How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse - 10 Essential Rules!

Over 6 billion humans once dominated this planet, but now the zombies are the dominant species. It started out with one or two individuals being infected with an unknown virus, but this spread rapidly from person to person, town to town, city to city across country borders and eventually worldwide. The sheer volume of zombies outweighed the world’s military forces and civilians until there were only a few million survivors left. The reason these survivors are alive is because they read the following Rules on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Rule No. 1 - Do NOT get Bitten, Scratched or Exchange Bodily Fluids

  • Zombie Bites: Those nasty zombie mouths are virus ridden and will infect you with one bite.
  • Zombie Scratch: A scratch can still infect you but will take longer for the virus to spread.
  • Zombie Bodily Fluids: When I say don’t exchange bodily fluids I’m not referring to what you think you dirty minded people. Do not get zombie saliva, blood or other bodily fluids in contact with your mouth, eye or nasal passageways. More than likely you are screwed if this happens.

Zombie Bite Cure: Quickly chop off body part containing the zombie bite immediately, before the virus has a chance to spread. Same goes for Zombie Scratch.


Rule No. 2 - Find Food, Water and Shelter

  • Food and Water: You will need to travel light with a simple backpack packed with a few days supply of as many non perishables as possible. Focus on bringing mostly bottled water as water will keep you alive longer than food plus it being bottled means that there is less chance of it being contaminated by the zombie virus.

  • Shelter: No shelter you find is permanent and you should never become comfortable at present, always be on guard. Never turn on lights, light candles or make any noise.

Rule No. 3 - Do NOT Travel at Night

  • Only Travel during daylight hours! Our vision is useless at night and our perceptions are altered, plus now during this zombie apocalypse there is no electricity to power the street lights.

Rule No. 4 - WEAPONS! ALWAYS aim for the HEAD

  • A Low Weight Gun with Plenty of Ammo: At times when you are surrounded and cornered by zombies a gun comes in handy. Make sure not to panic, carefully aim at you zombie opponent’s heads and fire head shots with your gun. Guns make lots of noise so this method is only for last minute and dangerously precarious scenarios. Make sure to exit the vicinity at a quick and quietly.
  • Baseball Bat: This weapon will be used a lot, is effective and never runs out of ammo. Make sure to only make head shots with the baseball bat and try to ensure you are wearing suitable eye protection while using the baseball bat. Blood and fluid splatters are common with this method and you do not want bodily fluid contact as mentioned in the Rule No. 1.
  • Machete: Great weapon that’s requires no ammo and is nice and sharp, great for chopping off heads.

Rule No. 5 - Leave the City, Town and Populated Areas

  • Towns and Cities contain thousands to millions of inhabitants, respectively, and now these individuals are zombies. The more zombies there are, the more likely you’ll become one of them. Stock up on your essentials and leave for the countryside.
  • Bicycles are great for leaving these populated areas without making too much noise, they also require no fuel!

Rule No. 6 - Wear Suitable Attire

  • Good Running Boots: When the whole city or town is covered with mindless but determined zombies running will be essential at some point. Now generally the zombies just wander around seeming so lethargic, but when they spot a victim, a.k.a. YOU, they can run just as fast or even faster than you as their sense of pain is non existent. They will probably be able to run for longer periods of time as well.
  • Durable, Waterproof and Breathable Clothing: Clothing must be durable to possibly protect you from the commonplace zombie bites, waterproof so that zombie fluids won’t seep through onto existing bodily cuts and breathable as at times you may be running for long periods of time – Don’t want any heat exhaustion do we!
  • Keep eye goggles on hand just in case things get messy when cutting zombie heads off.

Rule No. 7 – Be Aware of your Surroundings, Alert and Always Listen Carefully

  • Even if an area seems safe always remind yourself to be sceptical, you should never feel safe until you ARE safe. The zombies are everywhere and exist in their millions if not billions.
  • Always listen carefully: Turn your hearing aid on and to the T position, zombies will creep up on any unsuspecting individual with stealth quietness and without the victim even hearing anything.


Rule No. 8 – Safety in Numbers

  • Safety in Numbers: Is a rule of thumb during the zombie apocalypse. Now when I say numbers I do NOT mean huge numbers, just a group of about 3-8 people. While you sleep a member of your new anti-zombie survival team can keep an eye out and ensure you and you new shelter is secure.
  • Also let’s say there are 5 people in your team, you then only have a 1 in 5 chance of being eaten or bitten by a zombie compared to your very high probability of this is you are a lone traveller.

Rule No. 9 – Find a Safe and Livable Place to Stay

  • Supermarket: The perfect place to stay would be on the 2nd floor of a fully stocked supermarket with at max 2 entrances/exits. One of the entrances/exits, for example a stairs, could be knocked down somehow and the remaining entrance/exit could be highly barricaded. I say barricaded and not knocked down as sometime in the future you may want to leave the supermarket.
  • This supermarket should be located in a relatively safe place away from large towns or cities and should keep you alive until the zombie apocalypse is over….well hopefully.
  • The supermarket should contain many non perishables such as canned foods which can last for years and obviously plenty of water.


Rule No. 10 – Keep Yourself Sane and Entertained and be Patient

  • You may be waiting days, weeks, months, or years, but always keep yourself entertained and sane. The supermarket your hiding in should have many things to do to keep you active and occupied, plus it’s a massive bonus if you have survivors living with you. Always be patient as more than likely you will be waiting a long long time…

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