Jeon Do-Yeon is Sexy South Korean Star

This is a hub about Korean actress Do-Yeon Jeon who is also known as Jeon Do Yeon. As you can see if you are not familiar with her, she is very pretty. She is in a wonderful new film called The Housemaid and has starred in other great movies such as Secret Sunshine. Maybe American audiences are not as familiar with the movies as some others are.

Jeon Do Yeon was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 11, 1973. This make her 37 years old and soon to be 38 years old which some do not consider young. But she has been beautiful for all those years and I am certain will remain so for years to come.

Her first big movie was The Contact and her other well known films included Happy End, Harmonium in My Memory, No Blood No Tears, and Untold Scandal. It is likely not a surprise to find her best roles are seductive.

Jeon Do Yeon Films

  • The Housemaid
  • My Dear Enemy
  • Secret Sunshine
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • My Mother the Mermaid
  • The Scandal
  • No Blood No Tears
  • I Wish I Had a Wife
  • Happy End
  • A Promise
  • The Contact

In addition to the films, she has starred in a few television serials and of course was popular there as well. She even began her acting on the television when she first started her career. She is remembered by many TV watchers as enjoyable and attractive.

Sometimes when an actress is beautiful for a number of years she will become idolized by her fans and this can certainly be true of Jeon Do Yeon. Though she does not have the "biggest name in the book" she does have many devoted lovers of her work. She is certain to be the star for some time to come!

Do you think she is pretty? I wonder if you have seen her movies and if you have what is the opinion? Be sure to say in the comment section below! Hoorah!

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