How to make and edit photos or pictures using MICROSOFT PAINT - MS Paint - Making photos and pictures without a Camera

Most of us like to add photos in between our articles or hubs. If that photo is something from outside your computer, like Nature or your puppy, then it should be first shoot by a camera and need to get uploaded into the computer from the camera. But sometimes, we want to add the photos of our own webpage or someone else or something which is already available in the Internet. In that case, you don’t need a camera to make the pictures.

Here is the step by step instruction of making and editing pictures using MS Paint.

Step 1

Let us say, you want to add a photo of your blog in the middle of your article or hub, which explains the concept of your blog. Of course, description of a blog looks more effective when you add a photo along with that. So, to do that, first open your blog in the browser by typing its URL.

Step 2

You will find a button named “Prt Sc” in your computer or laptop keyboard. It generally lies in the area of the buttons like Home, Page UP and Page Down. Press the “Prt Sc” button once.

Step 3

Now go to your start menu in the computer. Click on the Paint menu to open the MS Paint.

Step 4

The latest MS Paint page looks as below. Press Ctrl V to paste the image of your blog. Alternatively, you can do it by going to Edit à Paste menu in the paint as shown in the picture below.

Step 5

Now your Blog will appear. Press Ctrl S to save the image. The other option is to go to File à Save option and save it as a file.

While saving the image, the default file extension of MS Paint would come as .PNG where as you can save it as even JPEG file as it is more compatible. So, now you can save the file in your computer as my_blog.jpg

Now let us learn the art of editing an existing file. Let us say, you have now produced the image of your blog. But you don’t want the entire blog to appear. You just want a portion of the blog image. To do that, the “SELECT” button of the MS Paint will help you.

It helps to select the required portion of the image alone.

Step 6

Click on Select button and then select the portion you required by holding the right button of your mouse and dragging it to select the required area. You can see the rectangle box around the portion of my blog, which I have selected. Press Ctrl + C or alternatively go to Edit à Copy

Step 7

Open a new Paint File, by doing the same step as in step 3. Go to start menu and open.

Step 8

Now press Ctrl V or Edit à Paste (same as step 4) to paste the selected part of the blog and again save it with a new name (to avoid losing the original picture). Now you will see the image as below.

Now, do you wish to add some comments or text in the image, to explain something as I did in step 3 saying “Click the Paint Button“ ? Then the “Text” option will help you.

Step 9

Click on the symbol “A” as shown in the image. After that place your mouse in the picture location where you want to add the comments and double click. This will open a rectangle box as shown in the same image. Start typing your comment in that box. Once when finished, save the file.

Step 10

If you wish to insert some images like arrow, circle or some other shapes, then use the shape buttons. Just click on the shape you wish to draw and then go to the location where you want to draw and do it. Also, you can change the color of the images (you can see my circles are red in color, where ever I have used it) by clicking on the color you want in the color palette option.

Other Useful Tips

Tip 1. You if press “Prt Sc” button alone, then the entire image of your screen will appear in the picture. I mean, all the other details like what other sites you have opened, what are the sites you are browsing may look as below (Shown in red circle at the bottom of the image).

Most of us don’t like this option of showing all details. So you can avoid this by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Prt Sc. That is, hold Alt and Ctrl buttons too, before pressing Prt Sc

Tip 2.

Sometimes, we like to hide few details alone from the screen as I have shown in the below image, where I have blacked out the details of page impressions, but shown the amount received so far.

To do that, first draw a rectangle over that area, by clicking on the rectangle button in the shapes tool. Then click the fill button and select “Solid Color” and fill the rectangle with the color you wish.

I guess these tips are more than enough for now. Slowly you can develop by learning and discovering on your own, once when you feel comfort using the tool - MS Paint.

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Michael Dadona 6 years ago

I pressed the facebook "like" button and retweeted your article as my pay to your excellent write up completely with lucid explanations as I implemented the steps given and it really worked.

I mean that your shared steps are feasible and pragmatic seems easy guide for a non-techie or computer savvy to read, understand, follow, and implement it while on tab-to-tab in the same web browser.

This is the beauty of quality sharing (my personal opinion) from your web article publication. Hope in immediate future, more shares from you as this post a great example for me to take it sincerely as a good example of profound learning by practice.

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden

Excellent and very useful hub! I am very thankful for your step by step explanations! I will bookmark this hub too, and vote up! Thanks for sharing this!

okmom23 profile image

okmom23 6 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

I appreciate the easy guide! Thank you for sharing this.

Nirmala 6 years ago

Thanks for showing such a nice step by step guide to take photos by MSPaint.The way you write makes the things very easy.

pradeepdwivedi 5 years ago

it's great informaton,thanks

Edit Pictures 5 years ago

Your article is good for me. Thank you.



philipandrews188 profile image

philipandrews188 5 years ago

Very basic topic yet very important, informative and useful. Nice hub.

Auwal 5 years ago

A wonder awonderfull things

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