How To Become Famous Easily

How To Become Famous

Everyone wants to become famous,right? Because of that I will provide you with 5 top tips which will help you to become famous person. Of course that is not easy job – you should work, work and work again!

1.Write an e-book! - As a beginning is easier to write an e-book and if it is successful you can continue with real book. If your content is good you will get a lot of orders, and a lot of reviews for your book – you are a famous person!

2.Break a record! - Nowadays everyone knows about Bolt – the fastest person in the world. Why we all know him? Because of his fantastic speed and braking 100m and 200m running WR. Of course there are a lot of other types of records – the fastest TV breaker and so on. If you want to find something interesting, you can always order Guinness World Records 2009 book(only for 7$)

3.Take part in reality show! - In the last few years there is a boom of reality shows like Music Idol, Big Brother, Survivor, VIP Dance and so on. That means that there are people who are watching them – so if you can go through interviews you can became very famous.

4.Become a politician! - Everyone(except me) loves Barack Obama and Boiko Borisov(famous Bulgarian politician). Why? Because they are well-known politicians, and they one of the most powerful men in their countries(USA and Bulgaria). Remember it's not essential to become a president – you can start at lower level and gradually go to the Senate for example :).

5.Invent something – Although the wheel(and a lot of other useful this)is already invented there are plenty of other things which are waiting for you. Think about Rubik and his famous Cube! You can invent something – I believe in you!

These are only a few tips, if you can add something new and valuable tip in that list I will be very happy ;).

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

I couldn't resist reading this. OK - How about this - win big in the lotto and you'll become famous. Of course a lot of people became famous by being infamous.

Fortune is what I want like the guy who became rich by creating the pet rock and sold it at Christmas for $5.00 - he became rich, if not famous!

axeny profile image

axeny 7 years ago Author

Of course this is also very good point :). But do you think that TV will say your name, and do you think that if you won a big lottery you will be able to say your name in first 1 week to say ;)

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Hi axeny!

I was reading about people that wanted to hide when they won multimillion dollar lotteries - but they had to be revealed to cut down on fraud.

So now what folks do is meet with an accountant, CPA, tax lawyer, financial planner, etc. before revealing their identity. This way at least the money is tied up in certain accounts which cuts down on the onslaught of people who start to beg immediately.

Sad, but true - the folks that won big, revealed their identities right away and enjoyed the fame - spent the money quickly are now broke.

This was a fun hub - hope you think of some more ways to be famous and list them!

axeny profile image

axeny 7 years ago Author

I am thinking about second part of this hub ;)

niko0lasss 6 years ago

how to be famous

jonrichardson 6 years ago

i want to be a good famous sing

jamie sanders 5 years ago

Hay all my life i have wanted some of my wishes to come true and un off them have i would do anything to become famous because then i can help everyone

Anthony dunn 5 years ago

I want to be famous by sing and dance

Ekenem Dunn 5 years ago

I want to act

Anthony Dunn 5 years ago

All my life dancing is my dream and i will do any thing to become famous and all so ( i like to sing) so i can make my parent proud.

kingsardine 5 years ago

youtube can get u famous

ariana 4 years ago

I want tips on how you can become famous by acting

heaven 4 years ago

i wantto be a famous singer and acter

kennidy 4 years ago

somebody give me tips so i can dance

Talia 4 years ago

I wanna be famous so I can sing and dance with them

emily 3 years ago

i rather dance

sarah 3 years ago

i want to be a politician. i have always loved being some part of this world instead of being nothing to this world

Donovon 3 years ago

I'll write a book

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