House at the End of the Street (2012)

Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented and rising actress in the Hollywood scene. She was absolutely wonderful in the Winter’s Bone and has since gone on to star in a number of high profile movie, most notably The Hunger Games, which put her on the map. So with all this going for her it doesn’t make sense to me why she would decide to star in a movie like The House at the End of the Street but before I get to that here’s a quick plot crunch.

Elissa (Lawrence) has just moved into a new house with her mother Sarah (Elisabeth Shue). They soon discover that their neighbor is a young man, Ryan (Max Thieriot) who is living in the house that his parents were killed in four years before by his little sister. Elissa soon becomes close to Ryan and things soon turn deadly as Ryan is harboring a dark secret.

In order to make this review flow smoother I’ll start with the good and that’s that the movie does eventually end although it would have been much appreciated if it ended a lot sooner.

The movie is a waste of time and shouldn’t be seen by any sane person. Lawrence’s performance in the movie does not do an actress as talented as her any justice. The whole time she plays a simple minded character, who does a bunch of dumb things. Basically she plays a typical rich bobble head blond that falls for the weird misunderstood guy who happens to be living in the house where his parents were killed.

The ending is one of the most frustrating moments of my life. How long can you drag a movie out for I mean there was virtually nothing happening in the last thirty minutes other than Lawrence hiding from the killer as random people show up. Yeah sure they all had a reason it just felt so forced. And the twist, that awful twist was just hammered into the ground by the very last scene that it made my head hurt at how stupid it was.

Lawrence Wondering what she's doing in this movie.
Lawrence Wondering what she's doing in this movie.

Yesterday I reviewed the PG-13 horror movie The Possession and wrote that most PG-13 horror movie were garbage. The House at the End of the Street is just that. It’s a mediocre movie that can’t be bothered to have a plot or characters that the viewer can relate to. This is the worst kind of movie. It’s one that is done with no passion; profit was the only thing on the minds of the filmmakers. It has young actors who need to fire their agents. That or they don’t care about their careers as long as they get paid driving it to the ground. Most importantly it is a shame, a fake that makes the horror genre look weak and simple minded.

This movie is a very dull, non-scary and painful endurance test. It has no quality’s worthy of being watched. The abbreviation that the marketing geniuses used to promote the movie was HATES and that’s exactly how I feel about this movie. Overall I recommend this nobody, watch it at your own risk, 1 out of 5.

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Tarun Bajaj profile image

Tarun Bajaj 3 years ago from Panipat - India

absolutely its illogical of her to these kind of stupid movies,, when she has talent, type like Winters Bone, Hunger Games and the latest buzz Silver Linings Playbook.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

I absolutely agree she shouldn’t be in such movies, not in this stage of her career anyways. Thanks for reading.

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