Hot Namitha in unseen Police Uniform pictures in DesaDrohi

Voluptuous Glamor Queen Namitha looks as hot and sexy as ever even while donning a police uniform to cover her massive body in the latest Telugu Movie "DesaDrohi" movie launch function. Not many actresses can pull off looking so sexy even while wearing the cop costume. The police outfit is so tight and fits perfectly for Namitha's curvy body and flows very well with her highly curvaceous body in these hot Namitha unseen Police uniform pictures.

Busty Namitha in police uniform
Busty Namitha in police uniform

Namitha videos

Namitha in DesaDrohi

The new telugu movie "DesaDrohi" starring hot Namitha was launched at a function at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad city in April 2009. The producers have invited IPS officer Gopinath Reddy for initiating by sounding the clap board for the film's first scene. Namitha is playing a role of a tough cop in the movie DesaDrohi. Namitha went on a strict diet which is hard for her being a food lover but she adhered to a strict exercise and fitness plan due to which she lost about 7 kilograms. Namitha has various talents including riding, horse that is, rifle shooting and she practises Yoga. With all these talents she better fits the role of a cop than the typical VijayaShanthi movies. At least we will get a lot of glamor and skinshow along with action scenes which are no doubt going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Big and busty Namitha is playing the cop role for the first time in her 10 year film career. She will paired against Shanthi Chandra who played a key role in the movie Three. Namitha after losing 7 kgs looks amazing and as sexy as ever with firm assets in the front and back as shown in these Hot Namitha in Police Costume pictures in which the tight costume shows her assets as they are without any morphing. KS Nageswara Rao, who has directed telugu movies Vyjayanthi and Sambhavi IPS also part of the movie DesaDrohi. Other cast include Brahmanandam, Ramireddy, Krishna Bhagawan and Kovai Sarala. A well known actor also has signed for the film to do a special appearance in the film.

Namitha pictures in DesaDrohi

Namitha side view
Namitha side view
Namitha in police costume
Namitha in police costume
Namitha with a gun
Namitha with a gun
Namitha's gun pointing at you
Namitha's gun pointing at you
Namitha's assets on display
Namitha's assets on display

Namitha during DesaDrohi Movie launch

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yalu chang 7 years ago

Nicebut the style of hair is not like the Soldier

acatfd 7 years ago

Terrific & georgeous namitha. perfect fit. we need one fight in saree & ballbusting too.

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eaasi3574 7 years ago

I love your tips.

ravi 7 years ago

the thiefs will surrender themselves if she's really a police

Kris 7 years ago

her chest looks doesn't suit a police officer,

prashanth  7 years ago

she is a sexy

Hannah Dundee 6 years ago

Why does she wanna smell sweat, saliva and vinegar when she wears police uniform?

Zain 6 years ago

she is sexiest among the planet. i wonder why isn't she in bollywood... let bollywood ones enjoy too

boss 4 years ago

the police officer showing her assets.mad also i.

boss 4 years ago

this type police officer i have not seen.she is our dream.

shanu 4 years ago

i like ur movies

bhoortasingh gurjar 3 years ago

nice photos

I think all indians like these photos

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