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House or Grey's Anatomy?

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House Versus Grey

I've never really been into medical shows unless it's a "CSI" or "Without a Trace" drama. But, my new obsession of the medical dramas on television today, started with an empty night and nothing on tv... Or so I thought.

House, M.D., was my introduction into this new field of television. I came into the season dead in the middle without an iota of an idea of what was going on. Soon, I noticed old reruins on the USA Channel. My new favorites started. House is cynical, sarcastic, and honest. I like him.

But, until the past week or two, I've never seen one Grey's Anatomy episode. Again, nothing on tv, so I figured I'd check it out. Middle of the season, no clue what's going on, but I think I'm hooked. It's drama. Who couldn't like it?

Fox's House, M.D.

Gregory House, M.D., is a medical genius who leads a team of young diagnosticians at a teatching hospital in New Jersey. Eith each episode, House and his team try to diagnose a patient's illness. The team uses the Socratic method and differential diagnosis when arriving at the correct diagnosis for each patient. House and his team tend to misdiagnose and mistreat the patient several times before House is able to properly figure out and diagnose the patient.

House is a nationally-renowned doctor who tends to see patients who have failed to receive care or treatment at other facilities.

His favorite line is, "Everybody lies," and usually, that is the case, whether the patient is lying to him and his team about symptoms or some other portion of their life.

As a subplot, Lisa Cuddy, House's boss, requires him to treat patients in the hospital's clinic. This is something he hates, but usually the simple cases in the walk-in-clinic help him sol the big case.

House usually has his team break into the patient's home to find clues as to what the cause could be and what the diagnosis could lead to. Many times, this is the sole determinant to the diagnosis, but at the same time, it tend to lead to a deadend.

Throughout each episode we watch House and his Vicodin addiction to manage the pain from an infarction in his quadricep muscle years past. So, with his pill addiction, sarcasm, and near hatred for people, House, M.D. is a thrilling show to watch.

House, M.D. Cast


House M.D. - The clinic could be more interesting

ABC's Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is both an Emmy and Golden Globe award- winning series. Although, the show has a wide ensemble of cast members, the show focuses around Dr. Meredith Grey.

Unlike House, Grey's Anatomy, seems to be more of a drama based series versus a medical series. Throughout the episodies, you'll follow interns and residents in the Seattle Grace Hosipital.


  • Dr. Meredith Grey
  • Dr. Miranda Bailey
  • Dr. Christina Yang
  • Dr. Isobel "Izzy" Stevens
  • Dr. Alex Karev
  • Dr. Callie Torres

Grey's Anatomy Cast

Grey's Anatomy S02E12 (Extract)

Now Let's Compare Viewers

House, M.D.

Season 1- 13.3 million

Season 2- 17.3 million

Season 3- 19.4 million

Season 4- 16.2 million

Season 5- 12.0 million

Season 6- 14.0 million

Grey's Anatomy

Season 1- 18.8 million

Season 2- 19.9 million

Season 3- 19.5 million

Season 4- 15.9 million

Season 5- 14.6 million

Season 6- 14.8 million

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Which is Your Favorite? 46 comments

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia

House definitely!

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal

I also prefer House but it´s dificult to choose from those two, they are my favorites tv shows at the moment.

sidney 8 years ago

i prefer grey's cuz it isn't pretending to be a serious medical show.. it pretends to be a drama-comedy-medical show.. and that's what it is!! And what's the deal about meredith screwing her boss?? I mean that happens in real life!! So what?

reezy 8 years ago

House any day

mohaed ali 8 years ago

I starteed watching Greys Anatomy recently and it was ok but it got boring so i started waching some reruns of house even though i saw every episode already

I would rather watch a house episode i saw already rather than an greys anatomy that i haven't seen

Goes to show how much better house is plus the actors from house are much better

In house at least they actually try to solve a medical case rather than a personal sex life case

paok 8 years ago

Definitely House ... house is intelligent , cynical , misanthropist , sarcastic and stubborn just like me

johnsons 8 years ago

HOUSE BY FAR...i watched grey's anatomy like twice and got bored...started on House once (middle of the season) and i was hooked!...ITS SO INTENSE! LUV IT!

Kiko 8 years ago

House. Gay's Anatomy sucks.

kkk 8 years ago

I'm just bored by grey's anatomy's asian docs, house seems to be refreshing at some point, not to be a racist, i myself am asian too.

Matea 7 years ago

I adore to watch House M.D. which I can't say for Grey's Anatomy. House's humor and way of solving cases is awesome. You don't know what to expect from new episodes and always can hardly wait the next episode. House RULES!!!! - 'caus normal is not normal. :-)

elle 7 years ago

House, I liked grey's until Addie left now it sucks

sema 7 years ago

i prefer grey's anatomy to house any day. house is to serious, grey's is funny, dramatic and medical

kensu 7 years ago

house is way better than grey .i use to watch grey but now if i would compare house with grey i like house.and i also love season from scrubs starting january 2010,season 9

sanket 2nd mbbs 7 years ago

i think house is more rational than greys: they have made greys too dramatic to gain more attraction and it has succeeded in doing so ;but a learnt person would surely like house!

Sel 7 years ago

House is one of my favorite shows. But Grey... well she can take a hike for all i care.

fdd 7 years ago


Greg House 7 years ago

House is better than Greys because you almost get an emotional attatchment to his personality (i can relate to him a bit). I like the outrageous things he does and I like the team of actors, they go together so well. The writers for House are extremly good too, everything from the first episode to the most recent fits into one huge story...which is pretty hard to do. Greys Anatomy is a CSI of "who screwed who?"

madryga 6 years ago

grey's anatomy for sure

nan 6 years ago

house by far

Theboss 6 years ago

Ummm..... House any day

Housemd 6 years ago

Ha Ha! House wins

gizem 6 years ago

Now Let's Compare Viewers and learn who wins ;)

talle 6 years ago

house, baby.

Torment 6 years ago

Grey's Anatomy by far, It's so much more humane and existential. House is just a miserable and shallow prick.

fagrin 6 years ago

House is the best.Grey's is a soap opera

Alita 6 years ago

I just started House and for now I chose by far Grey's anatomy. The cases House get are all incredibly rare, while when you work in a hospital, very often you get always the same kind of cases and illness.....and I find grey's anatomy characters more realistic. But I am open to change my mind and fall in love with HOUSE M.D. :D

jennshealthstore profile image

jennshealthstore 6 years ago from Florida

I love HOUSE! Though I could not imagine how I would respond if he were ever my doctor. LOL.. I no longer have a DVR and I must plan my Mon night so that I do not miss House.

theo 6 years ago

house is the man

xray 6 years ago


SISSY 6 years ago


Dragon 6 years ago

I love HOUSE, ESPECIALLY HOUSE REMARKS=D, grey's is just drama.. House is based on more medical side than Grey's..

Marios 6 years ago

House wins hands down. It's not only about the acting or the medical drama, it's because the show regularly brings to the surface deep philosophical, ethical or emotional issues. The characters are looked into in a much deeper way and in general House is more mature, more intense, more emotional and more... cleansing, in a psychological meaning. Grey's anatomy is very shallow in contrast.

anna 6 years ago

definitely grey! no offence but house is boring

daniel 6 years ago

i agree with ..i like gray's more and house md it is a 'medical csi' ..

Jenna 6 years ago

House is lame. Grey's Anatomy!

Fred 6 years ago

One word: House.

lora 6 years ago

Are you seriously asking this question? House wins by default. It's obviously a much better show.

Rachel 6 years ago

I used to be a House fan, until they repoaced the original cast.. What a DUMB move. The new cast sucks,, except for house and Cuddy... I am hooked on Greys now. I LOVE the show! The season finales are especially awesome!!!!!

Ant 6 years ago

House have to love him.

Seg 6 years ago

I say Grey's Anatomy

I only watched couple of episodes of House and I got totally bored.

the other thing is .. House's issues are more complicated and they show how house is smart ... so who cares??!! I'm not a doctor neither I know much about medicine to figure out what house does!! on the other hand, Grey's Anatomy gives me what I want .. drama, comedy, how doctors deal with patients in the ER and how things work in the OR, the doctors lives, how to deal with dangerous and serious problems, stress, their personal lives.

I'm not giving up on house, I'll try to watch from where I stopped maybe things gets really cool then. 'cause I can't judge just by watching a couple of episodes.

Looka 6 years ago

House M.D. for sure!!! Grey's anatomy is just another of 1000 typical USA series. House is different, has more inteligent, sarcastic, unique humor, style, and some people just don't understand it, so they don't like it.

And Hugh Laurie is the best actor ever, anyway.

Quake 6 years ago

House wins =D

Bobbert 6 years ago

I enjoyed House. Watched a few episodes of Grey's so far.. can't make a particularly informed call.. but I would say either are better in their own right. Indeed, House as a show is more intellectual and stimulating whilst Grey's is more of a soap as others have mentioned (e.g. with a greater focus own personal lives).

However I'd personally put House as slightly 'better'. It's more 'medical', but at the same time Dr. House's perpetual cynical demeanor and dark satire makes it so entertaining. I'm also enjoying Grey's, probably because I've watched so many seasons of House that it acts as a pleasant change. But I'm not as hooked to Grey's as I was to House.

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

both are nice, but Grey's has been better. I preferred the show when the cast included the "Addison" character. And I still miss "Burke". But House has a little more bite to it on the medical side, and the main character is so no holds barred, he's fascinating to watch. What insensitive thing will he say next? Kind of like Trapper John M.D. on crack cocaine.

anonymys 5 years ago

house is superb. feel sorry for those dumbos whose are too dull to understand anything. that's why they watch grey's anatomy. grey's anatomy is lame and gay. looks more of a housewives show!!!

orange 5 years ago

They are both good, but house is better.

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