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Bond with James Bond

In the present world, if a survey is conducted to find out the e-mail ids of people belonging to different age groups, we’ll see more than twenty percent of people have e-mail ids ending with 007. Can you guess the reason? Yes, you are right. The reason is a man named Mr. James Bond. Now, simply think the kind of impact one fictitious character can have on people belonging to different age-groups and different segments of society. So, let us try and look into the life of this man which undoubtedly has a lot of color in it.

Brief History of Bond Movies

The history of Bond movies dates back to 1962. So, if you know a bit of mathematics, you can very easily calculate that this series of films is running for the last fifty years and still there is no dearth of popularity for Mr. Bond. To start with, it was based on the popular novels and stories of famous writer Ian Fleming. Later on, the makers of the movie series started to come up with story of their own. A total of six heroes portrayed Bond on screen.

Legendary actors who played the role of Bond

James Bond Actors

To start with it was the legendary actor Sean Connery who played the role of Bond in the year 1962 in the movie ‘Dr. No’.

Sean Connery and George Lazenby

Sean Connery acted in a total of six Bond-movies. He did five movies at a stretch from 1962 to 1967 and then came back again in the movie ‘Never say never again’ in 1971. In between, the Australian model George Lazenby gave the role a try in the movie ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service’ and people found him better suited as a chocolate advertisement model which he was doing earlier and so ‘On her Majesty’s Secret Service’ became the only service he did towards James Bond.

Roger Moore

After Sean Connery and George Lazenby, Roger Moore entered the scenario in 1973. He gave a different touch to the character of Bond. He did not try to imitate the style of Sean Connery. Rather this British, forty-five year old actor gave a comic touch to the character of Bond. He went on to become the actor who had the longest bonding with bond. He acted in seven bond movies starting from ‘Live and let die’ to ‘A view to a kill’. The prime reason behind Roger Moore lasting for so long in the role of Bond was obviously his powerful acting clubbed with lethal sense of comedy.

Timothy Dalton

When, he turned fifty seven, producers started to find him a bit older for the role of James Bond and so the search for a new James Bond begun. Timothy Dalton ended the search of the film makers. The funny thing for the trivia lovers is that Timothy Dalton is the one who got selected as the replacement of Sean Connery but at that time Dalton refused the role as he thought he was too young for it. Finally, he found himself grown-up enough when the role is offered to him for the second time. He appeared in Bond movies twice in ‘The living daylights’ and in ‘License to kill’. The feedback he received was not great but he was definitely not a George Lazenby.

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Pierce Brosnan

After a hiatus of six years from 1989 to 1995, James Bond returned on screen and this time being portrayed by the one and only Pierce Brosnan who is rated by many as the best Bond ever. He started his James-journey with ‘For your eyes only’ and was smart enough to realize people did not like Roger Moore playing the character at the age of fifty eight and so he retired from the role soon after he turned fifty. His last movie was ‘Die another day’.

Daniel Craig

In 2006, Daniel Craig took over the mantle from Brosnan. So far, he did a couple of bond films and as people already started to call him ‘James Bland’, he seems to be heading towards a doubtful future.

Bond Cars and Girls

No write up on Bond can get finished without the Bond cars and girls. These are the two things which most consistently keep on getting changed in each Bond movie. So, even if you are not a Bond lover, you must go to the hall to check the girl and car combo.

After all, it’s hard to believe someone reading this hub loves neither Cars nor girls nor Bond.                                   

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