How does technology effect a movie's success?

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Tech in movies

A great deal of movies owe their success to evolving technologies in the movie business. Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time owes its success due to the rising popularity of 3d movies. For some reason movies with well written story lines such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are rare. Movies like The Matrix and Avatar rely on technology such as 3d and CGI to attract movie fans.

Lord of the Rings is one example of a well written movie. In this three movie journey, a dwarf is assigned to the task of destroying a ring that could ruin the world. Watching The Lord of the Rings in order is important to fully comprehend what's going on. This is because it's really part 1-3 rather than three separate movies. However, this is what makes this movie so great and popular. While it does have cool special effects, it's popular because of how well written it is.

Harry Potter is another example of a great movie that doesn't rely on special effects for popularity. The Harry Potter order like LOTR is important because it's a continuing story. Each movie examines a year of Harry's life in Hogwarts. During this decade long saga you grow to learn many things about each character and watch them all grow old.

Avatar, is one of those movies that strictly relies on technology to attract viewers. The novelty of 3d caused many people to flock to the theaters to see this high grossing movie. However, Avatar doesn't fully rely on 3d, it's plot is good in its own right. Previous movies failed to do what Avatar did because they were relying way too much on 3d to bring viewers in.

When it comes down to it, technology does play a huge role in the popularity of movies. However, you still need a decent movie behind all the special effects for you to have a box office hit. Movies like Avatar, The Matrix, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings are all perfect examples of this phenomenon.

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