Introducing Super Talented Hip Hop Artist Chaotik


Introducing Canadian Born Rapper Chaotik

Chaotik is a super talented hip hop artist from Montreal Canada. He is not just your average rapper, his lyrics are intricate, his message is positive, and his style is uplifting.

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Chaotik is not new to the hip hop game. His first real taste of the hip hop scene was in 2007 when he formed 1/3 of a hip hop trio called "Red Blockz Cartel." Their first release came in the form of a mixtape entitled "The Movement Begins." Although Chaotik learned a lot from being in a group, his heart was in a solo career. His first mixtape was entitled "The Chaos Theory." After experiencing some hardship Chaotik decided to change direction, his decision to deliver a more positive message in his music has paid off. His next mixtape was hosted by DJ Simon Sez and was entitled " Back to the Basics." He began to realize the potency of his words, this is where the hip hop phoenix rose from the ashes.

When asked who he would most love to work with he stated, Yasin Bey or Lupe Fiasco. Because of the thought provoking messages and intelligent lyrical content.

Chaotik comes from a very musical background, so it was inevitable that he would enter the music world in some way. When asked "When did you first fall in love with music" Chaotik said:

" I know I wrote my first rhyme in 3rd grade so I must’ve been like 8yrs old! But I come from a very musical background. My father was a rapper and now he sings, my oldest sister may have been the one to introduce me to Hip hop and she’s a very talented vocalist, and my older brother is a songwriter so I’ve always been surrounded by music my whole life."

In his own words Chaotik's music is empowering and somewhat uplifting. With heartfelt lyrics and a punchy flow, Chaotik is one rapper that we need to keep our eyes on. Chaotik's latest release "Poetically Chaotik" is a perfect blend of intelligent, thought provoking lyrics with thumping, punchy beats. Available to download on his website

Chaotik Video (Lights Remix )

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