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What is it about Cheryl Cole? How does she think, love, dream and what is she like in bed? We could have ALL the answers here!

Everyone (at the moment at least – who knows what will happen in the future) wants to read about Cheryl Cole, especially since her triumphant appearance on the X Factor. Is it her glamorous look – the look of the moment which all women seemingly want to emulate? Her hair is a massive topic of debate with Salons advertising “hair extensions like Cheryl Cole” snowed under with eager women.

Is it her intrinsic style? She definitely knew how to dress her X Factor finalists. The way Alexandra Burke was dressed matched her stunning vocal capability – no mean accomplishment. Is it her personality? She was undoubtedly a warm, supportive and generous mentor – we like people like that.

About her personality though. Some of us will have seen her appearance on the Most Haunted TV Special featuring Cheryl and all the other members of Girls Aloud. We have to report that (on this show at any rate and when being threatened by ghosts and ghouls) “our Cheryl” was a bit of a “potty mouth”. The rising star can curse and swear with the best of them.

Enough about our opinion though – it is based on mere speculation – we all chip in but we don’t know Cheryl Cole from Adam. But what will Astrology tell us about the star that we can read nowhere else… let’s do a quick analysis…

Secrets of Astrology – About Cheryl Cole
Born 30th June 1983 in Heaton, Newcastle-under-Tyne, England

Sun 7 degrees Cancer 30th June 1983
Cheryl Cole’s Essential Personality

Now, there’s a surprise, we wouldn’t have expected “our Cheryl” to be a Cancerian. She definitely presents more as a Leo – what with that hair and her entertainer’s trait of loving the limelight. Could it be that Cheryl was born prematurely at 32 weeks? This could be one explanation as to this seeming contradiction but we are not privy to the information pertaining to the birth (obviously). Having seen this we’ll check out the planetary positions for the first day of Leo in 1983 and comment if this seems relevant below.

Moon in Aquarius 30th June 1983
Cheryl Cole’s Subconscious

Guess what? Moon in Aquarius 30th June 1983 and 4 weeks later! So, even if Cheryl was born prematurely, we can see this coming through. Someone with this moon position typically sorts things subconsciously – they are people who benefit from day-dreaming as this can be most productive creatively, emotionally in relationships and in business seeing potential advantages and disadvantages. A good position, we would suggest, for a diplomat or anyone in law. Great for getting on with people though.

Mercury in Gemini 30th June 1983
Cheryl Cole’s Thought Process

Mercury in Gemini allows its natives to see both sides of an argument but also the natives will have difficulty making up their minds. If, as we have noted, Cheryl was 4 weeks premature the position is Mercury in Leo – this position would benefit anyone striving for fame and could fit better with Cheryl’s real person – we’ll never know but we’d appreciate comments from anyone who feels they really know her.

Venus in Leo 30th June 1983
How does Cheryl Cole Love?

Natives with this planetary configuration love fiercely. It would be great to talk to Ashley Cole about this – after he’s had a few. The best way to illustrate this position is to conjure up the image of a lioness defending her cubs (or most mothers you’ve ever met come to think of it). If this is an accurate reflection of the real Cheryl Cole then – really – there could be no better X Factor mentor than her (unless any of the other mentors share this position). Perhaps they make over-protective parents though. That’s the great thing about Astrology – it wades in with advice and suggestions as to what you could be checking. Right or wrong, “try not to be an over-protective parent – not good for child development” is good advice for anyone’s money.

As Venus remains in Leo for weeks owing to a retrograde phase, it is highly likely that this is the most accurate of claims this quick analysis makes. If, however, Cheryl is (as we suspect) a premature Leo then the retrograde could increase the trait identifies tenfold!

Mars in Cancer 30th June 1983
What’s Cheryl Cole like in Bed?

Before we attempt to answer the question everybody wants to know – let us reiterate that this article is just for fun and is not a serious attempt to make insightful knowledge known about the Star. Also we’ll never know if any of this hocus-pocus really uncovers anything true or of value unless we are allowed to fit a lie-detector to our subject and she willingly answers any question we pose – we’ve more chance of winning the lottery. That said, in Astrology – the non-science which has observed human behaviour for over 3,000 years (that we know of) or at least 2,800 years longer than the real Sciences of Sociology and Anthropology – in Astrology Mars in Cancer gives a “submissive” bedfellow. They are also prone to monogamy, tell Ashley. If – sorry to bang on about this – Cheryl was premature (4 weeks – call it an Astrological hocus-pocus-hunch) – she won’t be as submissive in bed (sorry wet-dreamers) but still more prone to monogamy than most.

Cheryl Cole’s Generation 30th June 1983

The slow moving planets speak more of all people born around the date – give or take a few years. The predominance of Sagittarius in these planets could explain the generation that has given us too few pacifists – but that is highly speculative.

  • This analysis is based on the free ephemeris found HERE
  • Cheryl Cole’s birthday and location of birth was supplied in the Wikipedia article Cole HERE

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