Janis Has Returned (And She Brought a Guitar With Her)

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Well, I just got home from my vacation. I spent much of the week checking out new acts at The Rochester Jazz Fest. I had a real good time, and it was very enlightening. I saw a lot of great acts, and learned about some new rising stars. This post is to tell you about one of them.

When I was a young teen, there’re was a young lady that set the Rock-N-Roll world on fire; her name was Janis Joplin. She came from a small Texas town near Austin. This has been the breeding ground for many memorable rockers, most notably besides Janis, was Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Well I believe that Janis has come back to us, and she has brought a guitar with her this time. Janis has reincarnated as a young woman named Carolyn Wunderlund. Carolyn also hails from a small town near Austin Texas, and it is not hard to see the similarities to Janis, and Stevie.

I had never heard of Carolyn Wunderlund before my friend Mickey and I went to see her last Tuesday, but she made quite an impression on me.

Carolyn walked out on stage in a dress you would see Mennonite women wearing, with brightly colored red, and yellow hair, and a guitar. She looks a lot like Janis Joplin did, but the similarities don’t end there. The first time she opened her mouth to sing I was taken aback. This woman has a voice at least as good as Janis’ was. I was amazed! My amazement was just starting though, as she started playing her guitar. This woman can flat out play the guitar! My comment to Mickey was, “She’s not Stevie Ray Vaughn, but she’s not far away.” She rocked, and sang for almost two hours, and I am not lying when I say she blew everyone away.

After the concert everyone in attendance agreed that she put on one of the finest shows ever seen by my friends and I. I just couldn't get over the fact that she is still a virtual unknown to most people. This will not be the case for much longer as the word is getting out on Miss Wunderlund. She is such a polished and powerful singer, that if she had never touched a guitar that night, I would have still walked away from that concert in awe.

I highly recommend to all of my friends out there to find Carolyn Wunderlund on YouTube and check her out. Then you can tell your friends about her.

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dineane profile image

dineane 7 years ago from North Carolina

I'll look her up - I'm a big Janis fan :-)

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi dineane! I am sure you will be impressed with Carolyn.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Thanks for the tip!

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi James! let me know what you think. It will be good to know what another professional musician thinks..

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I checked out the YouTube video of "Misunderstood" and you are right, brother. She is great! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for turning me on to it.

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi James! I kid you not when I say she blew me away live. thanks for your thoughts.

lightning john profile image

lightning john 6 years ago from Florida

Hey muley84! yeah I've seen Caralyn several times at the Saxon Pub in Austin back when I lived there. Yes she is awsome! I helped her load some gear in her vehicle one night, she was very humble, saying thank you so much! I really love her sound.

muley84 profile image

muley84 6 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi Lightning nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and your input on Carolun.

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