Hot Sri Lankan Actress Upeksha Swarnamali

Upeksha Swarnamali is one of the most famous Teledrama and Serial actress in Sri Lanka.She started her carrier by performing a music vedio call "Chanchala" which was get extreamlay popular among youngsters and that song was sing by famous sri lankan artist Malith. After that she has appear in the Tele drama call "Paba"which was extremmly popular and rated number one Tele Drama of Sri Lanka.She will be good Investment for Sinhala Entertainment Industry and hope to become great movie star in Sri Lanka.Now she is becoming greater star of big screen television in the field of Tele Dramas. wish she will become very famous actress in India and able to participate International films.In hear I have posted several photographs and free desktop wallpaper of this beautiful entertainment actress  So send me comment about this actress and my work so I will able to increase my performance.

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nuwan 7 years ago

Buruyata hari wade kalaheki

Suresh  7 years ago

ADO HUTHTHI............Kihilla BAaaaa Gananin HODATA

kaber  6 years ago

how are you

thil 6 years ago

i like to drink her armpit sweats.

thamara 6 years ago

what a sexy girl you are.your juicy armpits make you so hot.Baby i want kiss sniff lick and suck every inch on your sexy body.Darling i have shaked my rod thousands of times looking at your sexy if you let me i drink your sweats,pee and love juice.Upeksha i want dive my rod in your little pond.i think it is hot and wet.

barrato 6 years ago

if u get me i will love you till the ends of my life if u got me i forgot all my sadness

Sri Lankan Music 6 years ago

Nice article. do you write on other websites as well?

fazloon 6 years ago ur beauti ful girl

sahan 5 years ago

if i get u i will lick u every time baby.

bandara 5 years ago

oyata mage puka denawa

suraj 5 years ago

mata oyage huththa suppu karnna ona

hhhh 5 years ago

oyage than dekanam maru. oyage huththe mail thiyenawada? oya puke arala thiyenawada? hukala thiyenawada?

kamal 5 years ago

mata oyata dekta nawala puke arrnna ona

Nishantha 5 years ago

ko kunuharupa nane,wadak na,apita ona real sri lanka

sachintha chandima 5 years ago


Thila 5 years ago

Kelle oya harima lassanai.mata oyage huththa kaka kari bonda arsai.

Indika 5 years ago

Hukamudha kelle?

suneth 4 years ago nice pictures...i like it so much

Ram 4 years ago

Hai u are too Mouch buttiy

Raj 4 years ago

Hai u are too Mouch sexy in world I am last two not sleep

ava 4 years ago

upeksha aththatama oyage pukata diwa danna oni. mama godak asai ekata oyage huththa lewa kannanth asai pike hila loku wela na neda?

indika 4 years ago

mata asai oyawa hodata nawala aran oyata thola danna thandeka uranna oyage huththa suppanna hoda tablet ekak gahala hutha hirivatenakam hkala badutika kate arinna

H.M.C.S BANDARA 4 years ago


gerog brunga 2 years ago

oyata hondata one gama...mama diva dala ma.. ate suppanawa rathu wenakam...thawa puka wate diven haranawa...aththatama oya hukana paka budu wenawa kelle..keeyak giyath kama na oyata hukkanna thiyenawnaam..

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