I'm A Flake for candy...


I'm a flake for candy! ©-MFB III

Whoever thought a candy
could have a human condition
that would cause all of it's
delectable surfaces to be covered
in a manner that is
much like a large percentage
of human beings, often found
in brown turtlenecks with specks
dotting most of the upper
half of their surface.
It even has a name nonpareil
and it looks like a perfectly
good chocolate covered in dandruff,
although it is a rather tasty
and one which I have combed through
many boxes to devour often
I love how each and every
sugary white bead melts
with a tiny splish on your tongue
while slip sliding in a pool
of lukewarm dark chocolate spittle.

This is probably why you mostly find them
at movie theatres so that while in the dark
all the folks who choose to eat such
humanly blighted candy treats
are not reminded of how much
nonpareil's looks like thier grand paps
brown corduroy coat after he brushes'
his sparse yellow hair
and leaves a scene from
December on the hills of his
arthritically bent shoulders.


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