I leave the dentist worse than when I went in


Am I bleeding?

Am I bleeding?
--that's the exact question I ask myself when I leave the dentist.

First, let me tell you about my dentist.

He will let the chair all the way back. I feel like I'm low-ridin', all I need is some rap music and for my head to start bobbin'.

Now, chairs are only supposed to be let by so far (whatever). This one is like horizontal.

I'm all the way back that my head is like right by his crotch.

This isn't even the least of my worries, next he brings out that sharp pick. I have a retainer in my mouth so you have to be really careful. Yeah right. Last time, I went I thought he was going to pull my retainer up he was picking at it so hard.

Then he uses baking soda to brush teeth. By the end of my visit, I have baking soda all over my face--even on my forehead. I look like I have a case of eczema and rabies. Let me add that my mouth is bleeding. Oh and don't let yourself have sensitive teeth when you go because he will hold down your head and spray the water.

Truthfully, I hate going to the dentist. And this is coming from a woman that loves brushing her teeth.

You're supposed to leave the dentist with a better sense of self esteem. I leave in pain.


Do you leave the dentist happier or in pain?

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umbreonix 5 years ago

wow!!! hes got a tooth to pick with you

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