Jessica Pérez: Beautiful Blonde Swimsuit Model Takes the World by Storm

On February 14, 2012, the men of the world received a special Valentine's Day gift from the publishers of Sports Illustrated magazine. On that day, the 49th annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was released to the world. The magazine, as tradition dictates, featured a bevy of beautiful young women in the sexiest, most fashionable swimsuits currently on the market. Among this elite group of young ladies, Costa Rican Jessica Pérez stood out as the loveliest of the lovely!

Prior to the publication of this year's highly anticipated swimsuit issue, it is likely that very few men knew who Jessica Pérez is. But voters in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search did not let her lack of fame stop them from choosing her as the winner of a coveted spot in the magazine's latest swimsuit issue. With the publication of the issue, it is certain that she is well on her way to becoming a well-known model.

From these photographs, it is easy to see why Jessica was chosen from a field of so many gorgeous women. With a sunshine smile and sandy blond hair, this blue-eyed beauty has the face of an angel. Things get a bit more wicked when her physique enters the picture. A lot of men first notice her long legs. Her curvaceous figure simply does wonders for even the most mundane bikini!

The camera simply loves this amazing girl and brings out the brightest aspects of both her appearance and her personality. Even before hearing her speak, you feel certain this young woman will be friendly, intelligent and outgoing. When you finally are fortunate enough to see her in an interview, you quickly realize she indeed stunning in every way.

More than just a pretty face and knockout body, Jessica has brains too! She received a national scientific grant while attending the New School in New York City. This allowed her to attend Hunter College and work at a biopsychology lab where she earned her degree in psychology. She has said that she feels young girls trying their hand at modeling should seek an education first.

In addition to intelligence and beauty, Jessica also has a good heart and works with charities that she holds dear. Heartland Alliance is an organization that works for the human rights of endangered populations by seeking permanent solutions to aid them. Dog Habitat Rescue is a group that re-homes stray and abandoned dogs.

Jessica Pérez was born in Costa Rica then moved to Honduras and later Ecuador before heading to New York City to attend college. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently and, as previously mentioned, holds a degree in psychology. She has been modeling a relatively short time but has already compiled an impressive resumé.

She has worked on advertising campaigns for companies like clothing giant Levi's, intimate apparel manufacturer Victoria's Secret and cosmetics leader Sephora. She has been the face of Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy and American Eagle, to name but a few. She has worked with magazines such as Cosmopolitan. Elle and Glamour as well as many of the most famous magazines in Europe. But now, with this prestigious appearance in Sports Illustrated, things are certain to only get hotter for this sizzling beauty.

Beauty can be such a rare thing, but beauty combined with intelligence and compassion is even rarer. Jessica scores points on all fronts and is definitely destined for even greater success in the future. With so many paths clearly open to her, we can only hope this beautiful woman will continue to expland her modeling career so that we may continue to adore her and the beauty that she brings.

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