How about a French Kiss?

French Kiss

French kiss.. the French way
French kiss.. the French way

People kiss because they are trying to satisfy a hunger within them, a hunger that is as natural as the need for food. It is the hunger for passion and the need to touch someone else, to wrap your arms around the one you love that drives two lovers to each other. This craving for human contact is instinctive. It comes naturally and cannot be taught.


Four Vedic Sanskrit texts written in India around 1500 B.C. describe people kissing, and this is one of the earliest known examples of kissing in literature. Statues made roughly around the same time depicted kisses - Khajuraho India, Chitragupta Temple - The Kiss - c.1000. The Indian epic "Mahabharata" describes kissing on the lips as a sign of affection. The "Mahabharata" was passed down orally for several hundred years before being written down and standardized around 350 A.D. The Indian religious text the "Kama Sutra", written in the 6th century A.D by Vatsyayana, also describes a variety of kisses.


Of all the kisses the most popular should be the French kiss. A French kiss is a passionate romantic or sexual kiss in which one participant's tongue touches the other's tongue (or lips) and usually enters his/her mouth. It can be of different types. When a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own, but does not herself do anything, it is called the 'nominal kiss'. When a girl, setting aside her bashfulness a little, wishes to touch the lip that is pressed into her mouth, and with that object moves her lower lip, but not the upper one, it is called the 'throbbing kiss'. When a girl touches her lover's lip with her tongue, and having shut her eyes, places her hands on those of her lover, it is called the 'touching kiss'.


Notable public 'French kisses' include that shared by music icon Madonna, and Britney Spears at MTV's 20th annual Video Music Awards in 2008. The 1994 Chinese film Impetuous Fire caused controversy amongst some Chinese viewers for a kiss between Chinese-American actor Tim Chang and actress Sandy Wu.

Because of the intimacy associated with it, in many regions of the world tongue kissing in public is not acceptable to most, particularly for an extended time. It could be a wonder that in the land of Kamasutra, India, it will be rarest of rare to see such a public intimate expression.


One thing is for sure. Kissing will always liven up the things. Try this: the next time you are in an oh-so-boring meeting that seems to last oh-so-forever, why not just kiss somebody. Go ahead; try it. See how it changes the scene!

So keep kissing. 


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    French kiss.. made in India

    French kiss.. Indian style
    French kiss.. Indian style

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