How to Learn a New Guitar Song

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar
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Basic Knowledge of Chord Progression and Guitar Tablature

Learning to play a song on the guitar is not as difficult as it might seem; however as with any other particular skill, learning to play a guitar song necessitates some basic musical knowledge. A basic knowledge of chord progressions, tablature and styles and rythms can help you learn any guitar song with ease.

When trying to learn a guitar song from a famous artist or band, it is important to have listened to that song repeatedly, so that the rythm and beat of that song gets recorded inside your brain. This will allow you to learn the song easily.

It would be more profitable if you play a bit of the song at a time, and then gradually learn more bits of it until you´ve learned the entire song. If you can, try to reproduce the song, so you can get a feel of the rhythm.

Play Back the Song

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Practice Tips for Guitar Playing

Having said this, the first step at learning a guitar song is to first listen to it several times with the purpose of getting acquainted with the style and rythm of the song. Next, you´ll have to learn how to read guitar music tablatures. Reading music on guitar tablatures is the easiest way to play a guitar song. Finally, the practice of the guitar song will produce the song you´re trying to learn how to play.

How Do You Learn a Guitar Song?

Wanting to learn a guitar song, does not come alone. It´s a requirement to hear the song several times until it captures your senses. After having listened to the song several times. You can either, try to play the song by ear or learn to read guitar tablature, which is a way in which most guitarrists play their favorite songs.

It is very effective if you listen to your favorite song many times. It is also effective if you tap the song with your feet of your fingers while listening to it, so as to learn the beat and rythm patterns.

Rythm on the Guitar

Guitar Rhytm
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How to Choose a Guitar Song?

You may have already in mind some favorite tunes that you like to listen to often. Choose one song that you enjoy listening at. It will be easier to learn to play that song. For the purpose of this hub, I chose a song that I listened to very often this past Christmas season. I liked this song a lot, such that I can still remember it. The name of the song is; ¨Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.¨ It´s a Christmas song that you may probably recognize, as well.

This song uses a three chords progression; F, C and B. Over these chords, the melody is structured. The song may be played using other chords, depending on which tonality you want to play it. I chose to play it on the tonality of F major.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tablature








Repeat from the start.......

What is a Tablature?

Reading your favorite song on a guitar tablature will help you learn the guitar song easily and fast. On a guitar tablature, you can read the fingering notes on the guitar. A tablature usually consists of six horizontal lines, each one of them corresponding to one string on the guitar.

On the horizontal lines, a tablature shows the numbers of the frets on the guitar where you shoud place your finger while playing a certain song. Many popular songs have been transcribed to tablature musical notation. All you have to do is look for your favorite guitar song in tablature notation and start playing.

The following are some of the most easy to learn guitar songs. You probably have listened to most of them, as they have been played on the radio, then and now. They can be played on the acoustic guitar. Most of the songs can be played using open chords (E, A, D, G, C and F), which are some of the most basic ones.

Songs You can Practice on the Guitar

Wonderful tonight
Let it be
Horse with no name
Have you ever seen the rain
One of this nights
Man on the moon

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Just knew I would find something on here to get the music to the song I wrote last tuesday!!!! TY TY TY TY for the great Hub for all of us struggling to write and do the music for a song too.

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I've always wanted to play the guitar but never go the opportunity. Hoe I will someday. Thanks for these tips. I can already play the keyboard.

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That´s good! It´s never too late to begin. I´ve always wanted to play the keyboard.

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