I Think So

working in the studio
working in the studio | Source

I Think So

by Chuck RitenouR


verse 1:

Some people that I know would swear they are my friend

the way they talk behind my back I swear it oughta be a sin

reachin' into my pockets Lord, how can they be so bold

big smiles on their faces thinkin' I don't know


ain't it true, ain't it true

ain't it true, well I don't know...but I think so

verse 2:

My daddy was a gambler, yeah he was born to run

with the ladies of the night in the land of the neon sun

momma said he couldn't stay in any place very long

and though he broke her heart, her love for him was so strong



verse 3:

this hand ain't so pretty, so think I'm gonna fold

and have another sip of whiskey to warm the darkness in my soul

if I had a nickel for every lie that you told

I'd be King of the world and I swear some heads would roll


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