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Swetha menon is undoubtedly the new face of sensuality in malayalam cinema, a title only very few actresses have enjoyed in the industry. Malayalam audience has never been able to let go of their false moral pretentions and it is difficult for directors to do a film based on such themes as lust and womanhood. The one highly successful actress who was ever known in that category ( excluding the B grade film actresses) is Seema. And that is exactly the reason why there were rumours about Shwetha menon being cast for the remake of Avalude Ravukal, which catapulted Seema to fame.

Swetha menon is a highly successful model turned actress. In 1994, she was the second runner up of Miss India, losing only to Aiswarya rai and Susmita sen. That alone can tell us how successful she was as a model. After focusing on her modeling career for sometime , she began to act in films and has acted in many languages including Hindi. But her debut movie was in malayalam with Mammootty.

Swetha menon is a malayali, but was born in Chandigarh. In the past few years, she has managed to earn a place in the hearts of all kinds of audience in kerala. And she has received many accolades for her performance in movies like Palery Manikyam and Madhya venal. She is also a popular TV reality show achor. She has also been under the limelight for many controversies. One was when she appeared in an advertisement for a condom. Her latest movie, Kayam has also seen some controversy regarding some of the posters being used without Swethas consent. Swetha is consistently in the news, for both good and bad reasons.

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al_ jasmine 6 years ago

i want to marry u swetha i like u

ajitha 6 years ago

sewtha i want ur same shape my husband like u

binoj 6 years ago

swetha ur very sexy good body structure

Radeesh 6 years ago

Swetha you are very swee

sathish 6 years ago

really very sexy

sam 6 years ago

Swetha good body shape

shyju 6 years ago

Hi ,

She is so bold and beautiful, she is going to be the Madhuri Dixit of Malayal cinema. good figure, excellent looks and how ever she need to look at her hair style ......good girl


nikhil 6 years ago

...super yaa.............

sha 6 years ago

i like ur good look and a love u.............

nirmal 6 years ago

I am just seeing my sharmili in her look

jkm 6 years ago

lene ka man kar jae bande ka ,

ese ese saree lollzzz

hassan 6 years ago


sunil 6 years ago

I want you Swetha

Nk 6 years ago

I really wanted to remake Sufiparanga Katha "Karthu" with S.Menon as she has the real structurel match with that charator

arun 6 years ago

very cute

ashik kunjumon 6 years ago

your acting is very good i am one of your great fan

you look so beautiful and smart

this is my mail

jim ja 6 years ago

hai swetha your very good acting so beautiful and smart i really loving you sweet

sasee 6 years ago

yoursame hight and shape given

sagar 6 years ago

Hi swetha you so nice girl, I like you tooo, swetha if you agree I will go to marry with you, really I will marry you and I will look for you my sweet darling with all my breath

roach 6 years ago


jo 6 years ago

oh what a figure. Enna structura ente ammo,

deb134 6 years ago

this lady has acted in quite a few hindi movies as well, but as she herself puts it, her career went nowhere because she did not have a godfather. recently she has acted in some good malayali movies. and of course, she has a lot of restrained sex appeal, which comes out beautifully in this set, especially in the pics with her in the red blouse. good job femme fatale, excellent collection, as always! :)

shelly 6 years ago


riyas 6 years ago

i like you



sreejith 6 years ago

better than aunti

Aji 6 years ago

you r so smart and beautful.

rooney 6 years ago


roshan 6 years ago

u r my juliet swethakutty

jayan 6 years ago

iam just mad about you,You are such a bold and beautiful girl which is very much uncommon.

I just love u.

ds 6 years ago

love you very much

sumesh 6 years ago

u r a good girl..,hai sweety......

sajeesh 6 years ago

I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

shafi 6 years ago

super shwetha menon

nithi 6 years ago

u r really amazing .......

sagu 6 years ago

you are my dream girl swetha

jawahar 6 years ago


Romy 6 years ago

U don't marry my dreamy. what u want i will u

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Arunlal 6 years ago

really love you very much

jinith 6 years ago

fine swetha

sanu 5 years ago

very hot& i love u so much

PRAVEEN 5 years ago


555 5 years ago

super 5 years ago

i love you i want to marry you swetha

N.Kumar 5 years ago

It is nice to see all these craizy immature and childish (I wonder these fans shouldn’t know the procedure of Indian Marriage and social set up. If any body wants to marry swetha it is better to contact her directly rather than making arrogant noises... As she has shown only her acting skill and beauty were we have the write to comment about publicly…If any thing wrong with this comment pls ignore……)comments but frankly speaking you have to really improve your acting skill. For this you may have to do home work a lot.....better try to learn the basics of Kathakali.It is too late... now you have to act immediately otherwise you will be automatically thrown away from the Throne of Film Industry. You have the talent but purifying this will give us better result. You walk like a Robot (Sorry to say….) and this is because you are trying to imitate men in this regards ( I feel). The walking style of women is entirely different than yours…this is what I feel. How ever the god has given you color, beauty & shape….can you imagine your color is black ……may be that time the admirers of yours will not even look in to your bio data of acting and beauty………..Thanks All the best for you…..

Selvam 5 years ago

U looks superb swetha

adu 5 years ago

i love you swetha chechi. You are very beautiful to see. Looking pretty always. I love you soooo much

gopan 5 years ago

good photos

sajan 5 years ago

y u r sweet like honey

Rockin 5 years ago

nice photos 4 swetha menon

achu 5 years ago

good looking but should not act like this after marriage.he will trrow you away.

Jomon joy(oman 5 years ago

Sweta i love u da .i like ur structer.Now u r a maried girl.i hope next future i wil marry u.....u.......i dnt know am how much like u..u r realy my dream girl...pls..sweta i want ur number......i am waiting for u....with love jomon joy(muscat)

Jomon joy(oman 5 years ago

Sweta i love u da .i like ur structer.Now u r a maried girl.i hope next future i wil marry u.....u.......i dnt know am how much like u..u r realy my dream girl...pls..sweta i want ur number......i am waiting for u....with love jomon joy(muscat)

mugaiah 5 years ago

swethamenan is beautyfull actress.swetha glamour service is good.i will fighting to central govt.why? this actress need asschor awardt, badmasri awads,more awads......not give to swetha. i will no agree.

Firoz clt 9605031720 5 years ago

My shweta,ninte koode oru dinam spend cheyyanayal ente ellam upekshichu, ee jeevidathil ninnu polum pokan nhan orukkamanu. I love you

BEN 5 years ago


rakesh 5 years ago

mad of u baby

karthik 5 years ago

i love u

jayesh 5 years ago

u r so sexy i likeu so much

Alu 5 years ago

I love you

renil 5 years ago

very good structure i like

roy 5 years ago


bobbybhai 5 years ago

i like u & i need u darling

parthiban 5 years ago

you are so very beautiful. i just like to kiss you

ACHU 5 years ago


manish 5 years ago

sweta i like ur red lips i need you sweta please keep in tach

sreeni 5 years ago

hai swetha your kinky voice is your plus point

rajesh 5 years ago

Oh Sweta what a superb look. Your mulas are beautiful. I want to suck it.

JYOTHI 5 years ago


kamal 5 years ago

ur are very hot baby tum se jayada koi or hot na hai or na hoga so i want u

saahista 5 years ago

i love ur boobs. What is ur bra size is? My one is 32 only.

YOUR UNSEEN HERO 5 years ago


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kochi.. 5 years ago

very nice aunty,i luv u sooo. Much umma umma umma umma.


Hi swetha you so nice girl, I like you tooo, swetha if you agree I will go to marry with you, really I will marry you and I will look for you my sweet darling with all my breath

Jijo randy 5 years ago

I love you swetha u r so sweet

Sanjay 5 years ago

Come to my home one night... Please

Ajith 5 years ago

Come to my home one night.. Ajith.T

sunitha 5 years ago

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James 5 years ago

Hi Sweta I love u. Now u got married. In case any help is needed from me please contact me.

raaj 5 years ago

swetha dal ninnu okka sari denithe chale pukumunda ne pukki salam ne puku kavali

sr 4 years ago

swetha chechyyyyy...... adipolyyyy

gopal 4 years ago

i love you

vichu. 4 years ago

i love ur acting u r my hart

vichu. 4 years ago

i love ur acting u r my hart

syam ajay 4 years ago

i love you darling

you are so sweet ml

ravi 4 years ago

u r veryhot

suhas patankar 4 years ago

swetha you are looking very very sexy

Ajith T 4 years ago

I love swetha.I like your body shape,super

Aslam 4 years ago

Your very sexy come to my bedroom

madhu 4 years ago

swetha ninte rande kundiyum akathi kotham naki athil kunna kayatane moham

rahul mr 4 years ago

kuthil adikan tahrumo

malli 4 years ago

u r so beautiful

Akash 4 years ago


Hash 4 years ago

Hai swetha... Ninnodu vallatha premam enikku.... Onnu koode kidakkan varumo?? Ente agrahangal sadhichu tharumo??

khan 4 years ago

zinda bad

MADHU 4 years ago




ali 4 years ago

nice supper

raki 4 years ago

i love you swetha

ram 4 years ago

can u have my baby

swetha's boy 4 years ago

swetha you are very sexy woman. when i see you iam not able to control myself. i want to you

gklalu 4 years ago

Koothichi swethee kunna paal kadi mootha vayarum oombi malarnnu vidarnna then chundum kunna pokkunna chiri ninakk thanne.. Nallavannam oombiyal chiri nalla kunna chiriyavum ... Like kavya..... Achan adichu valuthakkiya kotham.... Pidichu nikkande .

bibi 4 years ago


Anand 4 years ago

I too love u

paxwill profile image

paxwill 3 years ago from France

Very interesting photo gallery. I have created a similar hub on Bindu Madhavi.

umesh 3 years ago

eniku ninte kundiyil kunnayittu adikanam

preakshakan 3 years ago

panathinu veandi enndum cheyyum allea

raju 3 years ago

Swetha very nice and beautiful.

raju 3 years ago

You r verycorrect& enta mulayude valippam eeeempi pal kudikkan moham are you redi

ramesh 3 years ago

swetha you are so hot

sree 3 years ago

ente mula chappi ninteyoke kunna koothiyil ketuo?

ani 3 years ago

i wanna see a katta fight between shwetha menon and lakshmi nair....four mullas pressing each other...

aniyude chechi 3 years ago

my choice is a katta fight between sona nair and geetha vijayan ....four kattas loving each other...

binu.h 3 years ago

ilove swetha umma

joy 2 years ago

i am so shame of these guyssssss............... vrithikettavam maar swantham ammayo pengalo ayirunakilo egana thana ezhutumairuno

midhu 2 years ago

u fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

annu 2 years ago

chiiiiiiii naarikal

maju 2 years ago

Swetha..u soo veri betiful i lyke it..

thai 2 years ago

Beena antony, Parvathy T & Suwarna mathew in kissing each other in saree

rinu 2 years ago

Ninta pootil enta kun a keeti pannumadi poori molar.nee malannu kidannu sugikadi koothichi

പപ്പു ആലി....... ട് 2 years ago

കുണ്ടികൊളളാൻ തരുകയാണൊങ്കിൽ എൻറ്റൊ കുണ്ണ ഇടാം

കോറ്റുമ്പോ ...... ആആആആആആ

പണ്ണുമ്പെ.........അമ്മൊ. അമ്മൊ എന്ന് ഒരു കാമൻ

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