Is Shannon Ponton lusting after Lara from the Westrens team?

What is the ACA Biggest Loser Love Scandal?

Just saw the ad on Channel 9 that was promoting the Biggest Loser love scandal!  Can't wait to watch ACA now to see what it is all about.  Any clues?

Who Do You Think It Involves?

Which trainer / contestant do you think it is?

  • Shannon / Lara
  • The Commando / Tiffiny
  • Leigh / Lara Break Up
  • Joe / Rebecca
  • The Commando / Sarah
  • Leigh / Emma
  • Other (say below in the comments)
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Lara's new look on makeover day
Lara's new look on makeover day

Does Shannon Like Lara?

I've been a big fan of Biggest Loser Australia this season with the families but that's probably because I get to see the Commando on a regular basis - mmmmm. But lately I've been noticing a definate spark between trainer Shannon and contestant Lara from the blue team.

As you know if you've been watching it, Lara is engage to Leigh, however throughout the whole show there has been an underlying theme that Leigh isn't good enough for Lara and that was made abundantly clear this week with the makeover's.

Here is some things to mull over:

- Shannon told Lara she was beautiful to begin with but now she is smokin' hot.

- He couldn't keep his eyes off her in the reveal in front of the mirror.

- He speaks to her in a softer, gentler voice than he does with the other team members

- He called her 'Babe' tonight in the Jacobs Ladder challenge

- He seems to favor her when talking about his 'team'.

- When she had the binge out in the fridge he was really nice to her. Compare that to when Leigh does something wrong and he totally goes off at him and tells him how disappointed in him he is.

As of yet I haven't decided if Lara is reciprocating the feelings or whether she is just looking up to him as someone she admires (like a big brother/mentor figure).

Now it's probably highly likely that nothing will come of this (especially after all the attention it's getting on forums and twitter) but there is no denying that there is chemistry between the two.

I for one would love to see a bit of controversy and scandal on the biggest loser show - it really would boost ratings as everyone tunes in to see if there is any flirting or not. Let's just hope all this speculation doesn't cool down the sparks. ;)

Go on Shannon make a move - it would be the best publicity ever.

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MzVader 5 years ago

Omg you are speaking ym thoughts, i have had the same thoughts for ages now but the make over episode confirmed it and the way he spoke to her after her binge was all cutesy like wow haha they like each other i swear.

anonymus 5 years ago

Yep I was telling my GF the same thing last night and wanted to see if anyone else thought the same!There is definately chemistry there.Shannon is married lara is engaged.Guess I will just have too see how it plays out!

another anonymous 5 years ago

Yep, agreed. In fact I go further and say that lara did the binge to have an intimate conversation with Shannan. And when he wasn't looking at her, her eyes went straight to his lips, but then when he looked back at her she'd quickly look at his eyes again. I reckon their in love - the camera doesn't lie.

and yet another anonymous 5 years ago

Hysterical that I'm not the only person who saw what was going on. On the catwalk, when they hugged, she said "mmm Shannon" with major feelings in her eyes. Then she binged, got some alone time with him. On Jacob's Ladder did anyone else catch it when she was struggling and said to him "don't look at me"?? All of a sudden she's self conscious around him, like a girl with a new boyfriend. I don't think it's his doing really. Just a case of transference from a fragile young female. Either way, I reckon it'll be splitsville with Leigh when they're off the show.

anonymous...... 5 years ago

I think she just looks up to him, with the jacobs ladder thing telling him not to look into her eyes, i think it's just very intimidating and he does have a way of getting into people's heads. And she didn't say 'mmm shannan', she said 'thanks shannan', i think shannan might have a thing for her though, talking about how leigh's not good enough for her and that some guy will steal her away... would that guy be you shannan??? And 'the look' that lara gave shannan, i think that's just her looking up to him, he changed her life.

Bec 5 years ago

OMG Biggest Loser love scandal airing on ACA tomorrow night.... could it be Lara & Shannan?

traceye profile image

traceye 5 years ago from Australia Author

oooh very intriguing. I wonder what it is! If it IS Lara / Shannon (although it's probably not) then I called it first! :)

ellie  5 years ago

i think it is joe and kellie.

Chrissie 5 years ago

I believe there was chemistry between Commando and Sarah and more so with Joe and Michelle, but Shannon made it very obviuous the night of the make overs!!!!!

traceye profile image

traceye 5 years ago from Australia Author

Poor Lara :(

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