How to Get Tickets to Hells Kitchen Restaurant

Hell's Kitchen is one of Chef Ramsey's most popular TV shows.
Hell's Kitchen is one of Chef Ramsey's most popular TV shows.

Hells Kitchen is one of the hottest TV show in town. Not only is it fun to watch on TV, but to actually be a guest in the restaurant is even better. Many people would love a chance to actually attend a taping of the show and get a chance to see the action up close, hear Chef Ramsey swear, and have a great meal…if you’re lucky. There is a lot of confusion about how to get tickets to Hells Kitchen Restaurant. Don’t be drawn in to ticket scams. Tickets to be on the show are only available from Fox Broadcasting or by invitation, AND, real tickets to the show cost you nothing.

Only One Place to Go.

Sign up for Hells Kitchen Online

Sign up online by going to the Type in "Hells Kitchen" in the search and it will get you to the Hells Kitchen website. The Reservations section is at the bottom of the page. Click on "Reservations." This will take you to an email link to request tickets. Send in your name and address even if this season is already full, and no more Hell's Kitchentickets are available. They like to have names on a back-up list just in case someone cancels. You must be an LA area resident to be considered for a last minute fill-in.

Sign Up for Hells Kitchen Restaurant by Mail

Send a request for tickets though the mail to: Fox Broadcasting Company, Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213, ATTN: Hells Kitchen Reservation Tickets. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so they can return it with your tickets.

Is the Drama on Hell's Kitchen Fabricated or Real?

There is lots of drama on the show, and sometimes chefs who are really obnoxious seem to stay on longer than their skill should allow. Do you think Gordon does this on purpose to keep the drama high?

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Would you go to Hells Kitchen if you had the chance?

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Delicious Food at Hell's Kitchen


Using the Show for Inspiration

Why do you like watching Hell's Kitchen....or other cooking shows? I am inspired by them. The chefs are so creative and are able to come up with the most amazing dishes...even when they are only given limited ingredients. My husband used to remark (when we were dating) that he was always amazed at how I could go through the pantry and fridge and come up with a meal, even when he thought there wasn't anything in there. I don't think I would ever want my own skill put the test by Gordon Ramsey, but watching the chefs on the show inspires me to stay creative and try new things. If you enjoy this kind of creative cooking, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Yanina Lopez 2 years ago

My partner loves your show, records every season, I have learned to loved all the drama but the most important thing is your food. I would to take her to finally taste your food.

Brenda Hicks 2 years ago

My Husband and I love your show . If given the chance , we would be so grateful to attend Hell's Kitchen for dinner .

Tonya Anderson-McKelly 2 years ago

The experience of dining in Hell's Kitchen would be a dream come true! The food in the kitchen is Art.

Tonya Anderson-McKelly 2 years ago

The experience of dining in Hell's Kitchen would be a dream come true! The food in the kitchen is Art.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 2 years ago

Don't think I could deal with the pseudo stress of watching them make sausage in public.

Mr. George 2 years ago

I would love the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend at Hell's Kitchen... We have been together for 5 years and I am just waiting for the perfect time and location. Hell's Kitchen is our favorite show. It seems impossible to get in there, unless you know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that is next door neighbors with Gordon...

Shawna Dasilva 2 years ago

I live for the excitement Hell's Kitchen delivers. I like to see the progression of the up and coming chefs and I am always happy to see Chef Ramsay in action. To be honored to dine there is a dream of mine.

jade hughes 2 years ago

I need two tickets because my dad loves your show and I want to take him to your restaurant for his birthday present

Bre Pittman 2 years ago

My husband and I are big fans of the show. Wow!! its so exciting to watch, and the food looks so good. I have followed the show since the first show. It would be great to see Gordan Ramsey. I hope to get tickets and enjoy a dinner at the Hell's Kitchen Restaurant. We do live in the Los Angeles area.

Natali babiyans 2 years ago

I am a huge fan if this show! Gordan Ramsey is such an inspiration to me! I't would be an honor to eat their food and watch the teams compete! Plus my boyfriend and I live 5 min away in DTLA!

Robin 2 years ago

My fiancée and I are getting married 12/13/14. And going to California for our honeymoon. We love your show. We would live to be on Hells kitchen that would be a wonderful gift to each other.

Rosanne 2 years ago

Me and my husband would love to go to the restaurant

Aimee 2 years ago

If I lived in l.a would definitely be putting my name down love Gordon Ramsey love hells kitchen. Never miss a series. My son wants to be a chef I say aslong as your like Gordon Ramsey. Successful.

Wendy byl 2 years ago

I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay

Stephanie Glenn 2 years ago

My husband is a retired vet and enjoys your show .i would love to surprise him with tickets for your show.thank you stephanie Glenn

Jim Bean 2 years ago

My wife and I are huge fans. It would mean so much for me to get tickets for my wife. She does so much for me and if I could get her to be a guest on this great show then that would be wonderful. This show is our time to relax and be together as we watch Gordon Ramsey "teach" the contestants. Thank you.

michelle clifford 2 years ago

Plz send me tickets. My husband watches everything you have. He has never done anything like this. He is just an ol' southeren boy. But would LOVE to come to your show. Thank you for your time

Tamara Hernandez 2 years ago

I love the show. My husband and I dont miss a show. Im very picky when it comes to food and its always a chore to find food that is cook right. Exspecaily after going through stomacke cancer. Watching Chef Ramsey makes me feel good, that it isn't me being picky, but its that of the cook.

Please send me tickets It would be such an honer to be selected to eat at Hells Kitchen. Chef Ramsey I cant say enough about you your amazing.

Lela M. Hall 2 years ago

My son and I love to watch Hell's Kitchen!! Although we are good latter day saints (Mormon) so my son refers to it as "Heck's Kitchen". He has been serving a 2 year mission in NJ. He will return home in September 2014. I would love to surprise him with tickets!!

JUSTIN HOLMAN 2 years ago






trusouldj 3 years ago

I like Hell's Kitchen, but prefer MasterChef.

Linda Thomas 3 years ago

I adore Hell's Kitchen. Would love an opportunity to be at Hell's Kitchen. I watch the show constantly. Totally love the show and concept. Want a reservation!!!

Brandi Kay Please 3 years ago

Looking for tickets (2) for my 25th wedding anniversary January 2015. I'm planning a three week road trip visiting Kitchen Nightmare places and would LOVE to finish off strong with Hells Kitchen. This would be better than the dream cruise to Fiji!!!

Jennifer 3 years ago

My mother passed away before I could get tickets to Hell's Kitchen it was her dream and now I am gonna keep trying so that I can for fill her dream my husband and I would love tickets to the show I have all the seasons on DVD and watch them all the time all time favorite is Nona season 8

Traci 3 years ago

I would love to surprise my husband for his 50th bday with going to eat at the Hells Kitchen he always say he wants to eat there, maybe next season he cold be one of the lucky one to get tickets to this fabulist show.

Danni 3 years ago

It states on here to go to the website for reservations and to sign up for tickets online, but I can't find a website.

Tina Williams 3 years ago

I am such a fan, and so is my entire family. My husband works in Nashville and we live in Oklahoma so I feel like I am a single mom most of the time with my two boys. We never miss a show, we also DVR them all just to make sure we don't miss them. Love it and Love Chef Ramsey! It would be an honor to be selected for tickets to eat in Hell's Kitchen.

I will send in my request with my self addressed stamped envelope and wait to see if I get a response. Anxiously awaiting my chance.....

Cynde Rusnak 3 years ago

need two tickets

Cinthia Hunt 3 years ago

I've tried before to get tickets and no such luck ! I watch your show every season and all of his other shows love the chief ! I would love love to see it in person and I can handle the swearing to boot !!! Please let me see the action in person next season !! Cinthia Hunt

sammie LINGLE 3 years ago

i would love to have tickets for the show next season.

StuffYouLike profile image

StuffYouLike 3 years ago from Georgia

Wish I lived in the LA area. Great Hub, Thanks.

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