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Comics vs Show

The Timeline

Many people know the answer to this question already, but the comics came out well before the show. In fact, the first issue of The Walking Dead was published in 2003 and the television show premiered on Halloween 2010 in the US. Both have won awards and/or broken records, so it's obvious that they both have a huge fan base, regardless of when they came out. We all love some evisceration from time to time and both the comics and the show deliver.

The Characters

There are some inconsistencies with the characters in the show that had comic book fans grumbling. I'm so disappointed that Tyreese hasn't appeared yet and I think it was a big mistake to leave him out. I'm not sure how I feel about the characters that were in the show and not in the comics. Daryl is alright, I suppose. Maybe a little to brooding and sour for me, but a lot of people are fans. T-Dog just makes me sad. I keep forgetting that he's even in the show. At one point I was considering creating a fan page for him on Facebook so we could all support him, but I didn't feel like it. Hopefully they actually give him some story next season!

The comic book fans will notice that every member of the group is a watered down version of their cartoon counterpart. They all need a good dose of insanity. Watching all of these people in their right mind feels wrong. Okay, maybe they weren't insane, exactly. But they were a lot harder and a lot more extreme. It is a comic book, though. It has been difficult for me to see Andrea trying so hard to prove that she can be a protector for the group because I know that they should be practically relying on her to an extent. And seeing Rick tormented over every little decision, always so moral and fair... The way Rick was in the last part of season 2's finale has given me hope. Yes, that's how he's supposed to be. I cannot wait to see what happens.

The Plot

The show is walking a very fine line and it's doing it really well. It is true enough to the books to mostly satisfy the comic book fans while changing enough things to keep them from getting bored or being able to anticipate things. I'm trying to think of another show that accomplishes this, but I just can't. A lot of book and comic adaptations have a really divided fan base, but I don't think that it's as extreme with The Walking Dead. I think that most people who like one will like the other.

To be honest, if the show followed the comics too closely, it would be on HBO or something because it's far too gory, adult, brutal, twisted and just flat out disturbing but in a good way. I wish that had been the case, actually. I'd love to see where the show would be if it aired on a channel that allowed stuff like that.

Do you have any input on this? Any points you'd like to make that I probably missed? Feel free to leave a comment, just remember to mind your manners. I like brains, not trolls!

What do you think about the television adaptation of the comics? 2 comments

Georgie Lowery profile image

Georgie Lowery 4 years ago from Slaton, Texas USA

I love TWD, haven't read the books, though. I guess I'm a few days late and several dollars short. Though I have read about the characters on TWD Wiki that you linked to, I don't have the actual feel of them that those who have read the comic will have. That said, I agree with you about Rick needing to bring the crazy for one reason - with Shane being gone, somebody has to do it. The group's trust has been broken with the revelation that Rick killed Shane, so it's interesting how that will play out in season three as they head into the prison.

I'm kind of glad that it is not shown on a premium television channel like HBO because, with AMC, the show has a much wider audience. I'm totally okay with them having to tone down the violence for that network. I do hope that AMC gets off of more money for the next season's budget and that we don't end up with eight episodes of the characters standing around talking.

I like your Hub, thank you for sharing!

BonnyC profile image

BonnyC 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Hi Georgie! Thanks for commenting. (spoiler alert for people who haven't seen the 2nd season) Rick at the end of the episode was very close to Rick in the comics at about that time. The way that he was happy to kill Shane not just to save his own life, but because he wanted to. He was tired of him questioning his authority and dogging him. And then consider how he was to the group when he basically told them that they were going to do what he said and that was that.

If you take a public authority figure who is fiercely protective of his family and put him in the middle of a zombie apocalypse surrounded by people too cowed to make the hard decisions, that's what you get.

As for the station that airs it, I also feel like AMC was a good option compared to others. I guess I'd just like to see how it could be if they had some more freedom. While it's violent and gory far beyond the show, it's also extremely dark. There's no one in charge in the world and it's every man for himself. If you want something, you have to take it. Honestly, the comics tell a tale that shows how other people can be far more dangerous than some zombies. I even think that the zombies are just there as a comparison sometimes.

You can get the volumes of the comics on Amazon and they have it for the Kindle. There are also iPhone and Android apps for each volume so you can read them that way!

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