I Traced My Daddy's Name

I Traced My Daddy's Name

I Traced My Daddy's Name
by Chuck RitenouR 5-30-2010

verse 1:
It was forty years ago, it was just yesterday
He boarded that airliner that carried him away.
straight into a war in a foreign land
where he died in the jungle in a place called Viet Nam.
No he did not go for glory, he did not go for fame
and I wonder if he saw me, when I traced my daddy's name

verse 2:
He never held my hand, never rocked me to sleep
never gave me a memory, a memory I could keep
Now his name is on that wall for all the world to see
With thousands who died trying to keep a people free.
Some came home in pieces, some shouldered the blame
a few just stood there watching, as I traced my daddy's name.

With just a piece of paper and a pencil made of lead
I stood there searching for his name among the dead
It took a while for me to find it, when I did my knees got weak
and I couldn't say a single thing as the tears rolled down my cheeks

I drove home in silence and as the miles rolled away
thinking about the sacrifices and the price you must pay
no crowds were there to greet them waving flags in the street
no ticket tape parades, no one wanted to make a speech.
and looking back on it now, I feel so ashamed
that it took me so long to trace my daddy's name.



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