Indian Actress/Model Freida Pinto Photo Gallery

Freida Pinto

I was surfing around the website Showbiz Gossips when I found this interesting post about Indian Hollywood actress Frieda Pinto.Who is this lovely lady and why is she popular among the male populace nowadays?

Frieda Pinto was born on October 24, 1984 in Mumbai, India. She did a number of modeling stints and is now working her way to becoming a serious actress in Hollywood. She starred in the 2008 British Drama film Slumdog Millionaire as the main lead actress.

Frieda Pinto is very much admired by many because she managed to graduate from college before she did some modeling and eventually, acting.

We will be searching for more information about her soon. For the meantime, let me share you the pics below:

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto Photo Gallery

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tinku 6 years ago

how sweet

vinnz21 profile image

vinnz21 6 years ago from Philippines now in California

nice yoh, I love this girl!

Lionel E. Leconte 6 years ago

I may sound a bit redundant, but Freida is a beautiful, sensational looking woman.

javed 5 years ago


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