Vybz Kartel Sentenced to Life in Prison After Being Found Guilty!

Kartel bleaching era!


Vybz Kartel, as he popularly known is one of Jamaica's most controversial Dance-hall artistes. A Dj as we call them, this young man is diverse and unique in his own right.

Vybz was born Adijah Azim Palmer in Portmore, St. Catherine. He attended Calabar High School, one of the better high schools in the system, but was expelled for an altercation with a teacher. He is known to be one of the more intelligent Djs, speaking well during interviews and a repertoire of dance hall lyrics.

Kartel's early career was partnered with Rodney Pryce aka Bounty Killer - Dance-hall icon. As we would say in Jamaica, Bounty buss Kartel - meaning that Kartel became recognized because or Bounty.

The partnership ended a few years ago when Rodney's ex-girlfriend D'Angel fell in love with his long time rival and Kartel's friend Beenie Man. The relationship broke down when Bounty Killer insisted that Kartel take side and end his association with Beenie Man. Vybz Kartel refused and that saw the end of a decade long partnership and the beginning of a new era in Dance-Hall.

Vybz Kartel broke camp and went out on his own, gathering young upcoming artistes to groom and promote. Bounty Killer having his own group of upcoming artistes was not missing Vybz Kartel at all.

Some of Kartel's Better songs - nicer to listen to and non-voilent

These are my favorite picks. They are Easy to listen to and maybe a little to much about his love for women, but at least they are essentially non-violent lyrics.

10. Summer Anthem

9. Clarks (which saw sales of the Clarks brand skyrocket)

8 Romping shop

7. Life Sweet

6. Love mi Mada bad

5. Bicycle

4. Straight Jeans

3. Love them

2. Nah Let go

1. Poor People Land (my favorite)

Thank you Jah (Thank you God) - One of Kartels Reality (clean) songs)


Vybz Kartel the hard hitting DJ, reinvented himself, bounced back with quite a few hits and a few good artistes from his camp "The Portmore Empire". Leaving "The Alliance" behind, one could say that was the best decision he ever made for his career.

Kartel now hailed as 'Adi the Teacher' has promoted artistes like Black Rhino, Popcaan and Jah Vinci. He was also the face behind the Vybz Rum line, that is until the owner of the brand decided that Beenie Man was a better role model for the brand, due to Kartel bleaching his complexion.


The war of words between Empire and Alliance began soon after Kartel exited the Alliance. Bounty Killer's star pupil Mavado decided to take Kartel to a war of words. They declared war on each other with each giving their respective crews nicknames that depicted their strength.

Mavado was on the 'Gully' and Kartel said he resided in the 'Gaza'. So Gully and Gaza were at war, and this divided the dance-hall fans, splitting the country in two.......literally. The Gaza-Gully fight was so intense that young followers often got physical. Communities were renamed and areas split with rules that certain music not played or their women not date men from the other community.

One might ask what caused such a split, can music do this? Yes, when the violence depicted in the music is so intense that people start to believe, yes, it can happen.

The war got so bad that it took an Area Leader, Christopher Coke and the Government to step in and organize a truce. The war is now on a low burner, not quite over as there is still some enmity between Kartel and Bounty.

Kartel's top ten hits - Why he is banned for Entering the US, Europe and most other Countries.

1. Gun medley

2. Badda dan dem

3. Tekk Gunshot

4. Come inna war, come dead

5. Clap it up

6. Realist thing

7. Dem bwoy deh a coward

8. Double down

9. Badman nuh throw wood

10. Yard man ah murdura

(Note: Due to the violent nature of the titles, I will not translate)

These songs have evoked fear in Jamaicans and foreigners alike. The United States and all the EU have decided not to issue an entertainers visa to Vybz Kartel (and rightly so), due to the violence depicted in his music.

However, Vybz Kartel has done many clean songs that even the non-violent religious female will find entertaining and interesting.

The Bleaching Phenomena

It started as a result of darker skinned persons, mostly women, feeling inferior. There were several factors that were the cause of this. The better jobs, like Bank tellers, some secretarial, and other jobs of higher profile were given to the women with fairer complexion even if they were less qualified. Society plays a big role in this as it promotes fair skin, skinny and long hair as being beautiful.

Here in Jamaica, it was about five years ago that the trend was broken when a dark skinned female was crowned Miss Jamaica. For the three decades that the competition ran for it has always had the fairer, skinnier, longer hair girl being crowned.

Vybz Kartel says his reason for bleaching has nothing to do with that inferiority complex. He says he bleached to highlight his tattoos. They are many, about 75% of his body. The tattoos were not being seen the way they were meant so the solution was to have his skin lightened.

The question is then asked, why does he call himself the Jamaica Micheal Jackson? Braiding the hair and all. Maybe he just want to create an image to suit the tone. Who knows.

Vybz Kartel - Dance-Hall Prince

Dubbed the Prince of the Dance-Hall (Beenie Man being the King), Vybz Kartel has been the recipient of numerous awards ranging from Song of the year, Artiste of the year, Caribbean Artiste of the year.

Vybz Kartel Arrested and charged for murder and conspiracy to murder.

On September 29, 2011 Vybz Kartel was detained and held in lock-up to be questioned about a body found in a house that belonged to the DJ. He was subsequently arrested after being questioned about the corpse. Initially the police detained the dancehall prince on the premise that he was being held on ganja charges but those were later dropped as there was no proof that ganja found in the hotel where the DJ was staying belonged to him.

After spending days in lock-up police arrested and charged Vyvz on one count of murder and conspiracy to murder. It was also revealed by the authorities that there was video footage taken on a cell phone, of the DJ and other cohorts conducting the heinous crime.

Things gradually got worse for the DJ as more evidence was discovered of other killings by himself and members of his crew. One of the DJs from his crew, Shaun Storm whom I really like very much, was also arrested and charged with murder. Vybz Kartel's designer was also arrested and charged.

The DJ was granted bail on one of the murder charges but could not be release because there are other charges that he was not granted bail for.

At the moment Vybz Kartel is awaiting trial which will begin in May 2012.


Also arrested was Gaza Slim, upcoming female entertainer from the Portmore Empire or Gaza team. She was arrested for perverting the course of justice. It was reported that Gaza Slim was instrumental in deceiving the police that one of the victims that the Gaza crew were responsible for killing, had robbed her. Police reports indicated that after the man had gone missing Gaza Slim went to a police station and reported that the man had robbed her of her money, cell phone and other possessions.


On a personal Note

I am deeply disappointed in the artiste as I saw great potential in him. My fiancé thinks he is one of the greatest DJs Jamaica has ever seen. I know he has talent and he is one of the best lyricists in Jamaica.

Vybz Kartel is loved by the world over and even though he could not travel to the US to perform live he has performed by satellite for US audiences.

Update - July 2013

On July 24, 2013 Kartel was acquitted of murder charges of Barrington Burton because of lack of evidence. The DJ however is still in jail for a previous murder charge which saw him not recurring bail for.

His tow alleged accomplices Lenburgh McDonald and Nigel Thompson were also freed for lack of evidence.

Kartel will return to court to answer to charges for Clive Williams murder.

Update March 14, 2014

The Teacher has been found guilty of murder and will be sentenced on March 27, 2014.

It was a long trial which spanned several months. With lots of drama both inside and outside the courtroom.

Of the five accused of murder only Shawn Williams was found not guilty.

The country has been in a sombre mood since the verdict was given on Thursday evening on March 3, around 5:30 pm.

April 3 Update - Life Sentence

After spending three years behind bars and going through the most publicized trial Jamaica has ever seen it comes down to this. A guilty verdict for the murder of Clive Lizard Williams and a life behind bars. Kartel will only be eligible for parole after serving 35 years.

The 38 year old entertainer will only be able to walk the streets again when he is 73 years old.

His attorney has hinted at an appeal. If that is successful Kartel could have this current verdict thrown out and the case retried.

Will update page as news becomes available.

By Far my Favorite Vybz Kartel Song - Poor People Land

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Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

Hi Cardisa! Well certainly Vybz Kartel has lived an interesting life! Your hub is great to me because I had never heard of him and now my interest is peeked.

It seems that skin issue plagues us all over the planet. Beauty is so much more than the complexion of one's skin. As black people, we should know better.

Thanks for sharing! I will check out more of his music!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Dexter.

Vybz is certainly an interesting character. I find myself listening to him even though I am certainly not really a great fan, I hate the bleaching thing and his violent lyrics certainly make my blood boil.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

...thank you for the fabulous history, culture and music lesson Miss C - enlightening as always, and you know how much I love the music of Jamaica . There's a secret message for you on my new history hub by the way.

lake erie time 4:01pm

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Epi....I read the hub, off to read it again.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Thank's Cardisa, Kartel is new to me. I enjoy the beat of Jamaican music when i'm walking on the treadmill. I really like to learn about different cultures. Thank you.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Voted up, great hub. Summer Time video...wow.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Ruby, nice to know you like our beat. Keep working out, make you healthier.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks for the vote Polly, really appreciate it.

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Thank you Cardisa for sharing the life of Vybz. It is sad that society does not always embrace the beautiful differences in us all. I have always told my children to not let society dictate their life. I know it is not always easy. Enbracing ones etnic background only makes this world a better place and enriching each life along the way.

God bless, Great hub!


Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thank you Sunnie. Most times we allow our low self esteem to get the better of us so we try to change our appearance, thinking we will be more accepted that way.

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

Although my skin is white as a sheet most of the time now I have never really have embraced "the white man's way". I have been told many times I have "more white blood than American Indian" but my heart and mind tell me different.

My body is a prison which denies me the way of life I was raised to live. Don't force my mind to deny the truth of who I was raised to be.

My heart will always be as red as the blood of the animals who gave their life to sustain mine.

May my body and soul remain shielded by the oasis that surrounds me and keeps me apart from the people who took from me that which was to be my inheritance .

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

I can understand you being confused about who you are, but did you imply that I was forcing your mind to embrace the truth of who you were raised to be? If so then tell me how I did that. Did my hub offend you in any way?

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

Cardisa, no you didn't offend me in any way. In my way I was saying that Vybz Kartel is being who he feels he wants to be inside. I felt like in my case, people would rather that he be something he chose not to. If this sounds funny please forgive me I have been 25 hours without sleep.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Wheelinallover, I was worried that something I wrote might have offended thee.

I do understand what you are saying now. I am part Indian, part White and part Negro so I have some idea how you feel about suppressing your true identity. I have been told all my life that I am black but there are parts of me that are not at all. Certain characteristics I have have no black trait at all.

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

I keep hoping that one day the color of a persons skin is no longer going to matter to anyone. It in no way determines who were are as a human being.

In my youth living and working in the California sun my skin was always darker than it is now. My Indian blood was a blessing then as I didn't sunburn like the people around me.

I have watched recently the people around me even here sunburn. I just get a little darker even spending as much time in the sun as they do. Only those who choose to get sun tans or bleached pick their color. The rest of us live with what was given at birth, and what nature does to us as the seasons change.

When I ran a roofing company I noticed people treated me with more respect as my skin got darker, this should be the same for everyone.

I think part of it had to do with my work ethic (first up, last down) but the rest was people knew I paid my dues in the trade. People don't get as dark standing on the ground as they do working on the roof.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

You are right Wheelin, I believe the color of the skin should not matter in any circumstance, but when you destroy the natural tone that God gave you in order to look like someone else then I do have a problem with that. If I was born with a white skin tone, I would not burn in the sun (deliberately of course0 to change it. If, like you I worked in the sun and had it tanned naturally then that's fine. Why go the other direction to bleach the skin in order to look white especially when you declare in your music that you are black and nothing else?

If, for instance Vybz declared that he had an identity issue when it came to his ethnic background I would say explore who you are, and if that included bleaching then go for it. That is not the case at all. He says and sings that he 100% negro and he has no illusions about his ethnicity.

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

I wonder if sometimes what a person says and what they truly feel are not two different things? I truly wonder if someone really would change the color of their skin just to show off tattoos. It could truly be the case.

I also would wonder why then weren't the tattoos put on using colors that showed well against the background. This is something photographers do all the time. The person who did the tattoos as an artist should have known how to do this and recommended it.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

I know we sometimes say the opposite of what we feel, but knowing Vybz Kartel to be outspoken and one who always say exactly what he means. In other words his mouth usually get him in trouble. I tend to believe him about the tattoos. Those tattoos he has have been there for years. A good point about the artist. Let me tell you something about Jamaicans. Most skills are self taught so some of these tattoo artist were not formally trained, even so many of them pick up the skill from seeing someone else do it and experimenting with it.

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

Cardisia we get the same here. Many of the "tattoo artists" are trained in prison. Others learn from watching those more experienced. We also have some who are well trained and real artists. They still say the best are in England.

In the past I was totally against them. I have mellowed with age and now have a client who makes a living doing them. This one impressed me because he is an artist first and his medium just happens to end up on people. He is really pushing me to get his website built.

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

i love you sista even from vegas

god bless you


Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Good morning Wheelin, I shortened you name....hehe

Thank you for a wonderful discovery of culture. It is amazing that we are so far apart (distance) but so close in similarity. We can relate to and understand each other on matters of this kind. I am happy to have met you here!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Kimmy! I missed you. I didn't want to intrude by emailing you, I am kinda stupid that way.....hehe

You still in Vegas? OMG, what a long sabbatical!

Have fun...er....more fun!

madhead 5 years ago

I heard that vybez kartel is sick with hiv well any thing is possible because he often sing about freaky thing in is songs but I think he needs to settle down an if he does not have hiv come forward with a test on notional tv your fans need to no the truth about vybez kartel play the roll of a teacher by doing so.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Vybz Kartel is not sick but doing very well for himself musically. He is now starting up a reality show and it attracting a lot of attention. I don't think it necessary to come forward with a test, that's just propaganda.

Om Paramapoonya profile image

Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

Kartel is a unique character indeed, but what I found even more interesting is the bleaching phenomena in Jamaica. In Thailand, people consider fair skin to be more beautiful, too. Whitening lotion is one of the best-selling skin products there, whereas over here in the U.S., lots of fair-skinned women LOVE to spend their money on tanning products. Isn't that silly?

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Good morning OM.

I really don't see what the big deal with complexion or skin tone is all about. The more natural you are is the more beautiful you look..at least that's my opinion.

Om Paramapoonya profile image

Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

Yep, well said. Totally agree.

kingdomatic profile image

kingdomatic 5 years ago

This is a very informative and interesting hub. What amazes me the most is the influence and power of music across a whole nation, and how it can cause division as much as it can unite...Tupac and Biggie come to mind...Great hub...Voted Up

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hello Kingdomatic, you are so right about how music divides as much as it unites. I totally forgot about Tupac (whom I was such a big fan of) and Biggie. Thanks for your input.

rasta1 profile image

rasta1 5 years ago from Jamaica

You have style. A gully me seh though.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Rasta, but I say neither gully nor gaza. I say music!

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago


Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Kimmy, yu crazy girl.

A Music we sey!

FRANCO KARASH 4 years ago


Teachers pet 2 years ago

Big up to the teacher!!! Keep yuh head up!!! Remember you're still loved and can never be forgotten. Free Adi the daddy.

rasta1 profile image

rasta1 2 years ago from Jamaica

Nice chronological flow. He did some positive songs and would have maybe turn around his life if acquited.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 2 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hey Rasta. I 'm not sure if he would have turned around his life but he did do some positive music. It makes me wonder if maybe the bleaching was in an attempt to cover his crimes, as he was planning to run away.

peter. 2 years ago

He is my best musician ever ,but hey justice is justice . He had no right to kill see him when he is 78years old.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 2 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hi Peter, I agree. He had no right to do what he did. He was a very good artiste.

Qdzie 2 years ago

teacher to di wrld.. .. ..free Adi

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