Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar: "Misty"

An easy but effective ballad

This one is must-know jazz standard by Errol Garner called "Misty". It's one of the first arrangements I made for solo guitar, a few years back. It's not that difficult to play, but it's still one of my favorite songs to play because it just sounds so damn good (credits to E. Garner of course).

As usual I've put up a video of the enlarged sheet music for you to be able to hear it and hopefully play it more easily.

Also, please take a second to "visit" (a.k.a. click a couple of times) the ads on the site, they help me put more transcriptions and exercises like these up for you to play!!




"Misty" Arranged for Solo Guitar by R. Seymour Cole

"Misty" -- performed by R. Seymour Cole

Other Jazz Standard Arrangements for Solo Guitar

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Autumn Leaves

Don't Blame Me


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profile image

getmyback 6 years ago

Thank you

going to play around a bit

lovely idea for a hub

at least for us musicians


RaunSeymourCole profile image

RaunSeymourCole 6 years ago from Illinois, USA Author

Thanks Getmyback! By the way anyone, feel free to comment on how I could make these better!

Vinny 6 years ago

The music couldve been made suitable for being printed. At this point, when printed, it comes out small and blurry.

RaunSeymourCole profile image

RaunSeymourCole 6 years ago from Illinois, USA Author

Vinny send me your email address and I will send you high-res versions. There's a maximum file size I can post here.

Vinny 6 years ago

my email is v.lemieux@mchsi.com. thanks for the post!!

gr8rg00d profile image

gr8rg00d 5 years ago from Maryland

I am working on autumn leaves and this one by mama cass - dream a little dream of me. I am inspired. Thanks,

Henry E Kydd 5 years ago

Could you send me the high res version of Misty, I would really be grateful.

My email address is slguitarbc2@sbcglobal.net

Thank you

Luke 5 years ago

Hi there, beautiful composition - would you mind sending me the high res luk3.williams@gmail.com thanks

Bill 5 years ago

Very nice; would you mind sending me the high res. too



James 5 years ago

I heard your playing Misty ,there is a little bit different from arrangement

RaunSeymourCole profile image

RaunSeymourCole 5 years ago from Illinois, USA Author

it's possible James, in a lot of passages i had to choose one of several variations, sometimes the rythm, the exact arpeggio, etc. I might have edited the sheet music after I recorded the audio. Feel free to not play it exactly as the arrangement by the way, in fact I would encourage you all to vary it up, once you have the chord shape, try out different variations, go crazy with it. It ain't jazz if you're just trying to play the exact same thing every time. Like I said, only one possibility is written down for each passage, and it's a great practice and theory-learning tool, but don't hold these as written in stone. Thanks for pointing out though.

Vicgmus@aol.com 4 years ago

Lovely arrangement. I am just getting into solo Jazz chord melodies, and am a journalist for a number of guitar mags. However, like most modern players, and know only TAB.

I wish you people of talent would PLEASE do tab versions of your wonderful pieces. I want to use these piece as an entry into jazz chord melodies, but I can't learn formal notation, and its not natural to me or the last three generations,

Please please give us a tab version of this, It would mean so much and take so little. Thanks

profile image

amedeo1993 4 years ago

Would love a hi-res version of this if possible.

if nit thanks anyway Great Post!!!

Mike 4 years ago

Hello, thak to you it's Great! Please, do you have Take five and Summertimes? Thank

profile image

ravas38 4 years ago

I just loved your arrangements of all 5 song you posted. I am trying to learn the method of solo jazz guitar. Would it be to much to ask for the 5 songs in High Res Version to my e-mail address? thanks

AMADOR 4 years ago

hello! could you bring me the sheets of all the songs that you use fingerstyle, in high qualite please.


Zackary 3 years ago

Hi Raun,

Thank you for posting this. I am really in love with this version of Misty.

I just have a favor to ask you if you don't mind. I am very new to guitar but wanted to play this song very badly but I don't really understand the sheets that you put.

I could read the chords, but then all the other notes with numbers I don't know how to read them....

Do you happen to have a guitar pro version or six strings version sheet available? or could you teach me a little bit on how to read the numbering on your sheet? thanks.

My email is zackaryyu@gmail.com

Jamie 2 years ago

Love your work! Would you mind sending me a pdf version of the sheet music for this and Autumn Leaves?

Thanks :)


Marco 2 years ago

Hello, your version of Misty is simply perfect, but it's hard to read due to the low res. Could you please send me the pdf? Thankyou in advance!


Denis McNulty 6 months ago

Hi, Great arrangements. Would you please send me the High Res tab of "Don't Blame Me"?


vanarieleyen 5 months ago

This is one of the best arrangements I have ever found:-) I would love to play it but as the others also mentioned it is a torture for my eyes..

Could you please send me a better version?


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