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Ileana - Film Shooting Snap
Ileana - Film Shooting Snap

Visit here to know more about Ileana D'Cruz, her personal life, upcoming filsm and many hidden stories of Anushka. Anushka Shetty is one of the upcoming Telugu actresses from Southern India.

Date of Birth: 1st of November 1986 at Mumbai, Maharasta, India.

Ileana debuted through Devadasu with another newcomer Ram, both played key roles in that movie. Ileana’s great performances are prominent in films like Pokiri, Devadasu, Kick and Jalsa.

Awards & Achievements

  • 2006 - best debut (south) award at Film Fare

  • 2008 - Best Actress Award at Santosham Film Festival

  • 2008 - Nominated as the Best Telugu Actress Award at Film Fare


  • 2006 - Telugu film named Devadasu as Bhanumathi - Ileana won the best debut (South) award at Film Fare awards
  • 2006 - Telugu film named Pokiri as Shruti
  • 2006 - Tamil film named Kedi as Aarthi
  • 2006 - Telugu film named Khatarnak as Nakshatra
  • 2006 - Telugu film named Rakhi as Tripura
  • 2007 - Telugu film named Munna as Nidhi
  • 2007 - Telugu film named Aata as Sathya
  • 2008 - Telugu film named Jalsa as Bhagamathi - Best Actress Award at Santosham Film Festival & Nominated as the Best Telugu Actress Award at Film Fare
  • 2008 - Telugu film named Bhale Dongalu as Jyothi
  • 2009 - Telugu film named Kick as Naina
  • 2009 - Telugu film named Rechipo as Krishna Veni
  • 2009 - Telugu film named Saleem as Satyavathi
  • 2010 - Telugu film named Shakti as - Still Filming
  • 2010 - Kannada film named Thunta Thunti as - Still Filming
  • 2010 - Tamil film named Vedi as - Pre-production
  • 2011 - Telugu film named Untitled Film as - With Pawan Kalyan

More about Ileana...

She was born in Mumbai, India to parents named Ronaldo Leo and Sameera. Ileana did her schooling at St.Mary’s Convent High School in Mapusa which is in Goa province. Her first appearance in to industry was an advertisement video of “Fair and Lovely” which was a blockbuster among South Indian fans. That video was directed by Rakesh Roshan. “Fair and Lovely” appearance brought the chance to appear in Ileana’s first movie of Devadasu in 2006.

Ileana established as an actress after her second film of Pokiri which was very successful at the box office. Mahesh Babu was her opposite actor in the film and she appeared as an aerobic teacher named Shruti. Ileana’s third movie was brought her to Tamil cinema. Kedi was the name of the film and she played with opposite actor Ravi Krishna. Actually this movie did not succeed at the box office and she rejected many requests came to act in Tamil films after that and dedicated her career to Telugu cinema. Her recent successes are Jalsa and Kick films.

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