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Story of Uttaran

This is a TV serial of India in Hindi Language aired by Color Television Channel since December 1, 2008. In the first six months the show revolved around two small girls Ichcha and Tapasya who were from totally different social and economic background. Ichcha was born in slum and was looked after her single mother Damini but Tapasya was only daughter of a rich parent Jogi Thakur and Dibya Thakur who used to live in a palace. Damini joined this rich family as a maid to give her daughter Ichcha a better life. Ichcha and Tapasya became friend and they both enjoyed each other’s company until the new character, an aunt of Divya Thakur enters in to the scene. This crooked woman, the grandma (Nani) of Tapasya started making her class conscious. At that time it was revealed that Ichcha’s father died due to a run over incident for which Jogi Thakur was responsible.

Thakur and his wife accepted Ichcha as their daughter but Tapasya was not happy by this decision. She turned into an enemy of Ichcha by the constant provocation of Nani and started harassing her at every opportunity she got.

On 20 June 2009, the show took a 10-year leap. Both Ichcha and Tapasya turned into adult. But Tapasya’s attitude did not changed; she still had hatred against Ichcha in spite of Ichcha’s true love and affection for her.

A new character Veer, a handsome and wealthy young man was introduced in to the show. Veer came to propose Tapasys as per the will of his family but Tapasya was not interested as she was involved with his boyfriend Sid. Veer was then attracted to Ichcha by her pleasant beauty and simplicity. Both the family agreed for the marriage of Veer and Ichcha. When Tapasya realized that Ichcha was going to be the wife of such a rich man she changed her mind and decided to marry Veer. She compelled Ichcha to give her the wedding cloths by emotionally blackmailing her. As per the custom of Hindu marriage of India the face of both bride and bridegroom are covered during the ceremony, Tapasys was succeeded in her plan. She managed to sell the story that Ichcha denied to marry Veer at the last moment and she had done this to save the prestige of both the family. The story was well digested by everybody except Veer; he did not accept Tapasya and declared that he would divorce her and Marry Ichcha. But Ichcha accepted it as her destiny and decided not do anything by which her sister would be unhappy.

By this time another new character was introduced in to the show. Vansh, a drug addict and the elder brother of Veer came closer to Ichcha when he was being treated in a recovery center. Ichcha was coming regularly at that hospital to see one of her student who was also a drug addict and being treated there. Vansh and Paras, the student of Ichcha was good friends in spite of their age difference. Ichcha requested Vansh to look after Paras during her absence in the hospital and Vansh accepted that responsibility gladly although he could save Paras when he died by over dozing of drug.

When Tapasya came to know that Vansh was attracted to Ichcha, she managed to convince both the family and let the marriage of Vansh and Ichcha happen so that she would get acceptance of Veer.  Till date Tapasya have not succeeded to be accepted by Veer.


Young Iccha
Sparsh Khanchandani
Young Tapasya
Ishita Panchal
Present Ichcha
Tina Dutta
Present Tapasys
Rashmi Desai
Rashmi Desai an Indian actress. She has acted in Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Manipuri and Bhojpuri movies. She has changed her name from Divya Desai to Rashmi Desai.
Nandish Sandhu
Rohit Khurana
Jogi Thakur
Ayub Khan
Divya Thakur
Pragati Mehra
Vaishali Thakkar
Pratima Kazmi
Veer’s Father
Akhil Mishra
Veer’s Mother
Beena Banerjee
Bollywood artist and daughter of famous actor Pradeep Kumar
Naman Mishra

Viewer’s Opinion

This Indian TV serial Uttaran has everything like drama, emotion, suspense, conspiracy and entertainment which are required for popularizing a show and the producers have succeeded in that also. But still a lot of sensible viewers have shown their distress due to the prolonged success of the negative characters.  According to them it sends wrong signal to the society.


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Photograph of Ishita Panchal - Indian TV Serial Uttaran

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Photograph of Tina Dutta - Indian TV Serial Uttaran

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Photograph of Reshmi Desai - Indian TV Serial Uttaran

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Comments 70 comments

ROHAN BHOSALE 6 years ago


cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks Rohan for reading my hub! Yes this is a very good serial and all the artists are really doing very well! Thanks again for your comment!

M G Hegde 6 years ago

Serial is OK. But the intrension of Director is still confussive. Both couples are unhappy. They are not trying to go to happiness. Never ending episode. At present What the director wants to tell is still not known. Totally it is a drama.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

I totally agree with you. I think writers and directors should see the emotion of the audience also!

Thanks for your visit to my hub!

geeta 6 years ago

hi this serial is totally fiction coz tapasya is a minded gal only neither veer nor vansh are think like tapasya woh sab ko nacha rahi hai aur sab nach rahey hai aaisa hota hai kya itna minded in such a small age o god

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Hi geeta, thank you for your visit to my hub and also for leaving such a thoughtful comment on it. Yes I do agree with you, the character of Tapasys has been drawn as a very peculiar and cruel girl! The one sided success of this negative character sometimes annoyed the audience!

sheetal 6 years ago

i started liking it when i saw that it is getting over and end is also very nice. tappo acted really good. she deserves for the best roles in bollywood as well as hollywood.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Yes sheetal, I agree with you. Rashmi Desai deserve a role in Indian cinema.

shira 6 years ago

Its high time this serial was given a conclusion. Rashmi Desai has almost excelled in her role. The plasticine-faced expression of Tina Dutta - ugh! She certainly needs to go a loooong way to real acting. Please, I hope she can get somebody to dub for her, her squeaky forever forlorn voice is irritating to the hilt. Thank God, the character Vansh is dead. As for the decent Veer, oh, c'mon, be a man and get on with your life and leave both the dames to their devices. Return to USA. Neither dame deserves you. Both have cheated you. That's it. Thank you for the time taken to read this.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks shira for your in-depth analysis of the characters. And I agree with most of your opinions, only I would like to add that the actor and actresses are the puppets only, the real player is the script writer and the director! Thanks again for your comments!

juhi sinh 6 years ago

uttran is a my faivrate show $ tapsya $ veer my faverate hottest jodi

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks juhi for the comment!

ria malhotra 6 years ago

we heartly hate dis character ichcha its totally fake character we wanna see reality..not over gr8 nd over fake kind of,its our request show us genuine thng.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thank you ria for your reading and comment! I also agree with you that the serials should show the real picture of the society, but the fact is that the directors now a days don't think for the quality of the story. Even sometimes you would find that there is no story! When the serial lost its path in the midway they want suggestion from the public!

The only thing the directors and producers of serials care, is the TRP, nothing else.

Vishnu 6 years ago

Hai iam vishnu from kerala Its a very good searial i like it

guestsoni 6 years ago

plz ichcha and veer be together or stop this serial plz ichcha should marry veer soon so that they live happy with each other.

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Hi Vishnu, thanks for your visit and comment!

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks guestsoni for your comment, I also support your views, but the directors and producers want to make it complicated so that more people get addicted for an indefinite time!

shira 6 years ago

Heard that Tina Dutta as Ichcha is to be replaced. Really? I do hope so. I am certainly not prejudiced, I must say, she has nice god-given features of face, but it totally lacks feeling or charm. Somewhat 'stand-offish'. Best of luck to her, if she does have any "real" acting talent, elsewhere with improvements.

Actually, I watch this drama only on and off, never regularly. Yes, it is time-pass alright, while the producers are making the best of it at our expense!!!

pria 6 years ago

Originally posted by PIA.SEN.GUPTA

Enough of Tapasya and her evil work . Enough of manupulation , high voltage drama and jealosuy . Enough of scrifice and betryal. Now i want to see the story of Iccha .Uttaran is the story of Iccha not Tapasya . I know many people would say Tapasya brings TRP. But other shows also have TRP . In Ladoo Ammaji is most famous but Siya has a strong role, her character gets chance to perform , But Uttaran is the story of Iccha , why she is been side-lined. Enough of this negativity . Tina Dutta is a great actress but she never get the chance to perform , her role has never got the significance in the story . in the scene where everyone gets to know about Tapasya's reality we all have been blaming Tina's acting but the director nandita Mehra is so dumb she does not understand the situation and to keep focus on Tapasya she does not give Tina and Iccha good opportunity .

May be Rashmi is a better actress but that does not mean Uttaran's main importance should be given to her character . Rashmi has done many Bhojpuri films and other 2 show before this , she is older than Tina , It is normal her to be better , But Tina dutta is bengali , being bengali i know bengalis have problem with their hindi . still she is so good , she has not done many work like Rashmi and if she does not get the chance how will she improve. I really want to see more of Iccha .But not as a victim of Tapasya . I am fed up with this show . Now high time they should start showing the show from Iccha's point of view. Her pain , her love , her other emotions than just friendship and torture . I want to see more of Tine . She is so sweet and sophisticated (i used it as she looks great in other events also take Boogi Woogie and othar Awards). I t is injustice to her and her character Iccha for becoming a supporting character .. CVs stop being partial ..what do u all think please join me in this discussion

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks Shira for your comment! Lets hope that the producer and director could feel the feelings of the audience and try to make this serial a really good one!

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks pria for your very long and sincere analysis of this serial! I totally agree with you that Uttaran is a story of "Ichhha", a poor girl who lives from the left-out of rich people. And I also believe that now this serial is deviating from its goal!

I hope that the producer and director could feel the feelings of the audience and try to make this serial a really good one!

aaditi 6 years ago

this is nice serial

navya 6 years ago

yes i do agreee wit pria.........absolutely i vote 4 ichchaaaaaaa...........her acting is toooo gooooood i loveeeeeeeeee tinaaaduttaaaa

mallika 6 years ago

how stupid dadi and tapasys can be, They want to get veer and look and the ploting they have made of such a lie which cannot be hidden. it is so ridiculous. however we are waiting for the episode when the blatabt lie will be brought out by veer or thakur and would love to see the reaction of thakur. yet another deceipt by his loving daughter.

sarah 6 years ago

tina dutta is sooo horrible. she is poor in all the departments.dailogues--poor,hindi--poor, looks--average,figure--horrible,acting--more horrible,expressions--even more horrible BUT BUT-- she is the lead,she has both the heroes,and has got best actress last year for what--only god knows.resigned thrice again came back -IS QUITE A TANTRUM QUEEN--really untolerable---waiting for her exit from the show.

radha 6 years ago

it is surprising to hear the views of mai, she could so easily forgive tapasya , who has ruined both her sons. Perhaps the Director could have thought something else which is more practical. We are little sick of these false pregnancy drMAS IN DAILY SERIALS. Remember Mandira in saas bhi.....

However , it will be so stupid and unreal tobring taps into Bundela household.

Or may be the Director can bring her into Bundela house and unveil her bad thoughts thro' Veer, bcoz he is the only person who appears to know the real taps.

It'll be so thriling to see Veer unveiling Tapasya's dirty plots again. This time please make everybody see how cruel tapasya and Naani are. either by somebody hearing their plot of false pegancy, or veer investigating medical reports, after doubting taps's behaviour.

Kiran Mirajkar 6 years ago

What a stupid serial. Pure indian drama for the women but now these types of serials should be stopped...

Varsha 6 years ago

The creative personnel and the director of this serial are crazy. If they are so obssessed with Tapasya, let them see that they are brought together like they are in real life. It is boring to see that over make-up Naani and dramatic Tapasya on a day-to-day basis. It is the worst serial ever made. Ekta Kapoor's serials are far better than this one.

easegiri profile image

easegiri 6 years ago from Bangalore

It was nice to watch the childhood plays of Ichchha and Tapasya. The full episode is in

cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA Author

Thanks easegiri for the reading and comment!

Bulbul 6 years ago

Uttaran is dragging now. The director does not know where to stop. One woman is suffering and the wicked one is getting everything.Veer turns out to be a mediocre man delighted to see his baby and forgets Iccha. Can't the director show Iccha getting a normal life? The wicked should be punished if not in reality atleast in serial.

Manish Maheshwari 6 years ago

starting was very goods atleast 2 years but now it is totally fake and time wasting because Negative characther always win and So many episodes not digastive. Earlier we show that In Laddu who will mix Oil, You can mixed Ghee only but Nani of Tapasya asking that I told to Ichha for Mixing Oil in Laddu. its totally indigastive situation.

easegiri profile image

easegiri 6 years ago from Bangalore

One more accident and new story is erupting watch the latest here at

kaywish 6 years ago

One of the most boring serials, with no proper direction of story, weak characters, too loud a music (or should I say a mixture of copying various sounds). Characters not only have weak picturasitaion but weak, unnatural reaction times and ineffective dialogue delivery. This is why the music is loud. As someone has written it surely sends wrong signals of the society we are living in. In fact it is totally 'Uttaraoed' from society.

alok 6 years ago

Unrealistic serial. Long back icha won Rs. 50 lacs. Granny lost - then director forgot. Now kaju was stolen by brother in law - director forgot about kaju. There is no link. Very poor story line. Everybody is playing with the emotion of icha and damini and get away with it. Even veer seems to be uneducated character in the serial who can't understand the ploy. It is high time, we should forget the channel at 10 pm.



UTTARAN... one of the greatest serials i have come through in my life... the characters they are showing is very much needed for this society... i love tapasya nd granny character.. also the acting by granny is very realistic... i want the serial to continue for many years... so plz don't stop this serial.. :( sum idiots 1ly will say this to stop this serial... plz ignore those stupids...


krutrika 5 years ago

yeh dum serail kab tag chalega yaar ab bhoot hua nahi tapasya ki pol khul rahe hai na kuchi bhoot 3rd class aur ghatiya serila hai aise seral ko to jaldi band ho chaye

Samyukta 5 years ago

Baap re this serial is taking too long. I want Veer and Iccha scenes. Who the hell Tapasya and Granny want to sto these scenes??? Veer is the hero of this serial and Iccha is hero-in of this serial. So I need their scenes. Tapasya and Granny are only villains of this serial. No need of Tappu or nani's scenes.





nisha 5 years ago

good nice to watch thanks to uttaran team

pranjal & wife 5 years ago

the serial uttaran is stretching unnecessarily specially iccha's hiding the truth.............boring.

Priyanka 5 years ago

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, i wan to tel only 1 thing dat nw a dys its getting borred. Plzzzzz..... Make it romantic, tricky

Nandu 5 years ago

The moral of the serial is learn & teach how to lie and cheat.

Pavan 5 years ago



kumudbhat 5 years ago

i like uttaran so much which i wath everyday,i desire to act in uttaran,can i get a role?

mamta ojha 5 years ago

I appreciate the T.V.serial Uttaran.The actor playing the villainous role of Avinash Mukherjee shows much talent.I'd like to know his real name.

prabha 5 years ago

iccha and damini deserve to be put in jail for kidnapping.tapasyas baby is kept by them for seven months without informing police.this is an offence under the law.directors partialitty to iccha cannot make him forget the law.

saranya 5 years ago

ichcha and veer is a good pair. his love moments are very impressed me.that's nice.

safi 5 years ago

veer u r the one and only handsome in the world

Akshat 5 years ago


WOULD REQUEST SOME ONE SHOULD SHOW THIS COMMENT TO THE DIRECTOR & STORY WRITER OF THIS SERIAL. NOW PEOPLE ARE STARTED HATING THIS WORST,HOPELESS, Z GRADE, 3RD CLASS,HORRIBLE,NON SENSE,BLEADY F----- A-----E SERIAL. Pls end this serial as this is causing so much irritation just to make money the director is not ending this irritating and horrible hopeless and most hated serial.

Ina Aggarwal 5 years ago

hi this serial has become too much boring, nothing good is being shown in this serial, icha is also at same place and tapasya too and there nani stil doing bad things. well now we are loosing interest in watching this serial as the director of this serial is just dragging, now ichha child is disappeared horrible thing, i guess the director is not knowing how to do happy ending, serials which keep on dragging like this for long time doesn't make public happy.

It should now be ended, as it making us feel so much bored. Its a useless serial now, and now my family members also dont like watching. Please remove this serial.

Jhilmil 5 years ago

How stupid can it get? So Veer did not question the hospital as to how a healthy living baby could die without a reason? Anyone would have sued the authorities. They are showing this is how irresponsible the hospital staff of India's best hospitals are. There's no security, no accountability, people get bribed at a click of a finger. Wow! we allow that slap on our face. This is insulting viewer's common sense and intelligence.

MAno 5 years ago

Nw this is gettin really shit!!! director plzz end diss serial in a happy ending PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!u always create highly illogical scenarioes!!!! like we r living in 16th century huh

SDG 5 years ago

Please do some research. A baby dies and the family goes home without taking the body! One look at the wrong dead baby and they would know a swap has taken place. On the other hand, Mukta is taken from the roadside and brought up by Ichcha! You cannot just take a baby like that! There are formalities to be made!! And Tapasya brings another abandoned baby home!! Babies are not free gifts!


I think script witer forgot to put SALT in this script. Scrpt is not very much strong one. Ichha giving milk to someone child its impact badly to the society.

So kindly stop this episode. and kindly enter somethink so that some one can learn something from this serial.

This is MENTAL Serial.

Sandeep 5 years ago

Can somebody tell me who is this vansh now who has come suddenls ....... and why he came back.... please why the director is making it so boring and difficult...... it has to now ge end..............stooooopppppppppp itttttt.........

sourabh 5 years ago

pls stop this mental tv show , this is fully bakwas.

Pls change the story

this is boring and non entertaing.

The show is going complicated

anu 5 years ago

please stop the serial

PRIYANKA 5 years ago


Revathi 4 years ago

the serial is very impressive and olso the turning point but the main thing that is unbearable is the background yelling of the person... so plz kindly reduce it thank you.

puja 4 years ago

from the day iccha came to tapus house iccha started to snach everything from tapu.if tapu made wrong trying to get veer ,then why icchki is not wrong trying to snach away tapus father.secondly tapus father who keeps iccha and damini at home only to save himself from the crime of icchkis fathers death,didn't he made tapu suffer for wll her life for him?he have beaten tapu and her mother for several times for iccha and damini.have anybody seen sich noble fatet and come to raghabendra.whileciver supports iccha in everything should raghaabenda dhow favour for iccha instead of tapu

puja 4 years ago

when veer tried to find icchki he watchd her photo in news paper,but nobody show the same of tapus this not fake. jogi bave beaten tapu and her mother sevetal times.hat noble father and husband is he?raghabendra and jogi find so much that they find icchkis child,but not tapu and her baby.the moto of this serial becomes that to snatch everything from tapu and togive it to one request to mr director is not to bring tapu back in this serial.pls spare tapu.then i have not to wach this .serial.then jogi get married to damini or iccha set her third marriage to raghabendra(as she will find no better husband than raghu,as he is tapus jushand now),i simply dont care.

ANU 4 years ago


simran 4 years ago

This serial is not very good ok i like the character of tapasya. 4 years ago

abbe band karo yeg uttran serial

Shashi Kiran 4 years ago

It is too much now....Nothing remains. Please end it. We have already stoped watching it !

manju 4 years ago

The TV serial UTTRAN shouls be renamed as NAQUAB no one is the real self .Such programe does not help us grow ,but it only shows that we shouls not be good should not trust eh right .Hope that Methi does not be like her mom Ichha .Hope she is aware that the man she has married is not what he projects to be and saves herself and her family with the help of Mukta who has show real courage both of them should epose Surabi as well let goodness privail and te mean are taken to task only then can I say that the show is progressing and not repeating.Let Methi and Mukta tthrow the trump card

shwetal budhdev 3 years ago

UTTRAN serial now stincts, what is director upto.. showing bullshit.

Tamara Sandhu Desai 3 years ago

ooo, Uttran NO Tapasya Rashmi Low No Ichcha Tina Dutta, Low :p No No ? Yes Iccha Sparsh Khanchandani Ichcha Plizzz Uttran PlIZZZ Ishita Panchal Tapasya Uttran Plizzz ;D ;D Good :D Very Good Iccha UTTRAN :) Tamara Sandhu De sai :) Plizzz Uttran EXCELLENT ;D

miriam mathew 3 years ago

Why is Meethi suddenly behaving like such a saint when all the problems are of her making.And what kind of affection is Akash shown to be having for someone who behaves so silly.He should dump her and the story should end soon-it is dragging too much.

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