I Am A Groupie

Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands

I admit it, I am a groupie. A few years ago my daughter who is very musically inclined came to me and said she wanted to buy a bass guitar. I was reluctant because she already owned an acoustic guitar and knew how to play electric guitar as well. Well, she saved up her money and we bought one of the lower end bass guitars. She began lessons and soared. Teachers in the music foundry were beginning to notice her. I was very surprised because she hadn’t been playing long.

A few months went by and we heard about a Rock Workshop program and my daughter was very interested. So, we signed up with her best friend who happened to be a drummer. They were paired with two boy guitarists and a girl singer. In the 8 week program the kids were able to write 3 original songs and learn two covers. Shows began popping up and the “band” was on their way.

I became the manager and helped the kid’s book gigs around the area and in other communities. Every time I thought we weren’t going to have any shows, another one would pop up. They have played festivals, teen centers and coffee houses and a Japan Relief Concert too.

Busking before a Badger Football game
Busking before a Badger Football game

When my daughter is playing music, be it guitar, bass or tambourine, she lights up and I can see it is her true passion. She is in her element and it makes me so proud of her! All 5 of the kids in this band are hard working dedicated musicians, and they are still only teenagers! I have seen so much maturing and responsibility come from her being in a band. She knows how to earn money by playing gigs and she knows how to spend it wisely. She was able to upgrade her bass guitar this year and she is very excited about it. The most recent purchase was a bass amp, let me tell you, they are not cheap! I am so happy to know where my child is and using her free time in such a wonderful way, making music!

The biggest thing I have learned from my daughter’s band is that you can live your dream. I tend to talk myself out of things and here is my daughter doing exactly what she loves! If only everyone could know what their passion is and follow it. It took me until this year when I found HubPages that I started to follow my dream of writing.

Fancy band shot
Fancy band shot

Being a groupie is pretty great, I get to see a lot of awesome music shows not to mention spend time with my daughter and see her doing what she loves, and what could be better than that?!

Liv with the singer of her band, here, pursuing a solo career
Liv with the singer of her band, here, pursuing a solo career

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karlk 5 years ago

What a fun time that must be Cre8ivOne! Nice photos too : )

cre8ivOne profile image

cre8ivOne 5 years ago from Midwest, USA Author

Thanks Karl

It has been a fun adventure, can't wait to see where she will be with this when she's about 18 !

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