Is Tom Cruise Dead

Tom cruise departed this is the newest gossip which have been rotating on  the internet for the past few days
but no news channel or news paper have confirmed it yet. According to the rumor Tom cruise at the age of 46
in his journey to  New Zealand passed away in a plumb misfortune while other rumor stat that he committed suicide
in New Zealand. The internet rumors state that he had either fall or jump off New Zealand’s Kari Cliff.

He also starred in quite a few other successful movie such as Jerry Maguire, Minority Report and The Last Samurai.
Tom Cruise is recognized for his daring roles in the movies similar to Top Gun and Mission: Impossible series of movies

Approximately all off his movies have been a great accomplishment
From another unconfirmed foundation, it is reported that Tom Cruise has died of heart attack at the age of 47. He was on a flight to Hong Kong to visit fellow scientologists in grounding for an international conference.

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