Indian Idol Funny Moments at Auditions

Best Of Indian Idol Funny Moments

Indian Idol is one of the most popular reality shows in India. There are many talented singers in India that turn up at Indian idol, but some of the untalented ones contribute to the numerous funny incidents that take place during the show. This page highlights some of these Indian Idol funny moments so that you can relive the moments all over again!

Indian Idol is just as popular in India as its international counterparts. The auditions are fun filled with just about anyone trying out their luck on becoming the next Indian idol. Even people who absolutely have no talent at all end up at the auditions, making the judges outright sarcastic and providing the viewers more reasons to laugh their heads off!

You can find some of these hilarious videos right here. Enjoy!

Indian IDol 4 Funny Moments

Fun Time At Indian Idol Auditions!

A Girl Singing For Anu Malik At Indian Idol

More Funny Auditions At Indian Idol

The Joobi Doobi - Zoobi Doobi - Indian Idol Funny Audition!

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