 6 years ago

i love u bhavana i love so mush and very sex looking so beauty

priya 6 years ago


Actress Bhavana 6 years ago

Hi i'am actress bhavana... today i read that my hot hubs mind was very very disturbed was one person...that person is Thulasidoss. don't worry thulasi u r girl friend pavithra is must be talknig with u... i hope well...pavithra is very lucky girl...i will praying for u thulasidoss.wish u all the best.

SAJU 6 years ago


Nishanthy 6 years ago

you are an angel... ..

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Haris 6 years ago

I like you

BHASKAR  5 years ago


Prasad 5 years ago

Hai bhavana I love you so much............

Rahila 5 years ago

You so nice in look...,and acting

vishnu 5 years ago

You look like very hot

saikiran 5 years ago

wow looking hot and beautifull......great actress..

saikiran 5 years ago

nice...she's looking beautiful...

ajeesh 4 years ago

aniku nine kittumo pannan

Suji 4 years ago

Ninte picture nokki ninte poorilum kundilum ante kunna kayattunathu alogichu njan vanam vittu marikkum pooorimole nee anne koluvanano egana thuni ellathey abinayikkunathu .!

adarsh 4 years ago

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sasi 4 years ago

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4 years ago

Ende koothichi, ninde 2 chaka mulakalum eniku kudikan tarumo? ninde palu kudikan eniku kothiyakunu mole... athu kazhinju nine kunichu nirthi poorilum kundiyilum aanjadikanam. ah ah ah ah. nala sukham ah ah petenu va.....

Vinayan 4 years ago

E pooriyude poorilum kundi elum nakki kondu ante kunna kayattunathu manasil vicjarichu njan epol 2 vanam vittu..

gopi 4 years ago


hashim 4 years ago

I like it

4 years ago

i love da chellam

ttt 4 years ago

bhavanaude choodan pavada pokki avalude kundiyil chumbikkanam.avalude koothiyil viral idanam.

rajeev 4 years ago

bhavana nee vana kalath nine njan oru pad thavana vanam vititundu.nee tamilum telungilum abhinayichapol nine sundariyakan avideyullavarku kazhinjitundu. Athu pole sundariyayi maran kazhiyanam .pine vanam vechu kooduthal midukiyavanam.ok all the best

byju 4 years ago

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4 years ago

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sravan 4 years ago

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vicky robo 4 years ago

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santhosh 3 years ago

I love bhavana ok

s.k 3 years ago

i love you to you miss you

ramkarthi 3 years ago

bhavana is best actres . I love bhavana

kannan 3 years ago

i love you

sanju 3 years ago

Avaludeviyartha kundi nakki nakki thinnanam.ennittu malarnnu kidannu avale mukathu iruthanam.athu kazinju kundiyil viral kayatti. Moonchanam.

santhosh 3 years ago

I love you 2bhavana ne en lover

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bhavana kundi nakki 3 years ago

bhavana mukkula en nakka vittu attanum

sudhi 3 years ago

Hi bhavana...i love u so much.plz marry me.i love your face n smile.u look so sexy when u smile and i like when u wear skirt coz i can see your sexy milky thighs....ummmahh

naik 3 years ago

I like you to c u in school dress .it is very sexy outfit.i love your belly.plz giv me chance to lift that skirt.i wil take a big sniff of your vagina n butt smell .aft liftig i want to kiss your watermelon lik sweet ass.slowly

adi 3 years ago

Hi sweetheart how are you...i love u

ags 3 years ago

i love u bhavana .............................. ilov u so much

bhavana koothi 3 years ago

bhavana chechi unnoda koothi vilai eanna???????

uday 3 years ago

Hi honey...u r my darling ..i need u

jisnu 3 years ago

bhavnda kundi polichu adikanam avala tooriknam

anish 3 years ago

bhavana kundi super athil viral ettu vadnipikanm enittu athil ice ednam enittu avalaluda vayar pidichu amartnam appol avaluda kundiyil ninnu teetavum vallvum varum

bhavana 3 years ago

producerum directorum ellarum ente kundill adichu.... eniku ippol thooran pollum pattunnilla....

williammwill 3 years ago

Very stylish and so beautiful.

bhavana 3 years ago

poda mairukale

rrrr 3 years ago

bhavanayude poor engane irikkum?

gyk,vy 3 years ago


hotguy 3 years ago

bhavana you are so hot sexy and spicy i want to explore you!

prarad 9747816898 3 years ago

my frande .terakano?

sexy 3 years ago

Bhavana ninte mookku chappy mooklakudikkanam

Travis 3 years ago

how beautiful

toan thang 3 years ago

p.k.royal jat 2 years ago

my girl friend priya like you so i like you good life

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kusuma eshwar 2 years ago

very quite face darling

Rajeesh{ punnakadan } 2 years ago

You are a angel

i like you

Biswajit 9178841637 2 years ago

I like you 2 years ago

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David 2 years ago

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Ramdhoni 2 years ago

Bhavana I love you so much u are very beautiful 10000 I love you darling

midhun ks 2 years ago

nine sex cheyanum, thudayil pidikanum aagraham und aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bhavana Fan 2 years ago

bhavana yudey kundiyil kunna kettaan nalla aagraham unde, As tight kundiyil kunna kettumbol... hoowwwwchhh

adichu kondu kunna paal kundiyil thanne oyyikkanam

Govind 2 years ago


danny 2 years ago

U com plz i want to marry u darling

anymos 2 years ago

chechi chechi butifull

rina 2 years ago

Superb booooooobssssssss.......

iluvcinema 2 years ago

Bhavana is a hot, beautiful and sexy south indian actress she is also popular in bollywood.........

shekar 2 years ago

bhavana ninte vali kelkkanam

sachin 2 years ago

bhavana ninte aasanam manakkanum

hii 2 years ago


raghu 2 years ago

bhavana chechi paavaada pokki panti oori..ente mukhathu keri irikke..njan nakki tharaam...

Noufal 2 years ago

I love you bhavana chakkare

yak 20 months ago


myran 15 months ago

ninte pooru nakki kunna kettatadi pundachi mole pari thayoli kodichi poori ninte navel njan nakki thudaykkamedi pari vedi mulachi myrinte mole thayoli myrine undakkiya kundichi

thirugnanasampandam 14 months ago

I like bhavana structure

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