Hot Fuzz Review

Hot Fuzz is one of a rare breed - a British comedy which throws away the stereo-typical bumbling lead character in the guise of Hugh Grant and still manages to be laugh out loud funny.

London cop Nick Angel (or is it Angle?) is overachieving to the point that he's making his colleagues look bad, therefore he is relocated to the English countryside, a nowheresville village called Sandford where, after struggling to settle in and earn the trust of his new workmates, a series of `strange accidents` start to happen. Whilst the script is not exactly crammed full of plot twists and turns, it would be shame to give away too much as Angel gradually turns himself around to fit in and his colleagues turn their own attitudes around to tie in with Angel.

Simon Pegg plays Angel superbly with his `by the book political correctness` attitude shining out initially ("She's not a policewoman, she's a police officer") whilst Nick Frost as his new action film loving sidekick Danny Butterman is equally good ("Have you seen Point Break? Have you really never seen Bad Boys 2?") and for me, one of the funniest scenes between the pair comes early when they are sat in a patrol car with Angel trying to point out that everyone is potentially up to something with Butterman coming up with a supremely funny reason why each person Angel picks is NOT up to anything and one reply in particular (the guy with the hat/clothes covering his face!) cracks me up even thinking about it.

There are a couple of deliously gruesome scenes mixed in and where An American Werewolf in London and Shaun of the Dead (another Pegg/Frost film) did horror with comedy mixed in, Hot Fuzz is the opposite with the blood letting never outshining the laughs, indeed it actually aids the laughs on occasions.

Filmed largely in Wells, not far from me, it's a off-beat look at village life with more than it's fair share of idiots. It's not to be taken seriously in the slightest but is there to be enjoyed as a terrific way to spend nearly two hours laughing at situations which are so unlikely they only happen in the movies. Pegg and Frost steal the show completely but the minor characters are vital and enjoyable with 007 himself Timothy Dalton having a whale of a time as a supermarket manager and Bill Bailey as the increasing bored desk sergeant(s). I could have done without the two Andy's but maybe I'm nit-picking here.

If you like your Brit-comedy nice and gentle with a handsome leading man (not that Pegg isn't handsome of course!) who gets his girl eventually then avoid this like the plague, however it you like it fast, furious and funny, a bit rude and crude and a bit gory, then don't miss Hot Fuzz.


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