How to Prank a Pizza Delivery Guy

Do you like pulling pranks on unsuspecting people and putting it on film? It can be very tricky. If you try this in a drug store or a supermarket, the store manager will probably take exception to your hijinks and ask you to turn your camera off. Believe me, I know!

One of the safest ways to make a hilarious video is to pull a prank on an unsuspecting guy or girl delivering your pizza. Follow these steps, and you too can have some fun!

1. Know what you are going to do.

This must be done prior to you calling to order your pizza. Brainstorm with your friends and discuss what you will do to make the pizza delivery guy's visit memorable.

2. Rehearse.

Have one of your friends pretend to delivery pizza at your door. Interact with your friend as if it was the real thing. Film this, and adjust the lighting and camera as needed. Repeat until you have everything just right.  Also, have your cameras hidden or in the back of the room so your victim won't know what's going on.

3. Call and order your pizza.

Place your order. At this point just pretend to be a regular customer ordering a pizza. If you have a female with a sexy voice in your crew, have her order it.


No matter how long the pizza takes, make sure you are ready to film in 15 to 20 minutes from the time your ordered.  When the pizza arrives, make it a night the person delivering your pizza will NEVER forget! Be in the moment, and be prepared to improv.  Try not to laugh - this will be VERY difficult, but your prank will be more effective if your victim has no idea that it is a joke.

5. Enjoy Your Victory.

After the pizza guy/girl leaves, laugh and enjoy your pizza.

6. Finish your work.

Edit your video and then show it off to everybody. Upload it on the Internet, and then use email and social networking sites so your friends and everyone else can enjoy it.

Here is our first attempt at pranking a pizza delivery guy.  We didn't follow all of these steps perfectly, but it is still hilarious.  I wrote this article five days after we filmed.  In the next prank we do, we are going to follow the steps of this article, and make the next film even better than the first!  In the meantime, enjoy our video!

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