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The Coolest Man I Hardly Met

I currently reside in Las Vegas. Loving movies, I had to check out "CineVegas Film Festival". The first year I went "Tadpole" (2002) was showing. A coming of age movie that was the first to be digitally shot and edited. It showed in the quality of a few of the shots. If you are a fan of the industry at all it is a must see.

CineVegas had set up a room for snacks and autographs. I seen a very short line to meet John Ritter, about three or four fans. As I too was a fan, I took the rear of the line. With in a few minutes I was seated next to him getting his autograph and talking. The conversation was warm and inviting, and I thought to myself how great that I was the end of the line. We talked for about 20 minutes. John was truly a nice guy, we could have talked much longer. He gave me the warm feeling that he would. But, I started to feel as if I was being watched. I turned briefly from our enjoyable conversation to see that the line had reappeared. There were now about 15-20 people wondering, "When is John going to kick this guy to the side?"

I thanked John for his time, shook hands and moved on (before the stampede). I recognize that this might sound greedy but, if I knew that was going to be the one and only chance to converse with him; I would have stayed. I would have endured the stares and inevitable stampede. I still thank him to this day for his warmth and the laughter he graced us with.

My very best wishes go out to his family (I got Amy's autograph that day too).


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