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The Malayalam film industry has seen the emergence of a lot of young actors in the recent past. Among them are a lot of young girls, hoping to make it big in the tinsel world. But many of these girls were in the limelight for only one film or two; they did not choose their roles wisely, and many of them were not good at acting either.

Nithya Menon is not one of these one-time visitors. Although she got into the film industry accidentally, it seems like she is here to stay. Nitya Menon's very first film was Aakashagopuram with Mohanlal. She received a lot of applause for her mature performance in that movie. Nithya has only been in about five films to date, but she has chosen her roles carefully: the bubbly girl in Vellathooval, the memorable role from Kerala Cafe, and her latest movie, Apoorvaragam with Siby Malayil as director. In all of her movies, her role was substantial, and thus she has been able to show the world that she is indeed good at her business. So ladies and gentlemen, this article is dedicated to the young guns of the Malayalam film industry, who have the uphill task of saving the industry from the vacuum that it is in right now.

Nithya is one of the cutest actresses in the current crop, and she has one of the cutest smiles. With the release of the new movie Urumi with Prithviraj, and Santhosh Sivan behind the lens, we are going to see her in a whole new getup.

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sree 6 years ago

wowwwww this girlllllll..,

cudn take my eyes of her in the movie apoorvaragam.,

prettier each seen..., hot in every shot

well,it is for this daaammnn hott gal that i don regret the tickets and bus fare

nishad 6 years ago

hai,nithya U have a good future,don't miss it. 'All THE BEST.

Vinod 6 years ago

Nithya, u r so cute.. like a small baby.. i like ur simplicity.. i will comment more after wen i watch ur new movie,APOORVA RAGAM. i noted u rm tat movies film songs.

karthik 6 years ago

i love u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are most beautiful girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i lve u so much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Rejin joseph 6 years ago

I love u nithya....

Kunjus 6 years ago

Nithya,u r very gud in apoorvaragam.hav a bri8 future

Akhil 6 years ago


Razzi 6 years ago

U r like a cute n cheerful baby. I like in the song kizhakku pookkum in ANWAr. All the best for a bright future u cute baby.

babu 6 years ago

Nithya u r so cute.Best of luck

zamira 6 years ago

cute girl

saji 6 years ago

apoorvaragam super.............. kavalkaaran enna release?

sujith 6 years ago




Shafeek 6 years ago

I like ......... U r face...

hotty 6 years ago

you are so beautiful,cute, will become sweet queen of film when you become glamourus and sexy

midhunraj 6 years ago


sarath 6 years ago

nithya ur cute& beautifull girl ,,,,,,I like U ,,,& I love u.waiting for a braight carefullmy dear

AKHIL.K.R 6 years ago


KUNJU 6 years ago

You are so beautiful. I want to see you.

sagar 6 years ago

Nithya u r so cute hot and talented.I'm ur fan now u have a great career ahead.Love u baby....

Arun 6 years ago

You r like an ANGEL. I like u very much. When the Anwar film you very pretty and beautiful. I like u frnd.,...,.

Hari 6 years ago

My dream Girl, I LOVE YOU so much...cutie..

salam 6 years ago

i love you

don 6 years ago

hai dear///////////////

DON 6 years ago


don 6 years ago


Sasi Kunnananaykal 6 years ago

Nithya Ur the best

robin 6 years ago

haai nithyaa,

u r sooooooooo beautiful..

ur acting in apoorvaraagham s superp

Varu jose 6 years ago

I saw apoorvaragam.i like very that film ur acting is excellent.u r so cute like a baby.

don 6 years ago

ponnu nee evideyaaaaaa pls

rishad 6 years ago

hi u r very very beuty girl

ummer 6 years ago

i saw u r pic vry nice

madav 6 years ago

Excellent attitude and cheerful face god is gr8

manu 6 years ago

TO be frank, u are really hot and beautiful...

but u should improve your acting skills ,

cinema industry has got a new actress...

sagar 6 years ago

very charming

shyju 6 years ago

ohhh this girl is killing meee... soooo cuuuute ...gorgeous

raj....!! 6 years ago

u are really hot and beautiful...

Ramjirao 6 years ago

Hai nithya..ur cute..lady.. Very gud n all movies... Hav a brit futr..

Malkinson 6 years ago



don 6 years ago



owaisal 6 years ago

she is looke like ma lover

shafeeq 6 years ago

you are looking like an angel

i really love you

wish you a great future

and iam still waiting for u

sha 6 years ago

hai nithya

haw r u?

deepak 6 years ago

u look great

profile image

Safeer khan 6 years ago

Hi Nitya i like ur performance

achu 6 years ago

hai nittya ur my dream i love u so much

xxx 6 years ago

U r so cute Nitya I love U 2222much rather than enyone and I can't love any other as i love U. It is authentic

profile image

Safeer khan 6 years ago

Ur apoorvaragam i

renji 6 years ago

you looking very pretty

venu 5 years ago

hi nitya what a beuty is your's iam totllay flat

priya 5 years ago

i like your nature and u r damn cute,dnt waste your tallent ,i hope u l become the soundharya of telugu industry

dev 5 years ago

hai you r very beauety full giry r u marry me

denny 5 years ago

awesome.......angelic beauty......wishing you a great future...

ganesh 5 years ago

hi nitya u'r so beautyfully girl i saw u'r movie ala modalaindi in telugu ur so cute u hav gud future.

mani 5 years ago

hai!!!!!!!!! nitya u r so cute, u just dominated nani in the movie ala moddalaindi. my eyes didn't skipped from ur face even 4 a single moment

YVR 5 years ago

DearNitya ....

who are so beautiful that words are not just enough.. your are dream girl to millions of youth across the globe.. keep it up... your heritage beauty

M.V Rao 5 years ago

hi nitya u have good careear in tollywood m.v rao mahabubnagar

joshu 5 years ago

ur soooooooooooo beautiful and i feel u as my best friend

prasahd 5 years ago

u r d livng witnes 2 "Angels hav nt b only 4 Heaven ,,"

this planet contains tooooooooooo ,,,,

Meera 5 years ago

She is good

aju 5 years ago

my name is ajmal now am working in bahrain in here i have 1 egypt girls like u means ur face

sagar a jacky 5 years ago

beautiful face

Alian 5 years ago

Nithya really I hate you

Rahul  5 years ago

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

aru 5 years ago

nokku vellikkinnam thulithulumbunna chelluuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Reju  5 years ago

Oh cutieeee. ... U changed my dream girl from aish. To u dear....

akash 5 years ago

nitya great job in ala modalindi?

ur really marvaleous dear?

really i like u very much..........

stabin christy 5 years ago

u r d most beautiful wonder of this world.and u r looking so damn of luck 4 ur future.

syamasundar 5 years ago

nityameenan is a natural beauty i like in sari and artistick modal photo feelings, she is very sinsitive and

efficitive delivered feelings situatily.vill u any tamil or malayalam director give me a chance i will also acting same feelings and good performance in acting with nityameenan

reddy 5 years ago

soon she is gng to be an old face and no one is gng to talk abt nithya dont get excited seeing all these comments

megha sharma 5 years ago

hai nitya u looksuperb thn nani

priya 5 years ago

i hate u nitya cuz moi boyfrend is crazyyy behind u..

u suck..

PRADEESH 5 years ago


M.RAGHU 5 years ago


priya 5 years ago

n moi boys name wass dat d same akhil over here???

dinesh  5 years ago

HI Nithya i like you ur so beautiful ur my dream i love so much

Pravin 5 years ago

Hello niththu garu, pleased to see u that u became a beautyful actress. u knw i hv given u compliments b4 u become an actress in a websit that "do not apply lipstics nd make up, u looks good naturally" but its ur profation now n u have to, niththu garu remember that u be in profation but the same time be away from seductions, god has blessed u a lot made u special from others. remember it and live in conscious way, hope u'll be follow as good as ur beautyful nature. ur's one of well wisher and good fan of u.

giri 5 years ago

hi, nitya I like you, I am ur fan

Krishna 5 years ago

U r sooooooooooooooo.................... beautiful. I love you. U r eye r very very good.

anilkumar 5 years ago

haiiiiiiiiiiii nithya ur soooooooo cute...... i love u............ur so cute in ala modalaindi movie

shaji 5 years ago

hai what a eyes

ackil 5 years ago

I LOve u Nitya darling

Jose Mathew 5 years ago

HI Nithya i like you ur so beautiful ur my dream i love so much

Gokul 5 years ago

I like u nitya.u r so beautiful.ur cute face attracted me very much...

vinil 5 years ago

ur so cute im a grate fan of uuuuuuuuuuuuu

sushma 5 years ago


Viswa 5 years ago

I love u nithya darlg ur eyes is nice ra all the best u r feature

neelu 5 years ago

hi nithu ur iooking 2 hot baby.n iluv u so much

krishna 5 years ago

hi nitya your acting is very good in urimi

sruthi 5 years ago

hi nitya i like ur face expressions and way of talking

Rumaiza 5 years ago

Ur so beautiful.......

sonu 5 years ago

i love you

:-) vaasu...:-) 5 years ago

my dear friend are beautiful and looking awesome...and also you have great expressions....hey always keep your smile... and also be careful while choosing your new characters and roles in coming movies...I will watch all your movies, what ever the language.......YOU HAVE A GREAT FUTURE...ALL THE BEST MY DEAR FRIEND

mani 5 years ago

i kiss you

faisu 5 years ago

i have no weds

ganesh 5 years ago

stills are superb

Nike 5 years ago

beautiful bird of kerala

Akshay Reddy 5 years ago

realy love u nithya........never been in love with ny 1 this crazy.,!!!!!!!!! *-_-*

want 2 meet u 1's atleast....... :-(

sravan 5 years ago

i love u

Salman 5 years ago

I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yar

prasu 5 years ago

hai.. ninthya, iam nt ur fan. but i like ur smile.. ALL THE BEST FOR ur future bye.. takecare...

Praveen (pappu) 5 years ago


i am ur biggest fan. I lyk ur cute face and ur way of talkng and ur acting. U r sooooo cute. Nd i lyk u so much ... 919550823400

Thangamagarasa 5 years ago

Nithya menon very cute and nice actress...

jijo 5 years ago

hi....... nithya u r looking so cute......... i love u....

soooooo much......

B?¿@¿ 5 years ago

U r so... beautiful, i lv u da...

dr. kiran 5 years ago

now you r not taking good r immature because your roles in 180,sega not nice to may damage your cinema carrier.take right decision.

rahul 5 years ago

nithya kutty ,, ninte mulayum, poorum chappan tharunmo?

Pandu madhu 5 years ago

U r eyes so cute........... I like u nithu...

sri 5 years ago

i luv u nithya

profile image

Shibin555 5 years ago from kannur

Eda rahule vere oru paniyum ile ninaku

Karimban 5 years ago

Sugmano akka

Sri 5 years ago

U r looking my darling kavya

Chandra 5 years ago

Nithya internet lo ne latest phots downlod cheae

sruthi 5 years ago

enthoru mulayadi ith...? chackka mula... ithinte nalil onnu enikundayal mathiyayirunnu....!

sumanth 5 years ago

No Words to describe you

syam kumar.gona 5 years ago

hi.... nithya if u born along with my family. as a relative

it luck of my self . but i miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much ra....... really i wonna marry u ra bangaram . i love so.... much ra bangaram b ware in films areas... k bye

Taher 5 years ago

Nithya i love you soooooooooooooo much

jafer 5 years ago

love uuuu

Jasmino tony 5 years ago

Nithya hm ho aaaa ninne eniku kittiyal ne ammayakum ente paal ninte pooril parathum oombikum mula chappum koothi nakum manapikum pooril naku kayati chundil kadichu pottikum kundiyil paal kalayum vada nakum

kpk 5 years ago

i llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

arn 5 years ago


poori 5 years ago

nitya, i luv u so much...........

ram 5 years ago

iiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

rasbin rahuman 5 years ago

u r my dreem girl

rasbin rahuman 5 years ago

u r my dream girl

sathiyamoorthi 5 years ago

my mother promise u so cute.unna pakanum eppaume!

Nikhil 5 years ago

U r are awesome..... i like u... i'm Big fan of u.....

steven 5 years ago

Im waiting for you at my bed

nisar 5 years ago

I like you..

Dhinuak 5 years ago

I love u

Basith 5 years ago

Hai nithya i love you iam yur fan i like yur face

Basith 5 years ago

Hai nithya i love you iam yur fan i like yur face

jobin 5 years ago

hai i love u

Vishnu 5 years ago

Nithya uda kundi nakkanam

arjun 5 years ago

ayya anikke eshtaolla entha rppo ethe nalla kadhai

5 years ago

I love u very much nithya, u r the most cut and beautiful girl

vineesh vijay 5 years ago

molusa i lv u. i want 2 marry u. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sobi 5 years ago

you varry nice frind

yogi 5 years ago

waste.....!show girl...

mahesh 5 years ago


elza 5 years ago

nithya , u look very cute, eyes r so attractive,,now this is for all the bad guys who made dirty comments,;stupids remains always stupids;if ur mother and sister is beautiful, just think others makes dirty comments like this , will u be able to accept it,how can u make such dirty comments like this, idiots...........

Sainadh 5 years ago

I like ur smile nitya...

arun 5 years ago

your eyes,lips,nose and body is perfectly sculptured.Nithya,your smile is excellent.You are my dream.umma....

Riyaz Razani 5 years ago

u r cuteeee

Maheshdhoni 5 years ago

Hi nithya u r bueatiful nd very cute girl.u r my dream

vamsi 5 years ago



vanitha 5 years ago

hi my name is vanitha living frm hyd i liku your movies ur acting is super

raj 5 years ago

kandaale ariyaam parra veddi aanenu

avalude mulla thoogi thudagi.......................

madhusudhan 5 years ago

nithya ilove you

raj 5 years ago


santh 5 years ago

yanthu mulayadiiiiiiiiiiiii nentathuu aara ehil tooghunnathu

NITHIN 5 years ago


jayadeep 5 years ago

one request dont act in kura malayalam movies

Vijay 5 years ago

Evalude pooor clean shaveanu. Pine eval vediyanu .. Evalude mula thugi thudagi..

srinivas 5 years ago

u r soooooo cute u now

meganath kurnool 4 years ago

i love u

kumar 4 years ago

i love you so mcuh

nityaprasad 4 years ago

hai nitya garandi... Ninu chusina kshanam nundi andi, na kantiki kunuku ledandi.Nee Roopam thalavani kshan ledandi. Nee kosam thapistunna. Nee pere japistunna. Ninnu aaradhistunnaanandi. Enduku aa devudu nannu ikkada, ninnu akkada puttinchado thelyadu kanee, Naku janana, marana bhayam ledu.nee kosam janmistoo, maranistoo.. Untaanu. nee kanta kanneeru chudalenu Bangaram. Orey bangaroo.. Ee Rabhandula rajayamlo nee jagraththa kosam,Na stoola deham matrame ikkada unchi. Na aatmanu neeku rakshanaga, kaapalaga unchanu. Neekemi kadu bangaram. My hoona... B Happy.


mohan 4 years ago

ur cuteeeeeee

cirin 4 years ago

i dnt like you you rrrrrrrrr

adarsh 4 years ago

so cute.....i like you

nasi 4 years ago

she is vv cute

vinay 4 years ago

hi nitya you are so beatiful

i m a big fan of u

i like ur smile and i want a wif lik u

asif ali 4 years ago

njan young hero asif ali.nityayumaayi njan pala filimukalilum abhinayichittundu.avalude mola ithra valudhaavaan karanam njanaan.ella cinimayude pack up divasam avalude mola pidikkaan enik tharum.ente oru kayyil kunnayum.matte kayyil avalude huge boobs avalude valiya mola .ho vaanam vittu njan oru paruvamakum.sathyam avalude mola super....

rohan ias 4 years ago

hi nithya i'm an ias officer i would like to marry you.....

suresh india 4 years ago

looking beautiful and talk nice

basheer 4 years ago

super for kidilan kali

sam 4 years ago

yanthu mula yadi ethuu ethintaa size yathra yaaaaa

Balu 4 years ago

she is so crazy ,

srikanth r 4 years ago

ilu so much mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

muku 4 years ago

you soooooooooooooooooo cute



Vineesh 4 years ago

Hi nithya beautiful

varma 4 years ago

hi look like a kid


ur voice is so cute

srii 4 years ago


sulla 4 years ago

ni sollu bothai pollu

chinnu 4 years ago


Kk 4 years ago

Nithya nee oochu vidarundo

awesome 4 years ago

you are so beautiful

karthi 4 years ago

i really luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuu angel

AKSHAY 4 years ago


sravan 4 years ago

darling ninu yakkada nunchi pattukochiruuu ra

sam 4 years ago

nee oru paravedi aanu enth valiya mulayadi ninakku,oro divasavum ninte mula thadichu kozhuthu varunnallo.arokkayadi ninne daily kalikkunne?enikku ninte mula valiya ishtamanu,big boobs...

nee oru charakku thanne.ninne enikk oru rathri cheythu cheythu pooru pottikkanam.ennittu ninte olikkunna pooru njan nakki kudikkum.

uday 4 years ago

u r very very....... beautiful i love u

SYDULU 4 years ago


abhilash 4 years ago

too sexy to approach other than in appearance please control your mulla both are too big

priya 4 years ago

in ishq movie your name is priya na even my name is priya iam thinking that iam nithya menon and yourlook georgeous,fabulous,awesome in ishq movie and in my life ishq movie is bestest and now your the fav actress to me in whole world

sivaram 4 years ago

i love you nu ones ok my life yours

Anil 4 years ago

I like u

Ranjith 4 years ago

Your my angel i love you nithya please marri me deear/\/\/\/\/\@

Vasu 4 years ago

Nitya is sexy beautiful girl

love 4 years ago

Nitya I love you

manu 4 years ago

ninte jeans valich oori pooru manappikkan kothiyakunnedi...

ninne njan kunich nirthi pooril ente kunna adichu kettum nee vedana kondu vilikkumbol ninte vayilum njan kunna ketti adikkum ennittu ninne kondu ente kunna oombikkum,nee oombi oombi ente kunnapalu kudikkum.avasanam ninte velutha thadichu kozhutha mula njan pidich pidich njekki palu varuthum.

enikk ninte body muzhuvan nakki nakki ninte viyarppu kudikkanam.

sooraj 4 years ago

ninte mula kandal ariyam nalla valuthum softum aanennu ninte mula nee enikkonnu pidikkan tharumodi thevidichi.

Akshay 4 years ago

Nithya enikk ninte poorum mulayum nakkanam.APOORVARAGAthil ne ninte chakka mulakal shake cheyyunnathu kandu njan 7 pravashyam vaanam adichu.

odukkathe mula thannadi p....... mole

shine 4 years ago

you r 2 sexy.i love you.

Ar rahman HYD 4 years ago

World beautiful girl. I miss you.

priya 4 years ago

pollapaan mulayadi nintathu

onnu pidikkan tharummoooo onnu muunchan tharummoooo


vishnu 4 years ago

evale marriage cheyyunnavante luck..evalude big mula ethra pidichu chappiyalum mathiyavilla.

vinod 4 years ago

I Wish My Dream girl like u....... So Sweeeeeeeeet

sush 4 years ago

nee oru adipoli charakkanedi mulachi.ninne enikk kittiyal ninte koothi njan kunna adichu ketti polikkumedi thevidichi.ninte mulayum poorum ellam veluppanodi myre...

prakash 4 years ago

u look great, goods face i..........l....u..............

sheena 4 years ago

edi koothichi myre ninte mula valuthayi varunnallo.daily ninne arenkilum pannumo?

shibu 4 years ago

yadi maira nithyaaa ninta mulayi pidichu kondu kotham athichu polikkanam yanikku vannam vittittu kalippu theerunnillaaaa pleseeeeeee

sush 4 years ago

edi kunnayoli pundachi mole ninte pooril enik ente kunna nirthathe kettanam.njan ninne orthu vanam adich adich marikkum.

Sajith P R 4 years ago

So pretty girl. I love u my dream girl.

vasuannan 4 years ago

njan vanam vittathil veche ettavum kooduthal dhooram therichu poyathe ivale orthe vittapozhane...aaah nithyaaaaah..ah..aa...a..

Manoj 4 years ago

Nithya ninte poorilum kundi elum kunna kayattunathu alogichu njan epol vanam vittukayaaaa..... Haaaaaaaaaa etha antw vanam poyeee ninte kundi yude ulilakku.... ===€€

Sudheesh 4 years ago

Hai top to

sush 4 years ago

ninte vayil njan ente kunna ketti adikkum,ente kunna pal therikkumbol ninte vayil ninnolichu varunna ente kunna pal nee nakki nakki kudikkum.

shan 4 years ago

yanikku ninta mula radum koodi kootty pidich athinta edayil vachu adikanam yadi pooreeeeeeeee plseeeeeeeeeee

ajith 4 years ago

adipoli mulayum kundiyumadi ninakku poori mole.ninne ente kayyil kittiyal njan ninne kunichu nirthi ninte mulayil pidichu kondu ninte pooril adikkum.

vaanam 4 years ago

nalla mula

sam 4 years ago

chaka mulacheeeeeeeee

wef 4 years ago

ninte mula ishtamaayi soft mulayane nakkan nalla sugamundakum.brazery nee idenda kidakumbol.molak vedanikum namuk onn kalikanam nallavannam pooril roomam cleanaki veknam

sooraj 4 years ago

edi poori mole ninte white shirt valichu keeri njan ninte mula oombum.

Abhi 4 years ago

enne kalyanam kazhikkumo plz.. ninne kittiyillenkil njan chathu kalayum. nee athryakku sundhariyanu i lv u dear.....

Fans 4 years ago

appam polathe ninte pooru eniku kadikan tharuma...ninte uduthunni valichu keeri nine kunichu dogy style il cheyanam..ninte mula chappi valikanam...ninte appa pootile theen kudikanam...onu kidathu thadi vedichi..nee oru mulachi paru...thane..

john britto 4 years ago

enik tanna mari cheytha kollamennunde..tanta eshtam udan ariyikuaka..i love to

Anjal 4 years ago

So cut

real hero naresh 4 years ago

nithy neevu nee kallolo dachina ni choppaleni varninchaleni a sogasuni varnichallante na givitha calam saripodu vachhe janma vunte neeto kalasi a vijag beech lo duyt vesukunta so quit girl bye

shan 4 years ago

mulachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilove uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 4 years ago

hi nithya i want marry uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

pranav 4 years ago

pundachi mole nithya enikk ninne ookkanam...

ss 4 years ago

APOORVARAGAM cinemayude set. nithya menone roomil chennu vilikkan ennodu director paranju.njan roomil chennu bell adichappol door open cheythilla.appol njan door thurannu nokkiyappol nithya chechi bathroomil kulikkukayayirunnu.chechi udane purathirangi.vegam dress cheythu ennittu ennodu paranju"nee ivide nikkanam 1 hour kazhiyumbol oral ente kurachu costumes kondu varum,nee athu set ill konduvaram".angane chechi poyappol njan door lock cheythittu room check cheythappol chechi neruthe dress cheythirunna churidar kitti,aa churidarinte kakshathu chechiyude viyarppu kondu muzhuvan nananjirunnu,njan athu manappichu nakki. appol oru bagil ninnu chechi use cheytha nananja whisper kitti,njan athum manathu,bhayakara bad smell ayirunnu.njan pettannu bathroomil kayariyappol chechi ittirunna shaddiyum bra

ss 4 years ago

brayum athil kurachu chechiyude poorile vellavum undayirunnu.njan athu manathu nakki nakki kurachu neram irinnu,ennittu chechiyude shaddiyil 3 pravashyam vaanam adichozhichu thodan pattatha paruvathil kondittu.ennittu njan alamarayil ninnum chechiyude oru brayum,shaddiyum churidarum,pantum eduthukondu poyi.pinnedu chechikku manasilayittundu njan aanu athokke cheythathennum vere arum roomil keriyittilla ennum ,ennittu chechi ennodu onnum chodichilla.....................chechi ente kunnapal muzhuvan nakkikanum.

scaria 4 years ago

i love you nithya

scaria 4 years ago


rangan 4 years ago

nityaude koothy bhayangara soft aanu.poorum athupole thanne.

VANDANA.P.J 4 years ago


VRSK,4 THE PEOPLE 4 years ago

NITHYA...................................WE LOVE YOU...... DAAA.............................UMMMMMMAAAAA........................................

noname 4 years ago

Nitaa pooru nakkanam

ooo 4 years ago

enikku nityaude kundiyil pidikkanam....umma vekkanam...

Jojo 3 years ago

Nithya....ninte koothikkide kidanna oochinte manamulla shaddi kittiyal njaan manakkum...ninte kotham vidarthi njaan nakki sughippikkam...

father of elza 3 years ago

basted elza

shilpa 3 years ago

i like u chechi. u r a very gud actor. i luv u chechi.................

Akhil 3 years ago

Nithya enik ninta poor chappi mothram kudikanam

i like u 3 years ago

i like u

vijin 3 years ago

Hai nitya, so cute you are 8113083165

vijin 3 years ago

Hai nitya, so cute you are 8113083165

sura 3 years ago

soo cute & hot b ... best of luck

mahe 3 years ago

u r not beautiful

c u in early morning

or c ur skin under electron microscope

from mahe

fb id:Hotzmahe

Arun Das 3 years ago

Nitya i♥U Umma♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥uMmA♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥UmMa♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡uMmA♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥UMMA UMMA《♡♥♡♥♡♥》《¡♡♥U》

Akhil s h 3 years ago

Haiiiii dear


vijay 3 years ago

you are not so good

nikhil 3 years ago

I love you soo much

raju 3 years ago


love 3 years ago

Nithya ninte mookku chappi mookla kudikkanam mookkinakathu naakkidanam chandhiyil viralittu manakkanam ninte mala dhwarathil naakkidanam mookkinakathu viralidanam

avm 2 years ago

nithya menontae onakkameen chenja nattamulla oochu enikku bhayankara shaman

ppk 2 years ago

nithya menontae vayil ninnum bhayankara manamanu

balu 2 years ago

Hai, nitya ur so cute and ur smile awesome...ILove u

kk 2 years ago

njan orikkal dog stylil nithya menonittu ookkiappol avaludae koothiyil ninnum cheenga cabbagintae manamulla oochu vittu

Ravi 2 years ago

Ur smill supar bebi

kkp 2 years ago

cute smile

millin shah 2 years ago

I. Am. Good. Boy. I am. Studying in. Diploma. In. Industrial. Safety.

Kaylin 2 years ago

Fidinng this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

mani 2 years ago

i love nithya menan

mani20 years 2 years ago

i love nithya menan

mani20 years 2 years ago

i love nithya menan

Ayumi 2 years ago

I with each other with my pals happened to be rendaig by way of the most effective suggestions out of your web blog even though all of a sudden developed a terrible feeling I had not expressed respect to the weblog owner for all those procedures. These young males are currently for that cause joyful to study all of them and have now sincerely been loving them. We appreciate you genuinely genuinely thoughtful and then for deciding on these sorts of decent topic matter many people are seriously eager to uncover. Our sincere regret for not expressing appreciation to you sooner.

Sudheesh 23 months ago

Nithya menonte kozhuthu thalli irikkunna mulayum kundiyum aalochikkumbo thanne enikku vanam pokum..

enth kozhutha valiya mulakalum kundiyumanu nithya ninakku..

ithokke valuthakan ne entha cheyyane?

poori mole..

vasanth 22 months ago

I like u dear

PAIYA.TUTY@YAHOO.IN 22 months ago

hi nithi ,I LOVE U CHELLAM

Sunil 19 months ago

Super mula

shibin 15 months ago

Hi frnds..I'm 18...

2.5 inch thickness and 7.5 length ente kunnakku und...

Athinu karanam ente ee nithya chechiyanu.....

Ente nithya chechiye orthanu njan ettavum kooduthal vanam adikkarullath..daily oru vanam enkilum njan ente ee nithya poori mole orthu vidum..

I love u nithya chechi.....enikku oru divasam chechiye kalikkanam..ente ettavum valiya agraham aanu athu..chilappozhokke nithya chechiyude aa odukkathe mula kanumbo thanne enikku automatically vanam pokum....ente nithya chechiyudeth polathe super mulayum kundiyum ee film industriyil vere aarkkund? I love u nithya chechi..oru divasam ee aniyan chechiye kaalu akathi vechu kunichu nirthi mulayil pidichukond kaetti adichu chechiyude pooru polikkum....ennittu njan ente kunnappal chechiye kond enne oombum pundachi moleee...aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhh

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