How to Make a Political Cartoon


Political cartoons, also called editorial cartoons are a form of art that conveys a particular message or idea unto the literate world. It usually comes with a political jargon or a slogan. Making political cartoon is a task that needs a twisted yet witty mind. Here’s how to do it:

1. Do a research. Brainstorm on ideas that you want to reflect unto your political cartoon. Watch the news, read the newspapers and take notes on the ideas thst interest you.

2. Once you’ve chosen a specific subject, ask then yourself on which side are you. Scribble words that reflect your ideas regarding the said topic. Te more words the better because this will help you generate a picture once you started drawing.

3. Choose the medium you prefer to use. The traditional ones are using prints however you may use a digital art. Just make sure that you know how to go about with Adobe Photoshop.

4. Look into some works of the famous political cartoonist so that you can get an idea on how to go about your own work. Some of the famous political cartoonists are John Fischetti, Pat Oliphat, Bill Mauldin, Herblock and many more; just simply surf the internet to know more. In the long run, you will develop your own style.

5. Start drawing your idea. Base your idea from the words you’ve scribbled earlier. Draw the things and ideas that instantly come to mind when reading the different words. See to it also that your sketch shows symbolism and not just a plain picture. You may also insert humor unto it and twist it around to have a better output. Play around your sketch and have fun while doing it.

6. When you are done, look at your work and analyze. Political cartoons must be understandable at the same time mind bugling. This will allow your audience to really think and scrutinize your work to get the idea that you are trying to convey.

7. Once you are already satisfied with your work, do the final touches and effects. You may add different colors and shading to bring the idea to life. This will also enhance the total picture which can help in enticing readers to take a look at your work. Somehow, the different colors and shading is the element that draws people’s attention at first glance.

8. Add then a catchy, symbolic and creative title to your work.

9. You may transfer your final output to a Unishade Graphix paper with embedded cross hatching. For thick lines, you may use India ink . Pencils and light pens are discouraged because they are not dark enough when being photocopied.

Special Considerations:

The whole point of making a political cartoon is to make the audience ponder upon the idea that you are trying to present. SO make sure to draw a picture that can twist their brain and leave an effect on their minds.

Symbolism is an important factor that needs to be reflected in your work.

In choosing a medium, make sure that you know how to go about it so that you can totally express yourself through it.

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