How to Shop on Ebay: Getting the Best Deals

How to shop on ebay

Ebay sellers sell merchandise at a very high and very low price. You could be saving serious money if you follow this very simple guide. Check out what I mean from the picture below. The 27 people who spent 107 dollars on a pair of plastic eye glasses could have gotten the exact same thing from a different seller for about 2 dollars. A person who bought a laptop for 314 dollars could have bought it from another seller for 80 dollars.

Knowing how to shop is a basic money saving skill

Same product as the above, but 50X cheaper
Same product as the above, but 50X cheaper
Same product as above but 3X cheaper
Same product as above but 3X cheaper

Step 1

Type in what you want into the search bar

Step 2

After entering your search item, there will be a box on the left that allows you to enter the minimum and maximum price range. Enter the price range which you can afford.

I suggest you set the maximum price very low and move up if it doesn't satisfy your needs.

Step 3

You can also sort listings by price. To get the best value, I suggest selecting Price + Shipping Lowest First.

Step 4

You are left with very low auction prices. 

Step 5

To get the cheapest But it Now prices, click on the buy it now button, and you're left with listing that can be bought instantly at the lowest possible price

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Doctor Kristy profile image

Doctor Kristy 5 years ago from Australia

I found your screenshots fascinating, and have no idea why those people didn't do more research and buy cheaper. Perhaps they thought it was too good to be true?

Anyway, very good advice.

NathanielZhu profile image

NathanielZhu 5 years ago from Virginia Beach Author

Thanks. I guess people just confused.

I know a few years ago when I first started shopping on ebay, I didn't know all the basic features either.

Yamile 2 years ago

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