Jessica Price Band: Middleville, MI

Taken during America's Got Talented
Taken during America's Got Talented | Source

Becoming a Singer

Beauty, voice, and charm are three makings of a true musical star. Jessica Price of the small town, Freeport, Michigan, south of Grand Rapids, possesses all three. She is an amazing vocalist who writes her own music and can play the guitar. She began her career singing at her church, Thornapple Valley Church (TVC) in Hastings, Michigan, where her father was the Worship minister. It is from him that she not only inherited her talent but learned how to excel with it. After many years of dreaming, she found a spot on the top ten in America's Got Talent in 2008. Many people became enamored with her voice, although I am sure her beauty helped matters.

America's Got Talent Videos

Jessica Lynn Price

Jessica Price was born to Christine and John Price. Before her parents separated, they had six children, Jessica, Jocelyn, Johnny, Kenny, KJ, and Michael. Jessica is the oldest. She seems to be very close to her parents, and even closer to the Father who created her. She graduated from Thornapple Kellogg High School in 2001, which is located in Middleville, Michigan close to her home of Freeport, Michigan. She stands only 5'3", yet all 5 foot three is beautiful both outwardly, and with a quiet godliness.

Jessica Price Photos

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Jessica Price in photoshoot with Jen KrollJessica Price playing at Thornapple Valley Church. Singing at the Barry County Fair. Singing on America's Got Talent Vegas Show
Jessica Price in photoshoot with Jen Kroll
Jessica Price in photoshoot with Jen Kroll | Source
Jessica Price playing at Thornapple Valley Church.
Jessica Price playing at Thornapple Valley Church. | Source
Singing at the Barry County Fair.
Singing at the Barry County Fair. | Source
Singing on America's Got Talent Vegas Show
Singing on America's Got Talent Vegas Show | Source

America's Got Talent 2008

Before beginning her music career, she worked in a factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her mother's encouragement and God's grace, helped her find the courage to follow her dream. The possibility of her career taking off came to light when she tried out for America's Got Talent, and found favor in the judges: Sharon Osborne, David Hasselhoff, and Piers Brosnan. Her best performance without a doubt was Sarah McClaughlin's The Arms of an Angel, which she dedicated to her mom for being her personal angel in encouraging her dreams. Ironically, this was the last performance she was able to do on America's Got Talent.

She stated that she was okay with being let go, since she did not feel that she was truly a Las Vegas act, but at least she was able to be noticed beyond her own community. On the show she often talked about how her dad left her family, and how she originally thought it was going to shatter her dreams, but through it she has become a stronger person and singer. She also sang other songs such as Bubbly. Although it was not a judge favorite, one comparing it to a toothpaste ad, yet it was a very sweet rendition of the song.

Late December

Jessica Price's Singing Career

Although America's Got Talent was where the world noticed her, Michigan has been noticing Jessica Price's voice long before and after. A friend made a video of her singing Late December, where it won Honorable Mention in 2008 in an MIPA Conference. In the video, you can see how talented she is with her beautiful vocal range. She also has sang at the county fair as well as Miranda's Park Party, among just a few.

Although it's not her voice that causes her to shine, it's her faith in God and love for other people. Despite being very hurt by her father who left her family, she has forgiven him, and is even quoted saying, "I am glad he is my dad." You can truly see her beauty of character through the interviews she gave prior to America's Got Talent. She is humble and hopes to aspire to be a role model for young girls. Unlike many out there, she truly would be a great role model for your young and older daughters. She dresses conservatively yet fashionable, showing that you can look great and be modest. We need more musical talents that are like her.

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Jessica Price Band

At 28, she finally recorded her first album with her band: Jessica Price Band. One song you will find on her CD is Lost in a Dream, which is actually what the album will be entitled. The song is about her love for Jesus. It is amazing when an artist does not forget who gave them their talent and uses it for His glory. Although, it's not just an album showcasing herself, but her friends and band mates. Her oldest brother Johnny Price performs in it, as well as her friends Shauna who plays the piano and Kyle Preslar.

Jessica Price Band Members

Jessica Price: Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Johnny Price: Bass Guitar, Programming
Kyle Preslar: Drums, Vocals
Shauna Preslar: Keyboard, Vocals
Matthew Mitchell: Electric Guitar

It is so refreshing to know of a band that you can allow your eight-year-old daughter to listen to, yet enjoy yourself. Make sure you like her band on facebook:, and of course order her album!

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Thanks, I am making some correctitions, and as soon as I have more details about when her album is released I'll be adding that on here as well. :)

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Thanks, a_m, for the introduction to this lovely, young and talented singer. I will be watching as she succeeds in her singing career. She seems to have all the requirements for fame.

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