Is Comcast Cable Worth the Price?

The more I look at what is on cable TV in their show listings, a pattern emerges. Many of the movies repeat on the same or different channels at different times in the week. They are always at least 2-3 years old. The selection is redundant as well. I mean, just how many times will a movie be showed?

Then, there are the TV shows. If you are like me, I tend to watch only a handful (not more than 5 or so) constantly during the week. Thus, there are many times when cable is not satisfying and despite having 50+ channels, many are not interesting to me or simply trash TV or stations in other languages.

Yet, I pay about $75 a month for this. I still subscribe to Netflix to augment my TV\movie needs and it seems I actually get my money's worth out of them versus the Comcast, which for the amount of shows I need cable for, is a ripoff.

Why can't I simply pay for the channels I want because those are the ones I watch the most? Its like going to a large grocery store with so many choices that I could care less about. I know what I like, buy it. I don't have to buy a lot of items I will not need, want or use.

It is hard now to get certain channels unless you subscribe to cable TV, that is a monopoly that should be stopped. CNN is one such station. Streaming to the cell phone does not count. Who watches a movie on a cell phone?

Comcast is a cable monopoly that the government has allowed to happen. Satellite TV is really no better once the introductory offer expires and you pay the regular price.

I feel like I am a hostage.

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Jewel01 profile image

Jewel01 3 years ago from Michigan

So I too, have been working on this issue and wonder if it would be better to find a way to stream netflix, hoolu to my tv, and just get rid of cable, or at least reduce it to basic services? I don't know that just picking and choosing random channels would be an alternative as stations change their programing each year. Would we be left, chasing after programs each and ever year?

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

I think choosing a channel ala carte is entirely possible and probably was considered by the cable guys. They could also have smaller groups based on interest: news, sports,movies and so on allowing one to pay less for channels they REALLY watch. Their approach is the gunshot approach, package 50 channels, package 100 channels, of which, maybe 5 you watch on a regular basis.

Jewel01 profile image

Jewel01 3 years ago from Michigan

I agree with you, I tend to watch specific shows and would love get rid of the 117 channels I do not watch.

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