Jedward Live Review Colston Hall Bristol 2010

When my Jedward-mad daughter screamed into the living room that the Grimes twins were performing live in Bristol in three months time, it seemed like a good idea to get her (and two friends) tickets and act as a chaperone and driver for the three of them. As the Colston Hall date got rapidly closer, I questioned my sanity about agreeing to attend a live concert performed by two wanna-bees barely out of nappies who do nothing but cover versions and surrounded by screaming teenage girls. This is my experience...

The evening began badly as it started to snow before we even left home for the hour long drive, however we arrived in Bristol well ahead of time which was just as well as we hit traffic big time in the city centre. Eventually parked up and entered the Colston Hall for the first ever time and as I tried to find out which entrance and staircase to use, my daughter was accosted by a clipboard wielding lady doing a survey about where we were from, why we were there and how insane an idea it was for me to agree to go in the first place.

The actual performing area reminded me of a school hall but after the lights went down and support act Shockolady - okay-ish - did her bit, the anxious screaming fans were made to wait another 20 minutes before John and Edward were due to hit the stage. I admit that I was dreading it but there were a number of other parents there which made me feel a tad better, however when the countdown began on the big screen background, I was deafened by the shrill screaming throughout and as every teen in the audience stood up in anticipation, I also got to my feet for no other reason than I couldn't see a bloody thing!

For the next two hours, I didn't put my bum back on the seat - not because I wouldn't be able to see, but simply because it was such an amazingly awesome and entertaining performance! Anyone who failed to get swept away with the sheer energy and excitement seriously needed to check their pulse as from the opening song ("I've Got A Feeling.") to the finale of "Ghostbusters." they had the crowd totally in their hands. What hadn't occurred to me beforehand was that by doing cover versions, they are aiming at two generations in one fell swoop and whilst the teen perhaps wouldn't know the original version of "We Will Rock You", then they certainly knew the remake whereas me and the rest of the 30 & 40-somethings could happily join in with memories of the original and create what was an unbelievably brilliant atmosphere among the audience.

Highlights for me were the aforementioned Queen classic and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and I can honestly say that two hours after the concert began, I was trudging out on an absolute high with significant hearing loss (due to screaming teens and wonderfully loud music throughout) and a massively sore throat due to constantly signing along loudly to almost every track.

I'm still wary about the longevity of Jedward if they continue with cover versions and I'll probably never be a fan, although I have admittedly been swayed a little after this show. But, as a live show they are vibrant, energetic and extremely entertaining and I had one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in absolutely ages. A fantastic show for teens and their parents alike.

Date of show: Friday 26th November 2010

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Sarzn profile image

Sarzn 5 years ago

It is so Good when People experience a Jedward Concert and realise how Entertaining They Actually are...I am Proud to say, John and Edward have just released Thier First Original Album, Victoy, getting Number 1 in Ireland and are currently Touring Germany :)

garydow profile image

garydow 5 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK Author

Thanks for the comment Sarzn. My daughter has Victory (pre-ordered!) and I genuinely salute the lads for releasing their first original album to keep the critics (including me) silent.

That said, we are seeing them live again in December!

Sarzn profile image

Sarzn 5 years ago

You're Welcome, I am also seeing Them i December :)

If You get The time, could You Please take My Poll, here ---> Can The Twins Sing? --->

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