Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar: "Don't Blame Me"

Jazz Music Standards Arranged for Classical Guitar

"Don't Blame Me" is a jazz standard i really enjoy. It can be played at various tempos, from a beautiful ballad up to a good med swing, depending how you feel at that moment. That, by the way, is the greatest thing about jazz music... it lends itself to interpretation so well. Lots of guys will play the same standard, but they will all sound different.

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on that note...



         ps-- I've actually put up all the fingerings and chord diagrams over the staff, I hope it helps in getting through this. Of course the fingerings shown are just suggestions, they're just the way that I've personally found it easiest to play. You might as well want to experiment with different chord voicings if you're up to it! As you might know in jazz music it is possible to interchange chords with "related" chords. I've talked a little bit about this in a previous article. The bass lines that I've included could also be varied, if you know how to construct bass lines.

**UPDATE April 01, 2010** I've put up my own take on "Don't Blame Me" and put enlarged sheet music to the audio.


"Don't Blame Me" performed by R. Seymour Cole

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pimapicker 3 years ago

What is the best way to print your arrangements? I tried just printing the page as a picture but the .jpg format prints off fuzzy.


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