How to Play the Guitar for Newbies

How to Learn to Play Guitar

You are very excited for today is the day that you have decided that you will be starting to learn to play guitar. It has been a dream of yours to play the guitar ever since you were younger but you never really got around to it for some reason. Now that you are willing and able, let us start your process in learning to play the guitar and get you playing some sweet music.

Before anything else, you need to think if you are 100% willing to learn to play guitar. It will need time and effort on your part and if you lack determination, chances are, you will be quitting at the first sign of struggle. So you really need to think about it before you start investing on a guitar and your guitar lessons.

Now, if you decide to push through to learn to play guitar the first thing to do is get a guitar of your own. If you are saving up, you can use an old guitar and just change the strings and re-tune it. But it is better to buy your own guitar since you can pick what style and size you want. Your guitar should make you feel comfortable when you are playing it and if you prefer a specific guitar to play, you better use that when you are starting to play guitar.

If you have your guitar now, then it’s time to start learning. You may choose to buy your own guitar guide or you can look it up in the Internet. There are many online tutorials that can help you and there are also instructional videos that you can follow step by step. You can try if the online teaching methods will work for you but if it doesn’t, you can always enroll for some guitar lessons that may help you start out.

It is important that you give time for your classes and also give time for you to practice alone. With guitar lessons, you won’t spend the time practicing there but the teacher will just get you acquainted with the basic notes and techniques. Your success will lie on how much your practice. You know the famous line “Practice makes perfect” right? This is very true and will be very applicable to your guitar lessons. So if you really want to learn to play guitar, you will need to put effort and time and be determined to improve every day.

Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: Knowing How to Play the Guitar

Getting started in a beginner’s guitar lessons class can’t help but get you excited.  This is because a guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments you can lean.  However, similar to all the other instruments, learning to play the guitar requires a lot of hard work and patience.  To master the skill you will need to practice and practice a lot.  One of the first things to do when in a beginner’s class is to know which hand to use when playing the guitar.  It does not always happen that if a person writes with his left hand, then he will also strum the guitar with his left hand as well.  You will be using both your hands, one for strumming and the other to remain on the fret board. Knowing which hand to use will help you realign or reposition the strings if necessary.

Another step in a beginner’s guitar lessons class is to make yourself comfortable in holding the guitar.  You should have a general feel of what it can do and how it works.  For beginners, try regular tapping, strumming and the like.  And because this is your first time, you should focus first on the sound. You are not expected to thing about or worry about how your hands or fingers are positioned.  What is important at this stage is familiarity and practice.  The more you practice, the more you become familiar with everything.

When taking a beginners guitar lessons class, try reading about guitars as much as you can.  Try practicing at home with short and simple notes.  Guitar tabs comes in highly recommended for beginners because they are the easiest to read with diagrams that show where notes are and where fingers are positioned.  Try imagining the tabs as the guitar strings and the numbers are where you place your fingers.  When playing a song, this is where your fingers should be found.

As they say, practice makes perfect.  This is the best quote that is very applicable to guitar lessons, or when learning any other musical instrument.  The more time to spend in practicing, the faster you will learn. Playing a guitar requires skill and constant practice.    You are like most beginners, it is expected that you will not know where to start.  There are lots of many choices for beginner’s guitar lessons out there for you to choose from.  It can get confusing, but with a little perseverance, you’ll be playing the guitar in no time. You cannot work on this alone so you should enroll in a beginner’s guitar lessons class to be your guide.

How to Play Guitar for Newbies

Classical Guitar Course: Traditional Music Taught Online

A classical guitar course is a very interesting genre in guitar playing.  Classical music hase been around for centuries, as compared to jazz, rock or country music.  It is interesting to remember that the greatest musicians of all time, Beethoven, Mozart, and Handel all played classical music and created masterpieces that we today enjoy.  Now if these masterpieces were played using a guitar? This would make for a very interesting classical guitar course.

The advancement in technology has made teaching and learning guitar easy with online application classes. There are lots of other programs in guitar playing.  The only difference with a real kind of guitar teaching course is that you are able to see the techniques up close.  And for those who prefer to be taught online, it is best that you choose from among the many online guitar learning sessions of a program that suits the classical playing kind of style.  In doing this, try reading forums or blogs of those who have participated in several courses.  Any online program will always mention something about positive feedback.  And this is what you should watch out for.

When learning a classical guitar course through an online program, make sure that the teacher is someone who is knowledgeable in the field.  While most instructors will teach you the same thing, it is mostly what he does not teach you that matters.  

What makes learning how to play the guitar online an advantageous is that it is made within the comforts of your own home. You have your own schedule to follow and you dictate the day and time you want to start a lesson. A reliable company will allow you to download the program into your home computer so you can go over the lessons anytime. This makes repeating the lessons easier and much faster depending on your pace. The faster you are and the more disciplined you are in practicing, the better you will become with guitar playing.

Do remember that practice is the key and it is in practicing that makes you excel in this skill. Mastering any kind of instrument is fast as long as you have the perseverance and patience to learn. You have a lot of choices and your decision will help make or break your goal of becoming an expert guitar player one day. This can be achieved as long as you concentrate on your classical guitar course today.

Classical Guitar Lesson

Blues Guitar Course: Following the Footsteps of Your Idols

Enrolling in a blues guitar course would have you on your way to following your idols like BB King, Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters. These legends have made music a part of everyone’s lives. Their music has touched the lives of countless people, giving them a sense of wonder and entertainment. This particular brand of music takes a lot of effort to learn. You must first learn the basics in order for you to progress in learning the blues. You should also choose the method of delivery such as acoustic or electric guitar.

The first thing that you should know about the blues guitar course is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become good at it. A lot of these blues legends spent years of practice in order for them to become what they are now. Try and look for a good teacher to teach you how to play the blues. The person who you should find should be an accomplished guitar player who has years of experience in playing the blues. There are many instructional DVD’s that have such personalities who teach others to play the blues.

For a DVD on blues guitar course, it must be continuous video, not short segments. It must also have a close up of the fingers while the instructor is playing. This will give you an in depth view of the action of the fingers which would benefit you greatly during your practice. The video should also include slow motion replay in order for you to follow what they are doing. It is best if you practice while you are viewing the video so that you would be able to get a better idea on what they are talking about.

Learning how to play the blues using an instructional DVD is a better option than downloading it from the net. Oftentimes, videos from the internet lack the high quality that is found in DVD’s. Try to listen to the verbal instructions since they would let you know of the proper way to position your fingers and the right way to accomplish riffs. With high quality video from a DVD, you would also be able to discern the right strings that are used when they play the chords. It is important that you take note of these details in order for you to succeed in learning the blues guitar course.

How to Play Acoustic Guitar: Using the Right Approach

Learning how to play acoustic guitar can be a great way for you to express yourself. Some find it hard to put in to words just how they are feeling; they would often resort to music in order to let others know just what they feel inside. Having an instrument such as a guitar to aid you would be great in complimenting your song. You would be able to pour out your heart and soul in your song to be able to truly express how you feel.

The right approach is needed in order for you to be able to play the guitar correctly. There are no shortcuts that can help on how to play an acoustic guitar since it takes time to learn the proper way to play it. You cannot learn this in a single day. It takes time and patience to play the guitar correctly. The truth is a lot of successful guitar players have been practicing for years before they were able to truly master their instrument. Even if you master playing a guitar, there is always something new for you to learn.

The first thing you have to do on learning how to play acoustic guitar is the parts of the guitar. Learn the purpose of each part and what it does when you play. By learning this, you would be able to make corrections on the tune of the guitar when you play. Another thing you must do when learning how to play is the chords. The chords are the most important thing to master. Learn each chord separately, don’t rush it. After you have mastered one chord, move on to the next. This is how you will succeed in playing a song on your guitar.

Once you have mastered each chord, you will be able to practice playing a song. It takes time to fully master a single song. Take your time and know that the first time would not be perfect. Constant practice is needed in learning how to play an acoustic guitar. Soon you will find that it is becoming easier to play the chords without stopping to look at the music sheet. Your strumming would come naturally as you become more familiar with your instrument. With more practice, you would soon be able to influence others with your music. It is one of the benefits of learning how to play acoustic guitar.

What You Need to Know to Play Electric Guitar

In order for you to play electric guitar professionally, you will be expected to learn a few things first.  The basic things you should know about electric guitar playing are the following:  an amplifier, the guitar pick, the amplifier cord, and most importantly, the electric guitar itself.  Learning how to appreciate electric guitar playing can be achieved as long as you have a working knowledge of what these are and how they work. 

The standard electric guitar comes in a lot of variations.  There is the bass guitar, the plain electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, the electric acoustic guitar and several others more.  Each of these guitars has their own characteristics and unique qualities.  A simple electric guitar is best played using an amplifier because of the tune which will help enhance the guitar sound as well as define the riffs even more.

What makes electric guitars different from the standard guitars is that it features several buttons that are used for music adjustment.  These buttons include: a three volume and tone button specifically for adjusting the volume and sound quality of the guitar, the pickup switch that is used for the purpose of magnifying sounds, and the tremolo which is a steel bar that is connected to the electric guitar’s bridge.  If you move this up and down, the pitch of the bridge will get altered and you will have sounds with different pitches.

In order for you to play the guitar more efficiently, it is best that you have your own electric guitar where you can keep on practicing.  Besides the chords, the tabs and the notes, you will also want to learn solo guitar riffs and guitar scales.  You will be able to learn this as soon as you use all the frets thereby creating a more rhythmic tune perfect for those solos.

Another method you should take note of when you want to play electric guitar is the major and the minor scales, including the chromatic sales, the pentatonic scales, as well as their inversions.  The third note is the only thing that differentiates the major from the minor notes.  This note adds more upbeat and darker tones to both the major and minor notes.  Familiarizing yourself with these two scales will help you realize how different they are with the third scale.  Knowing how to play electric guitar is easy as long as you have the drive to learn and enhance your knowledge in the skill.

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