If You Were My Valentine

If You Were My Valentine

If You Were My Valentine

by Chuck RitenouR  2-13-2K4


verse 1:

If you were my valentine, I know just what I'd do

send you a dozen roses and a box of chocolates too

I'd buy you a special card and a fuzzy Teddy Bear

If you were my valentine, you'd know how much I care


verse 2:

If you were my valentine, life would be so sweet

I'd pick you up at seven and take to out to eat.

we could take in a movie or window shop downtown

If you were my valentine, tell me how good does that sound



You never seem to notice when I look your way

and you always walk on by without a thing to say

if I had the courage to tell you of this love of mine

what would it take to make you my valentine?


verse 3:

If you were my valentine, it would be a thrill

to spend a night together hiding from the world.

to talk about your dreams and things you'd like to do 

If you were my valentine, you'd know how much I love you.


the end


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