Human Target TV Series

Human Target is a Bulls-Eye

Although based on the comic book, the show goes in a similar but different vein that serves its format well. The first episode saw lots of action, with a cool bullet train sequence that made for lots of reason to blow things up just fine and plenty of space for our man Chance to get in and out of some tight situations.

I had my doubts initially about the show, being partial to the comic book. But Mark Valley handles the character well, with a cynical but charming demeanor that would do Rockford proud. Since the premise is that our main man makes himself the human target of whoever is at risk, we get a chance to see him in various situations each week, and they are all wrapped nicely with a bow on it by end of the show. Someone took a lesson from “24” here; it is very satisfying to have each episode stand alone without the concern of continuity.

The next few episodes stand up well, with a nice assortment of explosions, dangers and fun. The retro-look and feel of the show seems to stand up well. If the next few weeks hold up once it moves to Wednesdays, we may just have a fun adventure show to get lost in. I have missed that the last few years- it should be fun to watch it all evolve.

Human Target Episode 1

In the pilot episode of the new series, Human Target, Christopher Chance is a unique private bodyguard hired when an unusual threat cannot be solved through normal means of protection. Chance works with his business partner and trusted friend, Winston, and a hired gun, Guerrero, to integrate himself completely into his clients' lives and eliminate any threat by becoming the human target.

In the series preview, Chance is hired to protect the engineer of California's first bullet train as it makes its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to San Francisco.The engineer had come to Winston and insisted on a bodyguard, so Chance takes the job.

As the trip starts an attacker attempts to kill the engineer by poisoning her water, but when that doesn't work, he tries a different approach by coming after Chance and the engineer both. When Chance sees the attacker point the gun at the engineer, his client, he gets in front of her and takes the bullet in the back. Lying on the ground on top of the engineer, you think he would be dead but you hear him whisper to the engineer "Get ready to run."

As the attacker gets ready to shoot, Chance and the engineer take off to the next train car. There is a faint screeching sound in the background, the brakes of the train are failing and the engineer knows that's a bad thing, so she and Chance need to figure a way around the attacker. Seeing a vent above them, he climbs through it to get to the first car where everyone else is, but Chance runs into more trouble when the attacker is also in the air duct. While fighting in the air duct, it collapses leaving them both on the ground as they fight to the death.

Chance ends up lying on a crate while the attacker is choking him. Looking over at a window, Chance begins to kick it until it breaks and glass flies everywhere - the attacker lets go and backs away. Chance takes this opportunity to knock the attacker out the window.

Looks like the attacker won't be around for the next episode!

With the threat gone, Chance and the engineer find they have another problem. The brakes are still failing and approaching a tunnel at 200 mph. The train will derail at that speed and everyone will be killed. Chance and the engineer hatch a plan to move everyone to the back cars and engage the emergency brakes - that way the train would slow down.

As Chance is implementing his plan, they find the door to the brake room locked but the engineer knows that those doors are not able to be locked. Chance breaks the glass of the door and sees that someone has tied a tie to the door and detached the cars already. Chance thinks of another idea - parachute out of the train at 200mph, slow the train down, and, amazingly, this plan works.

Back at the train station, the engineer's husband walks up and thanks Chance for his work. As he and his wife walk away, Chance tells the husband that he knows he was the one who hired the attacker to kill his wife and that he was also the one who detached the cars. Chance hands the tie to the husband that was used to lock the door back door.

There are a lot of things to like about this new show, such as the nonstop action, from cars blowing up to hand to hand combat. And the characters - arrogant Christopher Chance, twisted, manipulative Guerrero, and the over protective Winston - together make the perfect team, a real reason to watch this new show on Fox.

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sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

I was kinda iffy about it at first (even though it's based on a comic book), but as the series progresses, I'm getting more and more into it.

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