Hot Couple Priyamani and Jeewa in Tamil Film

Hear are some awesome photographs of Priyamani and Jeewa in some movie photo session. I really didn’t remember the name of that film.Jeewa was enter in to the Tamil cinema by perform villain role in "Kaka Kaka ( The Police)" which main role was done by famous Tamil actor Surya. after that he perform some positve roles and he has very unique perform style. Priyamani was one of the most famous and hottest Tamil and Telugu actress in south Indian cinema and she is more famous in glamor role of Tamil cinema.She has been more successful in the Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali Film Industry. Some famous films which is more commercially successful of her movie carrier. She has very pretty face and well maintained figure. She became popular in the south Indian film industry and she was successful in winning awards and place for herself in people's heart

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priyan 6 years ago

priya mani uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sexy!!!!!! i like 2 kiss uuuuuu! like 2 taste uuuuuuuuuuuu babyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,

kana 6 years ago

super couple paaaaaaaaaaaaa priyamani is so sexy..........

indu mathi 6 years ago

priyamani u also like that i cann't believe kkkkkkkkk anyway u looking nice

siva 3 years ago

my favourite talaivi was anushka shetty (theivam) next to that nayanthara punda ava oru tevdiya adanala enaku avala pidikum but una enala ayo kadavule idu idupa ila..... priya mani un kudhiku nan adima di ena paru ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma di chelam

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